wrinkled cannabis leaves

Wrinkled Leaves on Young Plants?

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I have a few plants that are getting wrinkled leaves. The rest of my plants look fine.

I’m using a T5 with 4-24w bulbs (2′)
18/6 lighting
The soil is miracle grow (it was the only kind at the store, I tried to “flush it” before I planted the seeds, idk if that helped but, I don’t see see any nute burn that I’ve head about, yet).
I’m not using any nutes right now.
They’re bagseed (only seed I have right now, wanna get a greenthumb before I buy some good ones)

I can’t think of anything else to add.

I think I may be over water.

Can this be caused my over watering?

Is this even a problem or is it normal (i really hope it’s normal, lol)?

Do the plants look okay otherwise or is there anything else i should be concerned about?

Thanks to anyone who replies.

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So this is probably the most common advice I give out on this forum, so let me summarize it up in as few words as possible:

We all worry about our plants at first. We obsess over them. We overwater them, we give them too many nutrients. We check on them 90 times a day. Eventually, after we’ve grown a few dozen of them, we realize that this plant is incredibly resilient. It will take just about anything.

So, any time that you see a color change, or spotting on the leaves, or a slight curling of the leaves, or your soil has bugs in it, don’t panic. Do a google search, and give the plants 24 hours. Don’t touch them. When growing cannabis, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Your first rule in growing should always be to do less to your plants than more.

Now, having said all that, your little ladies look fine. Young plants have hardly any root system, barely any leaves, and a very small vascular system. As they get bigger, they can take up more nutrients, they change color less in response to nutrients, and they just seem healthier overall. But, like anything in nature, they were designed to start out small and weak and grow bigger and stronger.

Don’t over-baby them, and don’t over-stress. We all do it.

Don’t water the plants until the top of the soil is dry about 1/4-1/2″ down. Leaves tend to curl under from overwatering. They droop from underwatering. Other than that, just let them go in those solo cups until they’re about 8 or 12″ tall.

I have a few plants that are getting wrinkled leaves. The rest of my plants look fine. I'm using a T5 with 4-24w bulbs (2') 18/6 lighting The soil is…

Wrinkled leaves

  • Nov 10, 2017
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  • reapah23

    How Many Plants? 2
    Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? 3rd week of flower (flipped switch 12/12 oct 24th)
    Soil or Hydro: Hydro
    Reservoir size: 5 gallon
    Reservoir Temperature: near the same as room 65F-26C can check if needed
    Type of Medium: Hydroton
    Type of Setup: DWC
    Size of Light: 1 600 Watt LED
    Is it Air Cooled: Yes
    Temperature of Tent: 25C
    RH of Tent: 50-60%
    PH of Reservoir: 5.9
    How Often are you Watering: Add water adjust ph, ppm daily but reservoir change once 1-2 weeks
    Fertilizers Used: Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom
    Size of Room: 4×4

    Problem: Leave tips curling up drying, the fine tips crumble if you touch them. Also the leaves appear to be very wrinkled, thats about the only way to describe it.

    I feel like since it did not start until a few days before or during flower that it’s possible Nitrogen overdose? I have yet to see any burning. Monitored PPM daily and started 1st week 650, 2nd 700, and now it’s on the 3rd week so they are 750-800.

    Also the plant next to this one is not having the same issue, here is a picture of the leaves I can provide more if needed. It’s hard to even see it in the pictures, these are also about a week old and the plant has yet to recover.

    • Nov 11, 2017
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  • smeghead
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    Hi reapah,
    At first it looked like a little heat damage, but you said the other plant looks alright. are they both the same strain?

    I grow in hydro, I like to keep my res temperature at 18-19°. 26° seems a bit high.
    Are both plants being fed from same res?
    What are the roots looking like?

    • Nov 11, 2017
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    The other plant is doing fine and is the same strain. They are individual reservoirs (5gal buckets), the roots look fine to me but I am new to DWC. They appear whitish brown, and have no smell. I’ll take a picture tonight of the plant and roots.

    The leaves appear to be recovering but it still seems to show more signs of the problem then recovery. Judging by a chart, the water level is decreasing, EC & PH seem to either be static or rising unlike before the problem the EC was decreasing by 50-100+ (EC is PPM). These readings indicate too much nutrients, which makes sense to me as I started using lots of nitrogen for flower which is when the problem started (Tiger Bloom).

    Fixing to change the reservoir water now and just not going to add much nutes maybe a little bit of Big Bloom which is low in nitrogen, as I believe its possible theres alot of nutes left over in the roots? Really hope it recovers as it’s a shame to see it do so well just to go down hill during flower. Anymore help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

    the water temp was 63F before reservoir change, added new 65F 500 EC/5.7 PH water (2 tsp GB, 5 tsp BB, 1 tsp TB, and 1 tsp 3% peroxide). All that can really be done by me now is check it daily to make sure the PPM is lowering. Looking at her out of the grow light makes it seem to be recovering. The PPM before reservoir change was lower then yesterday so that has to be a good sign.

    How Many Plants? 2 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? 3rd week of flower (flipped switch 12/12 oct 24th) Soil or Hydro: Hydro Reservoir size: 5 gallon…