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A Newbie’s Guide To DC’s Weed Events

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Jul 15, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the greatest benefits of cannabis is that it brings people together. This is one of main reasons behind the explosion of cannabis events throughout Washington, DC. Everyday there are a wide array of events, ranging from private upscale events to pop-up markets packed with vendors.

We’ve created this guide for people who are attending an event for the first time.

Newbie FAQs

First off, how do I find these events?

You can check our blog which we update daily, sign up for our email list to get them everyday in your inbox or follow us on Facebook & Twitter. Be sure to email / DM the host (on Instagram) if you need more info (start time, location, etc.).

Is there a cover charge?

Every event is different, some events do have a cover charge ($5 — $20) while others are free. Sometimes the cover charge includes a free gift, if the event flyer does not specify, email / DM the host for more information.

Do I need A medical card?

No, you do not need a medical card to attend events. You just need to be over 21.

Do I need to be a D.C. Resident?

No, you don’t have to be a District resident to enjoy yourself. Just have your state ID with you.

Am I actually buying weed?

No, in D.C. Initiative 71 does not allow for the direct sale of marijuana but rather gift giving or donations. You are not buying any weed, you are buying an item like a t-shirt or sticker and your weed comes along as a gift / donation. When asking about prices try to use terminology like ‘donation’. So instead of asking “What is the price of x?” you should ask “What is the donation for x?”

Can I bring weed in?

Yes, you can, but be mindful that not every event venue allows smoking inside.

Important things to note.

You will be patted down.

Be prepared to be searched at the door. They are just checking for weapons to keep everyone safe.

Take your time.

When you get in don’t feel rushed or pressured to pick up from the first vendor you talk to. Take your time and try to see every table and then make your decision. Don’t be shy, open up the jars and smell the weed. Also feel free to ask as many questions about the product as you need to.

Dibble & Dabble

Some vendors may be offering free dabs, we do NOT recommend participating unless you’re an experienced dabber.

Look for deals before you go.

Check our website for exclusive deals. These can be redeemed in-person at events.

Have a good time

Weed events are social functions, so the most important thing is that you have a good time. There are plenty of people to meet and cannabis is meant to be enjoyed together.

If you don’t want to go to an event get it delivered.

Weed events are great if you want to get out but if you are looking to have weed delivered to your door, hotel or anywhere in between (or pickup at a location). You can check out these amazing weed delivery services.

How to find and get into dc weed popup events.

Here’s What You Should Know About DC Weed Events in Late 2020

Optimistically, the year 2020 was expected to be a great year for the cannabis community, what with the occurrence of an entire month of 4/20, as well as the various projections anticipating an impressive boost in the market value and activity for 2020. However, with the uncertainty posed by a wide variety of circumstances, the cannabis industry is adapting to the political, social, economic, and public health climate in the United States.

Aside from the economic activities of companies under the marijuana sector, marijuana-related events are affected by these unprecedented situations. In fact, 420 celebrations in various places in the country were canceled, while major conferences were postponed and rescheduled. While the pandemic is still persisting, some organizations are optimistic that the situation will ease in the coming months.

Perhaps this is why some organizers have chosen to reschedule their deferred dates in the second half of the year. If you are interested in attending marijuana-related events in Washington, D.C., here are some of the affairs you can check out in late 2020.

DC Weed Events That Will Take Place in the Second Half of 2020

D.O.P.E. Tribe Presents Puff N Poetry (Multiple Dates)

Cannabis consumers are some of the most lyrical wordsmiths around, which is why the D.O.P.E. Tribe has organized a multiple-date event in which participants can revel in poetry. It has been around since April 2016 to provide a Safe I-71 Compliant Location where attendees can create and share poetry.

You can expect the Original Elevated Open Mic Experience. It is considered the DMV’s premier Infused Open Mic event, which is held every first Sunday of the month. Only ages 21 and above are allowed, and you must bring your own products.

Every date feature guests that may vary depending on the schedule. You can also share your talents by signing up for the Adult Open Mic. You can expect games, prizes, and giveaways, as well as local craft smiths and vendors that offer elevated gifts and live art.

Avantpay|20 Conference

Business owners might be interested in attending the Avantpay |20 Conference, which is a business-to-business (B2B) focusing on payments, banking, and compliance. With the lack of legalization of the plant on the federal level, businesses are underbanked as traditional banking institutions refuse to engage with the marijuana industry.

Avantpay |20 seeks to build a bridge between the government and the private sector in order for them to work together and create payment and banking solutions for the cannabis industry. It will be held on September 9 to 10, 2020 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in DC.

So far, it has more than 600 attendees with over 250 organizations and 100+ speakers. Its roster of speakers includes executives in the financial sector including North Bay Credit Union CEO Chris Call and the Linda Green Group & Anacostia Organics CEO Linda Greene.

The Black Experience in Cannabis 2020

Seeking to uplift people of color in the cannabis community, The Black Experience in Cannabis 2020 offers an educational, empowering and supportive networking experience. It taps the expertise of educational leaders in various cannabis markets across the globe to provide opportunities to people of color for business and health. Ultimately, it seeks to equip attendees with the right knowledge and connection to reinvest in the future of their communities and build generational wealth for the youth.

