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The Differences Between Hard and Soft Drugs

John C. Umhau, MD, MPH, CPE is board-certified in addiction medicine and preventative medicine. He is the medical director at Alcohol Recovery Medicine. For over 20 years Dr. Umhau was a senior clinical investigator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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The terms “soft drugs” and “hard drugs” are arbitrary terms with little to no clear criteria or scientific basis.

Typically, the term “hard drug” has been used to categorize drugs that are addictive and injectable, notably, heroin, cocaine, and crystal methamphetamine. Marijuana is usually the only drug included within the category of “soft” drugs, although some people include nicotine and alcohol in this category because of their legal status for use by adults, and their relative social acceptability compared to illegal drugs.

The term “soft drug” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term gateway drug, a term that is equally inaccurate.  

“Soft” vs. “Hard” Drugs

Use of the terms “hard” and “soft” drugs raises more questions than it answers. Is a drug only “hard” when it is injected? Surely heroin, crack, and meth is not “soft” drugs when they are smoked. With these drugs, it is the purity, amount, frequency of use, social context, and route of administration that typically determines how harmful it is.

The implication that marijuana is a soft or relatively harmless drug is being increasingly questioned.

There are several different types of marijuana, with hashish and hash oil traditionally being thought of as harder forms of cannabis. However, stronger strains of weed are being genetically engineered and longer-term harms are becoming more apparent.

Criminology research shows that few drug offenders limit themselves to only one drug, bringing into question the idea that drug users are able to limit themselves to a single “soft” drug, although there is a clear pattern among this population of progression from marijuana to heroin.  

Categorization Challenges

If we were to categorize drugs according to how hard or soft they are, several drugs would be particularly difficult to categorize. Hallucinogens, such as magic mushrooms and LSD, and the rave drug ecstasy, are generally not considered by users to be addictive — although some research tells a different story.  

But given the lower incidence of addiction to these drugs and the fact that they are taken orally rather than injected, would they be considered soft drugs? As the risks associated with bad trips and flashbacks are well-documented, and with their status as controlled drugs, it is unlikely that experts would support the view that they are soft drugs.

And which category would prescription medications, such as tranquilizers and painkillers, go into? We don’t usually hear the term “hard drugs” applied to these medications, even when they are abused, yet some are chemically similar to heroin, while others are among the most addictive drugs around and the most dangerous to withdraw from. So the soft drug category doesn’t fit for them, either.

A Word From Verywell

The terms “hard drugs” and “soft drugs” don’t tell you much about the drugs being referred to. They are used mostly for dramatic effect and to get across the speaker’s perceptions about the relative harmfulness of one drug compared to another.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance use or addiction, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 for information on support and treatment facilities in your area.

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Learn about the distinction between soft and hard drugs, plus find out about the implications of using these terms to describe drug use.

Detox and Drug Test Solutions Guaranteed

Throughout your life, you may find yourself wondering just how to pass any kind of drug test on brief notice. Failing to pass the drug test can be disastrous. Your task could be jeopardized, as well as in some instances, it can even mean the prospective loss of liberty.
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There are four kinds of drug tests generally provided, urine, hair, saliva, as well as blood. There are additionally means you can pass any one of these examinations, with little to no notice. If you’re fretted about passing an approaching drug test, here are some products that will assist.

There are 2 items that when utilized appropriately will give you a tidy rating on your pee drug examination.

With just a one-hour notice, this cleansing beverage will get rid of the toxins from your body that will certainly cause the examination results to come back positive. The one-liter bottle comes in a choice of wild berry or exotic fruit for an enjoyable preference. You’ll value this given that you will be consuming numerous ounces of the fluid prior to your medicine screening.

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In addition to the directions, every little thing you need to mix the powdered urine is included in the package. It also includes a temperature strip, this is important, because the urine has to be at the ideal temperature to trick the testing agents. 2 tiny heating systems that are air-activated, also featured the set.

All-natural Detoxifiers *WARNING*

You may be tempted to save cash as well as utilize an over-the-counter detoxifier like Certo. This as well as other natural items will flush contaminants from your body, in time, yet it will never suffice to pass a random drug examination.

When you require to compromise a hair of hair for medication testing, 2 items will aid you pass.

Also the expensive clarifying hair shampoos cost high-end beauty parlors will not be enough to obtain your hair tidy enough to pass a medication examination. Impurities will still be left in the hair shaft and also this is what is tested. Old Style Aloe Contaminant Rid Hair shampoo will certainly do exactly what its’ name indicates. It obtains deep right into the hair to properly get rid of any kind of impurities and also chemicals.

You’ll wish to use the deep-cleaning hair shampoo on the day of the examination. This shampoo not only cleanses the hair shaft, however likewise the hair follicle and also your scalp.

Washing your hair for hours with your favorite hair shampoo will never ever eliminate the contaminations that build-up in your hair. TestClear’s Ultra Clean Shampoo will properly eliminate all traces of the chemicals that will create you to fail a drug test. It’s basic and easy to use, simply wash your hair with the cleaning hair shampoo before you adopt the test.

If you’re bothered with the shampoo stripping your hair of all it’s dampness, do not be. It contains aloe vera for shine and also to boost manageability.

Cutting and also Bleaching *WARNING*

Some people try to conceal their use illegal materials by passing away or whitening their hair. This won’t mask or eliminate the contaminants in the hair shaft. Slashing off your hair likewise isn’t a feasible alternative. Of all, it results in an automatic stop working. Do you want to go ‘bald’?

Getting your mouth swabbed or spitting right into a cup is one of the simplest means to get drug evaluated. It’s likewise hard to ‘beat’ these types of tests without some help.

Toxin Rid has established an efficient mouthwash that will certainly help you pass a dental medicine test. The tiny one-ounce bottle might not look like much, however it’s sufficient for you to pass.

It’s straightforward and also easy to use. Simply rinse the inside of your mouth out with the laundry a few mins prior to the examination. The small container is simple to conceal and/or get rid of undetected by examining staff. After swishing the mouthwash around for roughly 3 mins, spit, rinse, as well as consume a few breath mints to mask the fragrance.

If you have actually never used a cleansing mouth wash before to pass a medicine examination, you could feel a lot more comfy if you had a practice run at home. Hair Verify markets a 5-panel oral examination you can take in the house. You can see which compounds exist in your salvia as well as recognize specifically what actions you require to take to pass.

Passing a blood test can make anybody anxious. It’s tougher to mask toxins in the blood but there is something you can do to ensure you pass.

When it happens a blood examination, you have to experience a complete detoxification and also TestClear has products that will certainly assist. If you have lots of time the 10-day detox program is your best choice. Nonetheless, if time is short there are much shorter detox programs to choose from. There is also a product that will completely purify your system in just one day.

A full detoxification is your only option when it comes to passing a medication test that screens your blood.

There’s a great chance you’re mosting likely to need to pass a medicine examination throughout your life. Even if you have absolutely nothing to worry about, it can still be demanding. The above-listed items will ensure that you pass without any problems. Just be sure that you’re not relying on over-the-counter-products to cleanse your system. If you are, there’s a likelihood you’re going to stop working.

Detox and Drug Test Solutions Guaranteed Throughout your life, you may find yourself wondering just how to pass any kind of drug test on brief notice. Failing to pass the drug test can be