where to sell princess house crystal

Where to sell princess house crystal

She said something about selling all of them in one large lot but I am not sure if that would be the best way to go or just to sell the individual sets or pieces.

Anyone with experience selling this crystal or any ideas would be welcome.

And Classic Rock—Don’t even go there with the crystal remarks. I remember going to the post office to pick up one of her boxes. It was sent COD. She put the money in an envelope and wrote “Crystal Money” on the envelope. I just had to give here a hard time about that one.
posted on May 31, 2005 07:50:21 PM new I just went to a Princess House party. Way over priced, IMO. However, I do believe there are collectors out there but I don’t think they bring big money. I did sell a Princess House crystal dog once. I think I got about $6 for it at the time.

posted on May 31, 2005 07:59:47 PM new I would sell it by individual pieces or sets. You don’t want to deal in a bulk lot that would only appeal to a dealer looking for something at less than whosale, you want to appeal to the collectors who are looking for that “certain” piece for their collection, or th the impulse buyer that bids just because she likes it. Same as with china. If someone wants a set of dishes, they go to Walmart. If they need to replace or add to an existing collection, especially if they are no longer being made, they go to Ebay.

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posted on May 31, 2005 08:43:14 PM new If she has as much as you say, I think a lot auction is ill advised. What are your chances of packing it and sending it safely without anything breaking? It sounds like more than one box of items. People will take shipping prices into overall purchase price and bid accordingly. There are almost 2000 auctions in the Princess House search in glassware. I would begin by doing a search requesting highest price first for results. See if any of the items you have match auctions that are actually getting bids. List those separately.

Consider doing BUY IT NOW for items that are consistent sellers (check ended auctions) and then chose a price to move it out if you want a quick sale.

I would only consider doing lot auctions for items that have less value then $9.99 each.
Glass is heavy.

posted on June 1, 2005 12:05:07 PM new I sold a lot of Princess House last year before and after the Christmas season. I would not recommend selling in a lot. I would recommend that if you can wait, hold off listing them nearer the holiday season since they make excellent Christmas gifts. Items in the original box will, of course, bring more money. Sold a crystal bass in the original box for over $50.
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posted on June 2, 2005 03:33:35 PM new I sold some Princess House I found at garage sales. Sells very well and for good money. Lots of collectors out there. I would probably wait til fall. I just listed the Princess House name and kind of piece. Don’t think you need to worry about pattern or anything. Just the name sells it.

posted on June 2, 2005 05:16:47 PM new Hi there! I used to have a service for 20 of the Fantasia pattern and all of the serving pieces, glasses, etc. I sold all of it except a service for 4 and a few other pieces I had kept. It all sold, decent money. But what sold well were the “retired” pieces. Get your hands on a catalog and see if what you have is available still and what the items cost now. My retired items went for the same as it cost or more, the ones still available went for about half retail. Having the box gets more.

If she had ALOT of parties (which I did), it was probably free anyway.

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