what is the best autoflowering strain for yield

Top 5 Highest yielding autoflowers

Auto-flowering varieties of cannabis have become increasingly popular among growers in recent years. Auto-flowers cannabis plants take about 13 weeks from germination to harvest. This means that auto-flowering seeds can be harvested in a comparatively short time.

Modern types of auto-flower, such as Gorilla Glue, are pretty much flower-making machines. A large plant can absorb up to a kilo of a dried, smokable, edible and concentrated product. However, not all varieties are the same. The first autoflower strains, such as the infamous Lowrider, hardly produced an ounce, while the modern selectively bred strains produce pleasingly generous quantities. But what are the highest yielding autoflower strains?

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The Top Five Highest Yielding Auto-flowers

Let’s look at the five best yielding autoflowers!

1. Gorilla Glue autoflower

Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds are among our all-time best-sellers with extremely sticky seeds from which it derives its name.


With healthy Indica genes and staggering levels of THC (24%), Gorilla Glue is not for the faint-hearted. Smoking Gorilla Glue autoflower will literally glue you to the couch while you experience the slow onset of its potent effects.


Gorilla Glue auto-flower is very prolific, so you will need to use some kind of support for its leaves and side branches. She can cope with colder climates and has excellent levels of resistance to mould and disease. Want some extra fat buds? Prune your strain regularly.

2. AK-47 autoflower

With buds filled with glittering resin, AK-47 offers a gentle yet unforgettable smoke, that belies the weaponlike imagery of its namesake. The AK-47 auto-flower is a multi-award winning strain that was created by crossing the most robust characteristics of the cannabis Ruderalis strain with Mexican Sativa, Thai Skunk, and the Afghani. The result is a plant with a short lifespan and is also resistant to mould, pests and diseases.


AK-47 auto has a reputation for being a ‘one-hit-wonder’ which means that it takes you one hit to get high. Its trichome-laden buds produce highs that are smooth, heady and strong. The AK-47 is regarded as a classic for a reason. Even though the plant is mainly relaxing Indica, it gives euphoric, intense and positive effects with heightened sociability, which stems more from its Sativa genetics.


The AK 47 auto can be grown indoors or outdoors, although generally does better indoors as it can be prone to bud rot. It grows quickly and vigorously with large flowers that produce good yields. Don’t forget to feed AK 47 during flowering for extra-large blooms.

When grown outdoors, for example, one plant will deliver approximately 110 to 160 grams.

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3. Big Haze auto-flower

Auto-flowers are famous for being easy to grow and quick harvesting. However, many strains have a comparatively small size. This is not an issue for Big Haze Auto seeds which make tall plants capable of producing generous yields.

The Big Haze Auto-flower seeds, despite their fast life cycle, grow into pretty large plants and can produce an abundant crop. This makes the Big Haze a desirable choice for anyone looking for comfort, speed and high production.


Sativa-dominant Big Haze contains high levels of THC content which give feelings of happiness, euphoria and relaxation. It can also alleviate pain and stress but may well give you the munchies so make sure you have plenty of snacks to hand! Haze strains are loved for their exotic aromas and flavors ( and strong effects), and Big Haze auto is no exception, with a candy-like sweet taste with woody undertones.


As with all auto-flowers, growing Big Haze Auto-flower seeds is a piece of cake compared to Indicas and Sativas. The rapid life cycle means that there is less chance for mould and disease to take hold. You can look forward to harvesting the mature plants in as little as eleven weeks after minimal effort. Growing inside is usually more successful in northern European climes. BTW: watch out for spider mite; this is a common pest affecting Haze plants.

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4. Northern Light x Big Bud auto-flower

In as little as fifty days from seed to weed, Northern Lights x Big Bud auto is the creme de la creme of the cannabis crop with its luscious purple blooms and sumptuous orangey aromas. If you need a strain with a generous yield that doesn’t need a lot of nurturing, Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto is the strain for you.


A hybrid of two Amsterdam coffee shop classics, Northern Lights and Big Bud, the hybrid auto-flower version has a delicate taste and a smell that is less intoxicating than its parent, Northern Lights. It has an impressive potency for an autoflower but as the auto’s THC content is also slightly lower, which means you can enjoy its effects without the dreaded couch-lock.


After the seeds have germinated, place straight into a large container with an aerated substrate, such as coconut or a light perlite mix. A hydroponic system would generate even more impressive results. It grows quite tall for an autoflower and produces resin on its leaves. You can grow Northern Lights x Big Bud auto outside. If you have a hot, dry summer, you can expect yields of around 60 g per plant.

Northern Lights x Big Bud has excellent resistance to mould, but you could give it a treatment at the start of the growth phase to be on the safe side.

5. Mazar Auto-flower

Mazar auto-flower is a robust and quick-growing variety that adores the outside as well as the indoors so it is perfect if you are looking for a versatile and forgiving weed. The Mazar auto-flower isn’t a well-known strain, but it has plenty to offer so invest in some seeds now before the whole world hears about it. Impressive yields and low maintenance and lovely effects; what more could you want?


Mazar auto-flowers offer the experience of a typical Indica-dominant strain. What you can expect from an Indica-dominant plant is precisely what the Mazar auto-flowering feminized seeds have to offer with highs that are strong and long-lasting, and even slightly aphrodisiac! The weed has a deliciously spicy taste and induces a relaxed feeling that appeals to practically everyone.


The plants are small and conveniently compact with average heights of 70-80cm, but they thrive and offer massive yields, even for novice growers who can expect around 50 g of weed. Experienced growers reliably harvest over 200g per plant, particularly when using hydroponic systems. The record to date is 900 g!

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Top 10 highest yielding autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis strains are popular for many reasons; they are fairly easy to grow, grow very fast, don’t depend on photoperiod, they remain relatively short and can deal pretty good with tougher conditions and colder weather.

Ever since the introduction of the first autoflowering strains many breeders and growers have worked very hard to bring the best out of cannabis ruderalis and while a few years ago autoflowering strains were seen as easy to grow, but usually low quality plants that would give you a smaller yield, the new generation of autoflowering strains are great and some of them perform just as well as “normal” feminized and regular plants.

Whether you are looking to grow a fast flowering indica or a hybrid sativa, there is probably an autoflowering strain that can guarantee you a great plant that will give you an impressive quality weed and an even more impressive high yield.

We have carefully gathered a Top 10 of high yielding autoflowering strains for you to pick from for your next grow! Have a look:

Autoflowering cannabis strains are getting more and more popular. Check out our top 10 of autoflowers that deliver insane amounts of buds!