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A lot of people want to know which marijuana strain is the best in the world, but with the thousands of genetics that we have available to us nowadays, it’s hard to pick just one. Each variety has its own properties and its own strong point, making it possible for one strain to have different effects on us depending on the state we’re in, apart from the fact that everyone has their own taste.

For sativa lovers, one of the best strains is Kali Mist, which is a pure sativa plant that offers a very active and productive effect. It doesn’t take too long to begin flowering, and it has a decent production rate, with a stretched out shape and a strong resistance to fungi, typical of sativa plants. It has an earthy taste with a floral aftertaste, making for a really nice smoke while the active effect begins invading your brain. If you smoke it too fast, lights will get more intense to the point where it might even be annoying. You’ll definitely laugh and talk for ages after smoking this, as it has a long lasting effect.

Black Domina is considered by many the best strain to help you sleep because the effect it has is swift, and takes over your brain and body very fast. It’s a classic strain; it’s been around since the 90s thanks to its strong flavor and potent effects. You can have gigantic outdoor crops with this strain, but you’ll get the best results when it’s grown indoors. It needs some specific parameters, but if done right each and every bud will be absolutely full of resin. Indoor plants will turn out with a much more intense flavor and a more powerful effect.

For making hash, all variants of the Kush strain give amazing results. Kush comes from the Afghan valleys, and it’s used to make the best hash in the world. Pakistan Chitral Kush is a strain that grows wild in the valleys, and from which a lot more strains have originated. The buds are a beautiful purple color, super compact and really shiny thanks to the amount of resin all over the plant. You can use practically all of this plant due to even the leaves being covered in their entirety by resin. It’s a pretty classic strain that’s been used to make hash for years, which is why the flavor might remind you of quality hash. It has a completely relaxing effect and an extremely intense flavor, the most intense hash we’ve ever tried.

If you’d prefer a strain that gives the best results as an indoor crop, then the best one for you would probably be Critical +, an absolute monster of a plant. Thanks to the powerful genetics of this plant, it gives an enormous production rate in very small spaces, and it only takes about 60 days to finish flowering. It has an extremely strong blocking effect, which you might not notice at first, but after a while the feeling will start to invade your body.

If you prefer to grow outside, Moby Dick is the best strain for you. These plants can turn into gigantic trees, up to 3m tall, with an amazing harvest. They adapt to pretty much any surroundings you put them in, but they need a lot of sun to give their best harvest. If you grow them in the ground, they can grow to be up to 3m tall, with gigantic extended arms and thick foliage that makes it impossible to hug. It should be ready to cut at the start of October, giving out up to 1.5kg. Moby Dick has an intense taste that mixes strong tastes with soft tastes, giving your mouth a pretty incredible sensation. It has a pretty balanced effect, relaxing the body but in a progressive way, allowing you to keep smoking, although it can be very intense.

For medicinal users we have strains with different cannabinoid ratios that can be useful to treat pains or illnesses. CBD Amnesia is a strain that has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1, meaning that we can take advantage of its relaxing properties but without being in a blocked mental state. It has a very classic earthy taste with some citric flavors, obviously inherited from Amnesia Haze. It has a levelled effect and it has a wide variety of medicinal uses, including helping with all kinds of pains, like for example muscle pains, while still leaving you with an active brain.

We have thousands of strains with totally different properties, and it’s impossible to tell you which one is the best especially when each person has different needs and tastes. We’ve left out some amazing strains, but these are the ones that we’ve loved throughout the years and that may appeal to you or your friends, and let’s not forget that the best marihuana is the marihuana that you grow in your own house; there’s nothing like watching your plants grow day by day, seeing those buds grow and become covered in resin.

Due to the large amount of strains, it's impossible to tell which is the best marijuana in the world; here are some recommendations depending on your taste.

The Best Weed in the World Hails from These 8 Countries

Traveling the world looking for the best marijuana isn’t something new. The fact that it’s legal in many parts of the world is great news for travelers. Weed is more accessible, affordable than ever before and the selection in many of the countries listed is literally mind blowing.

Cannabis products are way more accessible than they ever were in the past, and this just continues to become more true as the list of countries with legal weed gets longer. But just because access is getting easier doesn’t mean that quality is getting better.

We are in the era of mass-produced weed, and in a lot of ways, this is affecting the quality of the product in a negative way. However, there are a few exceptions to this, especially in countries where the quality of cannabis takes precedence over everything else.

These 8 countries have it all figured out when it comes to producing numbing indicas, energizing sativas, and flavorful hybrids.

The Netherlands

No list like this would be complete without the Netherlands, and it’s not just because of the famous “coffee shop” culture. Amsterdam has been pumping out some of the best cannabis in the world since the beginning of time – or at least since the 1970s.

Travelers from all over the world head to Amsterdam, not just to experience the goings-on of the Red Light District, but also to smoke some of the best strains known to man. It doesn’t hurt that there are over 200 legal coffee shops selling high-quality cannabis throughout the city.


Mexico is known for more than tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. In addition to all this yumminess comes yummy strains that hail from the Mexican highlands and countrysides. It would be impossible for the weed to be bad in a country where the word marihuana first originated.

There’s a common misconception floating around America that there’s nothing but dirt weed across the border. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there’s a lot of low-quality stuff down South, but some of it is actually quite good – even better than what you’d find in the States.


Obviously Jamaica is one of the key players in the global weed game, and not just because of the chilled-out island lifestyle that’s the perfect setting for getting baked. This Caribbean island and weed go hand-in-hand, and Jamaicans have been growing quality bud for decades.

A huge reason for this is the ideal growing climate that the island offers. Cannabis plants love the Caribbean waters paired with the ideal temperatures, so most of the stuff you’ll find here is high in quality, not to mention potent.


The Great White North is known for many things, and legal weed is now one of them. Cannabis officially became legal for recreational use in 2018 but was producing high-quality bud long before that. Even Uruguay turned to Canada for help when they first legalized weed back in 2013.

Average citizens can now order weed online and haven’t looked back. Websites such as Online Dispensary Guide review the top online dispensaries across Canada. Included are reviews for The Herb Approach, BMWO, Speed Greens, Healing Empire and others. Consumers have never had more access to high quality marijuana at affordable prices.


Not only is cannabis popularly used among Aussies, but it’s also pretty good. Australia is the perfect spot for growing, mainly because there’s tons of wide-open space. This means that operating an under-the-radar grow op comes with very little risk since many Aussies don’t have neighbors for miles.


The drug that Colombia is most commonly known for is another one, but this South American country actually has way more to offer in terms of marijuana. The climate and mountainous terrain are perfect for outdoor cannabis cultivation, and the Colombian government is much more progressive about cannabis legislation than in the past.


Some people say that Afghanistan is where cannabis originated, so of course you can count on quality bud from the place where it all started. Some of the most well-known genetics come from here, and they’re all known for their pungent aromas and powerful high effects.

According to a report from The New York Times back in 2007, most of the products that are grown here are exported to other countries. This is still the case today, so in the opinion of an Afghani local, he or she might not agree that the best weed comes from their home country. But pretty much everyone else in the world knows that Afghanistan is where it’s at.

The United States

Although cannabis is still not legal on a federal level, a good percentage of Americans are extremely liberal about their cannabis habits. This percentage is continuously on the rise despite the fact that it’s only legal on a state-by-state basis.

Traveling the world looking for the best marijuana isn’t something new. The fact that it’s legal in many parts of the world is great news for travelers. Weed is more accessible, affordable than ever before and the selection in many of the countries listed is literally mind blowing.