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Weed Infested Lawn

If your lawn is covered in weeds and you’ve tried everything to get rid of them but they keep coming back, you’re in the right place. Greenfeet have specialist knowledge and experience in the control of many different types of weeds.

At Greenfeet we categorise weeds into three distinct groups:

  • Broadleaves – common lawn weeds eg…daisies, dandelions or clovers
  • Creepers – weeds that require additional sprays eg…creeping buttercup and speedwell
  • Helexine – a really persistent weed more commonly known as Baby Tear or Mind Your Own Business

Weed seeds are ever present in your soil and are always looking for an opportunity to germinate. Unless you have thick healthy lawn, nature will allow your lawn become infested with weeds.

The first thing we would do to deal with a weed infested lawn is to survey your lawn to assess:

  • The amount of weeds present.
  • The different species of weeds in your lawn

We will then look at their age, where they are in their life cycle and based on the time of year recommend a specific plan to solve your weed problems.

The secret to a good weed control plan is to have your grass growing strong enough to out compete the weeds.

Weed Control plan

Normally this starts with a broadcast spray application covering the whole lawn.

All our applications use high water dilution and low water volume nozzles.

This ensures the spray is absorbed through the leaf of the weed quickly.

The best time to apply weed sprays is when the weeds are actively growing.

At the same time we apply a slow controlled release feed to the lawn with the correct balance of nutrients and trace elements for the time of year.

We repeat this process at 10 to 12 week intervals by which time most of the weeds are gone and only spot spray treatments are required.

All our weed control plans use only the highest industry standard products.

Once your moss is under control and your lawn is back in a healthy condition we can help you to keep it looking good with one of our maintenance plans. You have a choice of a Serviced lawn maintenance plan or DIY lawn maintenance plan to maintain your lawn and keep a weed infested lawn at bay.

If you happen to have a weed infested lawn, contact us now by email or give us a ring using our Lo Call number 1890 252 778. We’re here and waiting to get and keep your lawn looking great.

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