when can i smoke weed after tooth extraction


“Do you know how long I should wait, or what would be the best way for me to smoke without getting dry sockets? I’m only slightly swollen today and off painkillers. Also, if I smoke before the operation to calm my nerves, will it affect the anesthesia?”

I know from experience that wisdom teeth removal can be a painful experience! Great care must be taken with oral hygiene to aide the healing process and to avoid the “dry sockets” you mentioned. Be careful with alcohol based tinctures (they can be irritating), and with anything you put into your mouth during the healing process. The “cotton-mouth” that many people experience with cannabis may also have some detrimental effects, so be sure to maintain an adequate moisture level in your mouth. I might suggest using a vaporizer (with pursed lips you should be able to avoid excessive vapor coming into contact with the healing tissue), or an infused honey, or easily ingested liquid/drink. Although not yet a reality, cannabis may soon be administered as a vapor through a nasal canula.

My husband just had 1 of his wisdom teeth pulled and he used 1/4 (12.5mg) of the Trokie CBD 50mg lozenge, once or twice a day. He placed a 1/4 of the lozenge between his upper gums and cheek (called buccal absorption) where the tooth was pulled. Not only did the pain melt away in about 30 minutes, but the CBD also has a natural numbing effect. The buccal absorption allows for most of the medicine to get absorbed right into the blood stream, missing the first pass metabolism of the Liver, so you end up getting more of the active ingredient CBD.

I think it would help you greatly but to stop pain and calm your fear. You should start ahead of time if possible but if not possible use a vape pen of AC/DC, Harlequin or Cannatonic. Why do we have pain, anxiety and fear? Because we imagine the worst, so stop that. Let your wisdom teeth go, don’t fight to hold them in, imagine that your teeth are sitting in soft butter and they slide right out. If you think a little buzz will help you be sure to have someone drive you to and from the dental office and use a CBD: THC @ 2:1 OR 1:1. You might be on larger doses of CBD at bedtime just stop all the inflammation and support your immune system and calm your fears. Don’t imagine the worst, Imagine that you made it through in five minutes and everything went perfect and easy and I likely will happen that way. Do not mentally resist the procedure but if you realize that you are resisting maybe you shouldn’t have it done. Any time we resist what our body is trying to communicate to us we will experience more anxiety, which leads to fear, which translates to pain. Have that talk with yourself, do you really want to have this done? If is yes, be happy you’re having it done and let it occur easily. You have much more control than you know but do not do high doses of THC like Sativa because you can flip yourself out with anxiety on Sativa or hi THC. Stick with CBD since it will help stop pain, inflammation & anxiety.

The general rules is to wait at least five days after your procedure. Patients undergoing oral surgery are advised to avoid smoking (whether of cigarettes or cannabis) because the sucking action can dislodge the blood clot that forms over the surgery site and lead to dry socket. Dry socket is an infection that can occur in the empty tooth socket, leaving the the nerve and bone exposed to air, food, and bacteria in your mouth. It is extremely painful (I experienced it firsthand and can attest to this!) and typically involves an emergency trip to your oral surgeon to have the site flushed, and then a course of antibiotics, and prescription pain killers as needed. Smoking also decreases blood flow to the gums, which slows the healing process.

Finally, the dry mouth you experience when smoking cannabis is something that negatively impacts your gum health. A recent study in New Zealand examined habitual cannabis smokers over a 20 year period and found that the one risk of this behavior was an increased rate of gum disease, regardless of hygiene, and other socio-demographic factors. Researchers believe that one reason for this is the lack of saliva to flush out bacteria from the gum tissues. When you do resume smoking cannabis after your post-surgical hiatus, make sure you are drinking lots of fluids to compensate for decreased saliva production.

Hi! I recently had my upper wisdom teeth removed and I was very honest with my dentist regarding my cannabis consumption.

He informed me that healing time varies by each patient, but typically you want to avoid smoking (cannabis or tobacco) from 7-14 days to prevent bacteria or opening of the wounds. It is also important to keep your mouth moisturized to prevent dry sockets, so avoid smoking to prevent “cotton mouth”!

