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Smoking weed might not be the same endeavor as vaping or even cooking marijuana, but it still requires some accessories. It might be an easier approach to consuming cannabis, but ultimately being short of any supply will make the difference between being and not being able to have a relaxing smoke.

Having to constantly go out to get some papers, going out of your way to acquire a weed grinder, getting a digital scale to ensure you are getting the right quantity of weed… all those things take time when being done separately.

What you will find out is that no matter how simple and easy smoking may be, you still need to acquire all the necessary equipment and ingredients in order for it to happen. The last thing on your mind when you are getting ready for a smoke is to have to make it to the nearest store or tobacconist just to get some of the basic ingredients you need.

The reality is that things are much easier when you can buy all that you want within the one purchase. This is exactly what our smoking kits are all about, no need to go out or wait for different deliveries on separate days, every ingredient comes within the one and easy to use package.

Browse our weed smoking kits, which come with all the equipment a good smoke requires. Whether you are looking for a water pipe kit or a joint smoking kit, we have you covered. Our kits come with everything a good smoke needs, such as a bong, weed grinder, weed jar, digital weed scales, rolling papers, cleaning accessories, cases, cannabis storage and more.

Buy the weed-smoking kit that is right for you and focus on doing what you enjoy best: having a great smoke without having to worry with multiple deliveries, endless shopping trips, and just say no to hassle.

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420Way's curated smoking kits have everything you need – just add buds. Smellproof, Secure, and Portable. Curated Cannabis experience kits designed to make your cannabis experience easy and enjoyable. 420Way Cannabis Kits include RAW Rolling Papers, Pre-roll Cones, Rolling Machine, Glass Storage, Tray, and Lighter.

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The Perfect Solution to smoking on the go



We took all of the tools you need to get in the zone and put them all in a convenient waterproof, smell proof kit.


Happy kit – Original

This is the original. We wanted to change the world and we set out to make it just a little bit better. Then we cracked it! We figured out how to package happiness, and this is it! We devised a kit so smart and sleek, it simply begs you to open it. Never again will anyone be in the mood to smoke up but not have the right tools to do so. The Happy Kit is the perfect companion for any smoker and the perfect gift for any toker. Check it out!


Happy Dab Kit

We love our customers and we love our products. This is our love letter to you. The Happy Dab Kit take dabbing and makes it sleek and easily accessible. Gone are the days when you needed fancy equipment and homemade tools to get the perfect buzz on. We’ve done all the hard work for you. All you need to do now is sit back, dab, and relax. So treat yourself or friend with one of these magical kits and enjoy a lifetime of happiness

Then we decided to take it up a notch


Thrilled with our success with the Happy Kit, we knew we couldn’t stop there. We needed to go bigger and better. We combined everything you need for the perfect smoking session and then added some extra happiness. We placed it all into a textured, smell-proof, hard shell case which is sleek and protective. If you love the Happy Kit but feel that you need an extra OOMPH, this is the kit for you. Check it out here.

Happier Dabbing on-the-Go

Very Happy Dab Kit

What. That’s right! We made a bigger and hard to believe happier Dab Kit!

Now you can take your Dab to the next level!

Everything you need all in one slick, smell-proof, and break-proof case so you’re always ready to have a good time, welcome to happiness in a kit!

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