The event will take place from September 17 to 18, 2020. Some of the topics which will be tackled in the conference include making key connections and building relationships, an overview of the cannabis industry, the plant and its medicinal and social significance, policies, event planning and business development.

Rescheduled Major Events

In the coming months, DC will be the venue for some of the major cannabis events. These have been rescheduled from their original dates due to the virus pandemic. One of them is the 2020 National Cannabis Policy Summit which was supposed to be on April 17 but was moved to September 10 this year. It is known as the premier summit that tackled policies and regulations including legalization and reform, as well as the role of authorities and agencies in creating and implementing such laws.

Another important affair is the National Cannabis Festival, originally set on April 18 but was rescheduled to September 19. This festival is a celebration of the legalization of the plant, which is why it is jam-packed with fun and exciting events. It will feature performances by Method Man & Redman and Young M.A. Moreover, it will highlight food and marijuana concessionaires.

3 Factors that Can Affect DC Weed Events

Now that you know what events you can look forward to in the coming months, you might be worried about possible postponement and cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are three factors that can influence whether the event you seek to attend will push through or not:

Persistence of the Pandemic

As the pandemic is the primary reason these events were postponed in the first place, the continuance of the pandemic can definitely be the reason it could be moved back once again. Since the outbreak, this public health concern has resulted in stay-at-home orders for extended periods, the prohibition of mass gatherings, and in the case of DC, the allowance of marijuana delivery, curbside pickup and at-the-door-pickup services.

Changes in the Industry

The economy has taken a severe hit because of the lockdowns, especially with people compelled to stay at home. In fact, some industries have slowed down extensively that they are closing up shop temporarily. The same issue can be observed in some marijuana businesses as some stores closed amidst the pandemic.

In DC, dispensaries remain open because of the emergency rule-making implemented by Mayor Muriel Bowser, which allowed patients and consumers at home to purchase products and have them delivered or picked up without hassle. However, if the marijuana market tanks under the weight of the pandemic, and it affects organizers, some events could be moved back or canceled.

Other Organizational Circumstances

Aside from the pandemic and its effects in the industry, individual circumstances on the part of organizers could lead to the deferment of the conferences. This can range from lack of availability of the venue to conflicts in schedules.

Alternatives if You Cannot Physically Attend Events

If you find the event you are eyeing canceled or postponed, you can still participate in marijuana-related affairs in a variety of ways. Check out the best ones:

Check out virtual events

One of the best ways to attend a DC weed event without leaving the comfort of your home is through virtual platforms. Even MJBizCon moved some parts of its summit to online venues. These events include the Hemp Industry Daily Conference and the MJBizConNEXT. These are B2B conferences, which will discuss the supply chain from start to finish. It also delves into the innovation that goes into creating new products.

You can also attend the United States Cannabis Conference + Expo, Medical Cannabiz World 2020, and Cannabis Marketing Summit, all of which tackle different aspects of running a cannabis business including policy-making, regulations, new manufacturing equipment, and promotions.

Have your cannabis delivered

Say, you were able to attend these conferences and expositions (physically or virtually), and you heard about a couple of new products. You can check in on your dispensary if they carry these new items and have them delivered to your home. Aside from getting newly developed products, you can definitely place orders for your favorite ones to replenish your stash.

Having your products delivered is also a good option if you fail to register or attend these events. You can still celebrate as part of your unity with the community. After all, there is no better time to support your local dispensary and get more supplies than now. Whether you attended these affairs or not, you can give new products a try just by getting in touch with your dispensary.

See next dates for events with multiple dates

If you were interested in attending a gathering and you failed to do so or it has been canceled, there is no harm in checking if they have multiple dates. Recurring ones usually have a set time and date, like the Puff N Poetry which is held every first Sunday of the month. Those that have been postponed could have been rescheduled, so keep your eyes peeled for the new dates.

Should you fail to find new dates, there is no need to fret because the marijuana industry remains to be a strong one, which means that there will be more events in the future. In the meantime, make it a point to support your local community by ordering cannabis products from nearby dispensaries.

The Bottom Line

DC will always be a great place for cannabis conferences, summits, and expositions, even the minor ones. With these options, you can find the right DC weed event that you can attend. So, keep yourself updated on these events to know about the latest news.

Weed Delivery in Recreational State: Top Cannabis Delivery in DC

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to stay inside and cope with the ‘new normal’. Many are working at home, getting delivery services for food and supplies, and entertaining themselves in a confined space. For marijuana enthusiasts, this situation is bearable as long as delivery services are available to get cannabis.

Best Cannabis Strains for Post 420 Celebration in DC

The 420 celebrations this year may be different, but weed delivery in DC makes it possible to get high-quality cannabis strains amid quarantine. If the supply was short last April 20, you can still celebrate 420 in the remaining days of the month.

5 Easy Ways to Find Weed in DC

Medical and recreational use of marijuana is legal in DC, but not without tight regulations. Residents can use and grow weed at home and share up to one ounce of their supply in private locations. However, selling recreational marijuana is still prohibited. If you’re wondering how to find weed in DC , here are your top five options and what rules you must observe to avoid fines and arrests.

