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It’s a stash box blowout, baby!

Need a new home for your nugs? Check out this selection of stash boxes! We’ve been on the lookout for cool, unique and all around lovable stash boxes and storage solutions. Here’s a list of our favorite discoveries, from stash boxes on Amazon, to high-end boxes from boutique brands.


Check out this amazing stash box with a fingerprint lock. That’s right, it’s the Legacy Fingerprint Lockbox from Hakuna Supply, a beautifully crafted wooden stash box that uses advanced biometric technology to keep your gear and buds locked up tight. It’s one secure stash.
Inside this Fingerprint Lockbox you’ll find a handsome rolling tray sitting snuggly atop two interior compartments that can be reconfigured using the included dividers. All of this secure storage is great for safely storing smokables, gadgets, gear, accessories, vapes, lucky pennies, and so on.
Not only does this wooden box secure your smoking gear with advanced biometric technology, it comes with a built-in rechargeable power bank that allows you to recharge your devices directly from the box itself!
You can pick up one of these Biometric Locking Stash Safes with Power Port Charging Station in Black or Bamboo. Keep the goods locked up tight in this super classy, super functional high tech stash that unlocks with the touch of a finger.


This sleek and sexy magnetic stash box and rolling tray kit from Myster includes everything you need for a professional joint rolling operation. We’re talking four-piece aluminum grinder, swank ashtray with a spike for cleaning cashed bowls, strain container, magnetic lighter case, and a handmade stashbox to keep it all together… almost like a luxe liquor cabinet for bud!
The tray itself is made from sheets of stainless steel that are welded together by hand, with a very cool mirror finish around the edge. And all of the components of the Stashtray stay expertly organized and attached to the surface through the magic of magnets!
So, it looks dope, comes packed with top notch gear, and tucks away into a swank magnetic stash box? Yes please. Get one for yourself and one for a friend. It’s the Myster Stashtray High End Rolling Tray & Stashbox Kit, check it out!


Liberate your nugs from the ziploc gulag in the back of your freezer and whisk them away to the luxury suite that is the RAW Special Wood Rolling Box. This beautifully designed wood rolling box has a latching lid, and makes a perfect private little hide-a-way for your stash.

Not only that, but this bundle comes with a ton of awesome RAW brand goodies! We’re talking Organic Rolling Papers, Filter Tips…even a grinder and a door toob.

What a great stoner starter kit, or gift for your smoker pals, or yourself…hell, even dads and grads. You can even pick this one up on Amazon, check er out!


Your nugs deserve nothing but the finest, you know? After all you guys have been through together?? So why not treat them to this super luxe Apothecarry Cannabis Humidor Case.

This amazing locking humidor stash box is tricked out. Unlike regular humidors, which often keep cannabis too moist, the Apothecarry case uses a special humidity system to keep herb very sticky, and also very icky, but without risk of mold-growth.

Not only is it a humidor for cannabis, it’s a full on executive suite. Lift up the hand crafted wood top and built-in rolling tray to discover a complete organizational system, stocked with 4 humidity-control glass jars, 4 non-stick containers for concentrates, a grinder, and even a side nook for papers and tools!

This beautiful, handmade, odor-controlling, locking wooden stash box is practical, discreet, luxurious and sexy. And who doesn’t like sexy boxes? Grab one in a bunch of dope colors, each with its own subtle variations that really make ’em stand out, like Yellow, Black, Brown and White.


This locking stash bag from Stashlogix has a lot going for it. It’s smell-proof, it’s got adjustable dividers, it’s got a gasket sealing system, locks up tight and securely…and I haven’t even mentioned the included poker tool.

There’s an included poker tool!! Also, it’s pretty dope looking – especially since it doesn’t look like there’d be dope inside. It’s discreet yet snazzy. Customizable dividers can be configured to fit all your weed gear and smoking gadgets, and comes in a choice of colors.

This locking smell-proof stash bag even comes with an OdorPax odor absorbing packet that uses activated bamboo carbon to help suck up stanks. Fits great in a backpack, and its hard sides prevent crushing. And who the hell needs more crushing in their lives, am I right?? The world is confusing enough as it is.

Check out our round up of awesome stash boxes!


Wooden Stash Box Colllection

Weed Stash box CBD/THC

Why choosing the weed stash box CBD/THC?

Weed Stash box, CBD/THC has a unique design! Firstly, it helps it’s daily users organize and storage their smoking accessories. Secondly, it has great wood quality and it is smell proof. Thirdly, it is laser engraved with CBD/THC theme!

