weed plant transparent

Weed plant transparent

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Transparent leaves – No pests – Help!

  • Jun 24, 2016
  • #1
  • LittleCat
    New Member

    So these girls are my first grow. They were doing just great and im super excited. so today i might have gone a bit overboard. So first, im growing organic, indoors natural sun light, lots of air circulation, plus they have their outdoor time every day. So recently its been a bit hot here(hellish kind of hot) and paranoid me might of went a bit overboard with watering. Today i took them out for their daily sun bath, went to run some errands when this heat wave struck. so i come home to find them in normal condition but some tips here and there turned a bit dry, and it was only tonight that i noticed that some of the leaves turned slightly transparent and feel a bit like paper which kinda worries me. Could that be from my trigger happy watering and heat wave? and if so will they be okay?

    Should also mention that i thoroughly inspected them and no signs of any critters, also checked the roots that are poking thru the drainage holes and they are white and look super healthy

    Here are pics of my ladies, i will be grateful for any advice and opinion(ill try to get some pictures to show you the transparency i talked about when i get some daylight)

    Edit: Also forgot to mention. on the last one, aka the biggest one i noticed a few brownish drops, not sure if tat means anything but i try to provide as much of info as possible

    Thank you in advance for taking your time

    • Jun 24, 2016
  • #2
  • Big Sparks
    Well-Known Member

    Gata. Gatita? lol! Wsup Little Cat! Welcome to 420mag. Your plant doesn’t seem too bad. Maybe just give it a little epsoms salt about 1/2 teaspoon to a whole teaspoon per gallon of water. Preferably R/O water. But wait until your container dries out almost completely. Pick up your pots and you’ll get to know what they feel like when wet right after a good watering and when its dry, after anywhere from a day to day and a half, up to 3-5 days with larger pots. Lager pot, more dirt, more moisture, and so on. Get ahold of some worm castings. Put a layer over your soil about 2″ deep, as you water it will add some mocrobial life too your soil. To go a step further hit it with some AACT Teas, There are many growers hear using them including myself. If not maybe try to look it up on “Blue Tube” not- they’ve got all kinds of different videos. But the most important thing is to just keep it simple, and keep it up. Keep up the research there are many good forums here as well as some Darn Good Journals. “The seed is already planted. ” Good growing to you. Im out.

    • Jun 24, 2016
  • #3
  • Big Sparks
    Well-Known Member
    • Jun 25, 2016
    • Thread starter
    • #4
    New Member

    Thank you all for your thoughts and advice @ Deprivation Hmmm i think you gave me a really good clue to what is going on! You see. i never usually mist them, but i did so in panic yesterday because i thought heat exhausted them also for the same reason i have been watering them more frequently. So in away they started exhibiting signs of nute burn which makes no sense because i use organic soil that already has all the nutrients.
    I spent almost whole night researching, and could not find all the symptoms. starting from the leaves that turn transparent,yellowing tips, some discoloration on the bottom leaves. looked with magnifying glass for all sorts of pests both on plant and soil. nothing. then i found a clue on the healthiest part of the plant. latter on i saw that the tops bent like a palm tree. so all the other symptoms made sense. luckily in my panic spree i also remembered to check the roots for rot and thank goodness all is good there, and this morning when water drained a bit tops went back up as they should be. Lesson learned. DO NOT OVER WATER EVEN IF YOU THINK THERE IS TOO MUCH HEAT.

    Now i dont have much experience with growing cannabis, but i did grow orchids and all sorts of other sensitive flowers, and i also noticed it works amazing for cannabis, so i thought of sharing it as an advice For the pest control, and prevention, you dont need to use chemicals, just dry out some egg shells and crush them with mortar and pestle into fine dust(can use fine grinder,like coffee one) and sprinkle that all around the dirt of your plant, can also mix some with small amount of water and spray directly on the plant once per week or two weeks. bugs hate it because it harms them but its good for your plant because it contains calcium

    • Jun 25, 2016
    • Thread starter
    • #5
    New Member

    I promised better pictures, so here they are

    This is the palm tree effect i suspect is because of extra water:

    Transparency i talked about, its not going yellow or drying, just became a bit see through:

    And the back of one of the leaves:

    And the back side of the leaf:

    And the back side of the leaf:

    Im correcting the over water issue, and sprinkling. Anything else i should feel concerned about?
    Thanks a bunch again for all the help and advice

    So these girls are my first grow. They were doing just great and im super excited…so today i might have gone a bit overboard…So first, im growing…