How to Find Weed in DC

1. Online Weed Delivery

Call Us For Premium Organic Flower Delivery In DC – Mention 420DC for A Free Edible

TEXT OR CALL (202)-845-9928

If you prefer getting recreational weed without the hassle of leaving your home or hotel, look for shops that have a delivery service. You can get more information on how to find weed in DC through individual shops’ websites, social media accounts, or cannabis directories. Aside from your private residence, you can also have it delivered at a restaurant or during events.

Since getting weed in exchange for money, goods, or services is illegal, shops usually sell items like shirts, stickers, artwork, cards, lighters, juices, and caps and provide recreational marijuana as a free gift. Note that you can only participate in these transactions if you are at least 21 years old.

Aside from browsing their menu, check out their online reviews, service areas, minimum order requirements, and offers like veteran or terminally ill discounts and first-time patient specials. Some of these shops are open 24/7, so you can always give them a call when you need to replenish your supply.

2. Private Meetup

Call Us To Meetup In DC – Mention 420DC for A Free Edible

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If you can’t meet the minimum requirement for deliveries, you can arrange a private meetup. We will not ask for your medical card, but we do require a copy of your ID.

Remember that DC follows a home grow, home use policy. Whether you’re opting for a meetup or a delivery, make sure you comply with regulations on weed possession and use. Conduct these weed-related activities outside federal properties—which make up 29% of the District—such as national parks and federally subsidized housing facilities. When visiting public places, do not carry more than two ounces of weed.

Wait until you get home to use or eat cannabis products. Remember that smoking marijuana in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or even inside your parked car is illegal. Moreover, you can get arrested if caught driving or operating a boat under the influence of marijuana.

3.Cannabis Events

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If you want to interact with other weed supporters or learn more about the industry, consider joining marijuana events or pop-ups. You can surely find an activity that captures your interest, from poetry to art sessions, music, cooking classes, and yoga.

You can learn about these events through social media sites like our Instagram and Facebook, and cannabis websites like

These events don’t require you to carry your medical card. But be ready to flash your ID as proof of your age.

4. Certified Dispensaries

If you have a medical marijuana card, you can check out one of the certified dispensaries in DC. As of December 2019, the District has seven dispensaries located in six out of DC’s eight wards. These establishments source their medical marijuana from eight local cultivators licensed by the Department of Health.

You can choose from their broad range of products—from Sativa, Indica, and hybrid to tinctures (cannabis infusions), concentrates, pre-rolls, and edibles—and accessories.

These establishments are licensed to sell up to four ounces (113.4 grams) of products to DC’s over 6,000 registered patients every 30 days. If you need help selecting a strain or product that’s best for your health condition, you can ask their highly trained teams or speak with their wellness consultants.

If your condition prevents you from traveling to a dispensary, your Department of Health-registered caregiver can purchase it for you. If you’re a patient from one of over 25 jurisdictions with equivalent medical marijuana programs like Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Delaware, you can still buy the same volume from DC dispensaries. However, you’ll need to present your medical marijuana card or state documentation as well as a state or government-issued ID. Note that these businesses will not allow your caregiver to buy the medicines if you are not with them at the dispensary.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are often designed similar to doctors’ clinics, and others have floor plans that are wheelchair accessible. Since credit cards usually can’t be used to buy weed, some stores have ATMs nearby so customers can conveniently withdraw cash.

Before visiting a dispensary, check out their website for store-specific policies such as pre-order requirements. Patients can also take advantage of their offers as well as rewards programs.

Aside from selling medicines, certified dispensaries may also assist DC residents in applying for or renewing their medical marijuana cards. Browse their websites for more information on getting a cannabis card.

5. Grow It

If you’re a DC patient who enjoys gardening or you wish to curb your regular cannabis expenses, consider cultivating marijuana on your primary private residence . The only exception is if you live in public housing, where using marijuana remains illegal. DC’s cannabis laws allow adult residents to cultivate up to six plants, a maximum of three of which can be mature. Meanwhile, households with multiple adults can have up to 12 plants, up to six of which are mature.

Aside from ensuring consistent supply and generating potential savings, growing your own weed gives you the added benefit of sharing it with your legal-aged friends. To stay compliant, keep your weed gifts within or below one ounce.

There are establishments providing cannabis seeds, marijuana clones, and pre-teens or teens to DC patients. Before placing an order online, do adequate research on available strains, the benefits of starting from seeds or getting clones, medicinal differences, high-yielding varieties, as well as the authenticity of the stores’ items.

When picking up your order, be sure to have your marijuana card or physician statement with you as well as your ID. To increase your chances of a good harvest, ask vendors for growing tips, and join in-person or online classes.

If you’re wondering how to find weed in DC, check out Ghouse . We offer deliveries and provide free edibles during private meetups. To view our menu, visit our website and text 420DC to (202) 845-9928 to place your order. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about our 420-friendly and Initiative 71-compliant private get-togethers.

Here’s What You Should Know About DC Weed Events in Late 2020 Optimistically, the year 2020 was expected to be a great year for the cannabis community, what with the occurrence of an entire