My dentist also informed me that alternatives to smoking cannabis – edibles, patches, and tinctures – should not impact the healing process. Transdermal patches can be used for pain relief and are not consumed orally. Tinctures can be easily ingested by placing a few drops under your tongue. Personally, to tame my wisdom teeth pain, I found relief with drinkable edibles! Smoking is my preferred method of marijuana consumption, but to avoid issues with my extraction, I would enjoy cannabis-infused lemonade in the day, and cannabis tea in the evening to help me sleep. If you decide to use edibles, you’ll want to avoid anything hard or sticky, as chewing will be difficult for the first week or so. That said, if you decide to use an edible or tincture after wisdom teeth removal, make sure you remember to rinse your mouth with warm water and salt to prevent an infection.

As for consuming cannabis PRIOR to your wisdom teeth surgery, please avoid smoking as increased production of stupum could occur making your surgery more difficult.

Hope this information helps!

This is a very good question! Due to the seriousness of the situation, it is best to be cautious when combining any cannabinoid with local anesthesia. Definitely consult a doctor! There are a few articles online that talk about cannabis building a tolerance to anesthesia for a patient, not something you want happening during surgery. While established practices for cannabis and general anesthesia are not in place yet, other people have asked similar questions. Take a look here

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"Do you know how long I should wait, or what would be the best way for me to smoke without getting dry sockets? I'm only…

Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wondering whether you can be smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal? Should you do it, what are side effects and are there additional things to know. I’ll try to answer these questions below.

Smoking weed after tooth extraction May actually BE beneficial

After tooth extraction, your dentist will prescribe you painkillers. As the name suggests, these medications are designed to suppress pain and help you recover. Weed does the same thing. As a matter of fact, weed, more precisely CBD and THC from it will decrease the pain and inflammation. In other words, smoking weed after tooth extraction may be beneficial. You will decrease the pain and fight off inflammation. This may lead to faster recovery.

Some of you believe that weed actually damages teeth. Weed is rarely associated with tooth decay and it is less harmful than tobacco. Cigarettes are more dangerous.

In this case, scenario, if you want to relieve pain and use CBD-related products, we recommend using ones with THC ingredients. They are the most effective in this case and they have a huge effect on eliminating the pain.

Possible side effects

Smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal is a matter that has been answered by several studies. What they discovered is that dry mouth may occur. It occurs when saliva glands produce less saliva than usual. This term is also known as cotton ball syndrome. It isn’t dangerous but is rather unpleasant and very annoying for some users.

The best thing to deal with dry mouth is to prevent it. The best alternative is to drink plenty of fluids, water the most. Avoid drinking alcohol and drinks that contain a lot of sugar. All other beverages can be consumed in order to keep your mouth wet and decrease the intensity of a symptom.

To keep dry mouth away from your life you can use other CBD oil products that don’t cause it in the first place. This simply means that consuming edibles, or using vaporizers or vape products is a bit safer. They don’t cause dry mouth but also provide pain relief and fight off inflammation.

How long after you can smoke weed?

There is no a specific time frame you must not smoke weed but you should at least wait for the bleeding to stop. Basically, people with bleeding gums should avoid smoking weed frequently and this is the same case after tooth removal.

The final word

Can I smoke weed after tooth extraction? I’m not a doctor and I can’t possibly be familiar with your individual case. I always recommend to do your own research. But what I can tell you for sure is that weed helps decrease pain, which is common in this case scenario and you will get the ability to fight off inflammation using natural ingredients and natural help. The most common side effect that might occur is dry mouth, but if you consume a lot of water it won’t be the case.

Please share your experience in the comments below.

Wondering whether you can be smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal? Should you do it, what are side effects and are there additional things to know. I'll try to answer these questions below. Smoking weed after tooth extraction May actually BE beneficial After tooth extraction, your dentist will prescribe you…