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A Guide To Buying CBD Hemp Flower On eBay (UK)

Did you know that you can buy weed on eBay? That’s right. Everyone’s favourite auction site is permitting the sale of CBD-rich cannabis flowers.

The sellers of CBD weed on eBay are operating under the assumption that cannabis with less than 0.2% THC is considered hemp and is, therefore, exempt from the UK’s Misuse Of Drugs Act.

While it is yet to be confirmed by any government source whether this is true, hundreds of kilos of CBD-rich hemp flower are being openly imported into the UK and sold in high streets and online throughout the country with no intervention from the authorities.

There’s also plenty of CBD buds being sold on eBay, usually labelled as ‘hemp tea’. But with this being an unregulated, quasi-legal and highly controversial industry, you need to be careful about buying CBD hemp buds online, especially on eBay.

And with that in mind, we thought it was about time someone produced a guide explaining how to buy CBD hemp flower on eBay.

Why use eBay when there are plenty of trustworthy online shops?

About a year ago, there was less than a handful of online shops selling hemp flowers (including High & Polite). Since then, the number of shops has grown to about 50 , with many new ones appearing all the time.

And while many of these shops offer exceptional quality CBD strains, fast delivery and attentive customer service, many people are still using eBay to purchase their buds. And there are a few reasons why.

A big range of CBD flowers in one place

eBay is convenient in that it lets you view a large number of options in one place. You can then compare products, prices and sellers with ease before deciding what to purchase.

  • Better deals

Most online shops charge about £11-13 per gram of high-grade hemp flower. The average of eBay is probably a bit cheaper, especially when it comes to orders of multiple grams.

  • You can pay with card or Paypal

Many shops that want to sell CBD-rich hemp buds run into problems when it comes to taking payments. Most banks don’t want to touch a company operating in the cannabis industry, and that goes for Paypal and other online payment services.

However, eBay uses Paypal for its payments And as the site is currently allowing hemp flower sales, that means you can pay for your CBD buds on eBay nice and easily with your Paypal account or debit/credit card.

  • Most online shops also sell on eBay

Most shops that sell via their own website also sell hemp flowers on eBay. Therefore, you can see numerous shops’ offerings next to each other, use a convenient payment method, and have the buyer protection that eBay offers.

Finding a quality product

When searching on eBay for high-CBD hemp flowers, you don’t have much information to go on. You have the product image (which is not always the best quality), the product description, and then the seller information.

Obviously, the product image will give you a fair idea of the bus structure and how it generally looks. Bear in mind, however, that these pictures will be of the sellers’ best nuggets and your order probably won’t look as good.

Ideally, you want the hemp buds to look well-structured – compact and solid. Try and avoid leafy-looking hemp unless you are after something on the cheaper end of the scale (which can be great for a joint-filler/tobacco alternative).

Vetting sellers

When it comes to sellers, the best way to vet them is to look at their seller rating. If there are any negative reviews or discrepancies, be wary. You ideally want 100% positive feedback.

Next, check the product description. How much information is given? Some sellers with offer up lots of info about how and where the hemp was grown, CBD and THC levels, and a brief description of how it looks, smells and taste.

Also, do not hesitate to send the seller a message. Ask questions about the product – the strain, quality, bud size, etc.

Trusted sellers

For the sake of this article, we ordered 3.5 grams of a strain called Red Berry with 18% CBD from a seller called LoveHemp420 (who have since opened their own online shop ).

My order took a day to arrive. And the buds were of extremely high quality. I’ve bought from eBay before, but not for a while, and these buds were the best yet. They were sticky and dense, with strong berry aromas and really nice effects.

It also came with a photocopy of the lab analysis, which showed the strain to have 17.8% CBD, 0.17% CBC, 0.08% CBG, and 0% THC.

If you would like to recommend a trusted seller on eBay, please comment below.

Click here for a list of trusted UK-based online shops that sell hemp flowers.


As is the often the case with online commerce, there are some scam listings on eBay. We are aware of a few hemp bud deals that have gone wrong, but not many. There have been reports of spice being sent instead of real hemp flowers.

Always make sure you order whole-plant hemp flowers/buds. It should look ‘organic’ – with tight leaves, obvious stems, and a clear bud-like structure.

Did you know that you can buy weed on eBay? And with that in mind, we thought it was about time someone made a guide explaining how to buy CBD weed on eBay.