Moreover, the box contains a removable wooden rolling tray with more space to secretly storage more items under it. The secret box has a simple lock and enough space for all your smoking accessories like herb knife, grinder, hitters, hemp wick and spoof. It is burned with THC and CBD chemical structure theme in two places on the top. The stash box’s dimensions are 19.50 x 15 x 7.5 (length, width, height-large size combo) larger than similar brands.

Choosing Rollin’ time classic gives you a lot of advantages. First of all, it’s boxes have great wood quality and they are ideal to storage and organize yourself! In comparison with, other stash box providers you can choose the theme will be burned on the weed box and it’s dimensions. In addition, we provide extra smoking accessories and lighting features that you can’t find anywhere!

Reading this article, will help you understand why choosing our wooden stash boxes and how they are going to help you in your daily life!

Smoking Stash box CBD/THC to organize

The custom, weed, smoking stash box combo, will help you organize all your smoking and rolling accessories! You can place XL papers, herb, knife, pipe and grinder, all in one stash box. In other words, it is an opportunity to place your personal belongings in order and one place!

Storage with this secret weed stash box

Furthermore, this secret stash box has large storage capacity and contains a removable wooden rolling tray. That means that you will clean it more easily and most importantly, it will help you store secretly items under it. If you want to keep your stuff out of sight, a stash box like this, will make your dream come true!

Uses of this stash box CBD/THC

The custom weed stash box, has many uses. It will display beautifully anywhere in your home as is designed to cover all your smoking needs! Similarly, you can give it to a special friend, for a unique birthday present! Believe us, it will be the best birthday present your friend had!

Despite the fact, it is a great smoking accessory, you can also use it like a jewelry box or beauty box. Many people tend to use them to storage cosmetics and beauty products. You can request for a different version via a personal message.

Smell proof weed stash box

In addition, one of its big advantages is, this box can help you storage many items, without worries about smells. It’s unique design makes it smell proof, because you can smell the inside of the stash box only when you open it. If you want to keep your stuff offsite, our smell proof stash box is ideal for you!

Weed Stash box with high quality

Most importantly, this stash box combo has excellent wood quality! It is made with eco- friendly plywood and it’ s expertly crafted with a light satin finish! There is a pine rolling tray that it’s detachable promises to make your rolling very quick and easy!

Lighting features

In addition, Rollin’ Time classic gives you the opportunity to choose if your stash box will contain light features. Stash boxes with led will let you roll under difficult circumstances!

So, if you choose a weed stash box with led a light switch ON/OFF/ON will be included, and you can change the light portability when you want to. You can choose the LED combo color between (red, white green) and (blue white yellow.)

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to choose a box that glows in the dark! You can send us witch part of you want to glow and your night rolling adventures will begin!

Choose the stash box’s design

We provide a big variety of prototype designs and themes! All the stash boxes are burned in the top with the basic theme you choose. Additionally, some of them have a full theme. Full theme means that the stash box is burned in many places and most of them all around!

You don’t need to have a stash box that everyone has, you choose your favorite item – image and we are going to burn the box with the design of your preference. Just send us your idea!

Choose the stash box’s dimensions

Furthermore, you can chose the box’s dimensions. It’s important to find dimensions that work for you in order to storage all the smoking accessories that are necessary. We provide different sizes, (medium, large or xl combo) depended on the amount of the accessories you want to storage.

However, all of them, have light weight! You can carry them everywhere with you. For example, many of our customers take their stash boxes with them, while they spend time on holidays, because of their light weight.

Our goal is, to create a stash box, just for you, with only you having it. In other words, if you want a unique stash box , here is the only place you can get it!

Extra smoking accessories

Moreover, we created unique smoking accessories, that you can place in your stash box for a great combo. For instance, there are glowing in the dark herb grinders, special herb knifes and bamboo storage cylinders for extra smell proof. Further, special cases for lighters will be available soon. All of them storage easily and there is enough space for other items too. Of course, it depends on the size of the stash box combo you choose.

Although there are very nice and cool, these items are an extra option and it’s not necessary include them in your order. However, they are for sure part of improving your experience, making they way you roll easier and faster :-)!

Contact us for a weed stash box CBD/THC

To sum up, we have the ideas, but it’s on you to create the wooden stash box that suits you the best. You can custom message us to ask questions or just make your order. We will ship you the stash box you like everywhere in the world. Feel free to contact us:

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Weed Stash box CBD/THC is ideal for all your smoking accessories!It has lock & wooden rolling tray.The best Smell proof box for happy 420!