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With our new NICE Medtainers, you can carefully your cannabis flowers in a compact, smell-proof container that doubles as a grinder, making it the ideal accessory.

It’s small enough to carry with you everywhere so you never have to go without. Separate airtight compartments enable you to store two strains at once and keep them fresh – safe from the elements, as well as any other unwanted exposure. Our range contains six bold colours for you to choose from.

The Medtainer is waterproof and developed using medical grade plastics, ensuring quality concealment and durability.

With our new NICE Medtainers, you can carefully your cannabis flowers in a compact, smell-proof container that doubles as a grinder, making it the ideal accessory. It’s small enough to carry with you everywhere so you never have to go without. Separate airtight compartments enable you to store two strains at once and k

Marijuana Vaporizer Accessories

You’ll need a few things to go with your vaporizer. Let’s look at the essentials first. At the very minimum, I recommend a grinder (vaporizers expect ground weed) and storage containers (need to keep your stash fresh). Regular grinders and containers just won’t cut it – trust me.

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Cannabis Grinders

Grinders grind up cannabis for vaping (and smoking of course, but who does that?). Like vaporizers, some grinders are better than others. They are essential. You’ll probably need only one of them.

Grinders use blades (aka teeth) to shred cannabis into smaller pieces. These small, ground pieces fall through holes into the next chamber of the grinder. You open up the grinder, take out the ground herb from the collection chamber, and pack the herb into your vape.

Before I describe what to look for in an ideal grinder, there’s something you need to know. Grinders are usually made of metal – aluminum in most cases. When grinding, it’s possible to produce small aluminum flakes that mix with the ground herbs. Not good! There’s some debate on the safety of heating up and inhaling aluminum, but I’d rather err on the side of caution and avoid potential risks. Also, metal flakes can damage your vaporizer (clogs, electrical shorts, abrasion, etc.).

For me, the second biggest concern is grind efficiency. When grinding, weed tends to stick to the inside of the grinder. I want to maximize the amount of precious plant material. I don’t want to lose any of those small white hairs (trichomes), little orange fibers (pistils), or anything else. A non-stick grinder also has the benefit of easy cleaning.

Thirdly, and this isn’t a priority for everyone – I want to be able to collect kief (aka pollen or crystals), which is a powder-like accumulation of trichomes that often build up from grinding. Kief is potent and can be vaporized with the right technique. Many grinders have special filter screens designed to maximize kief collection.

There is, and that’s why I recommend SLX 2.0 grinders.

When you first get your grinder, clean it properly and give it time to dry. This will remove any metal shavings or other manufacturing-related stuff. Refer to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Clean the SLX every couple of months and it will come out like brand-new because of the non-stick coating. Some folks like to use 99% isopropyl alcohol, salt, and a soft toothbrush. With regular cleaning, a decent grinder can easily last over 10 years.

Finally, a few quick facts about grinders. Most high-quality grinders are over $50. Each grinder is typically offered in multiple sizes. If you’re grinding up large buds or have hand issues, go with a larger grinder (2.4″ or larger) for an easier grip. Note that the diameter does not indicate how fine the grind is. Avoid extra fine grinds because some plant material may find its way into other areas of your vaporizer and cause problems. Two-piece grinders tend to offer a finer grind than four-piece grinders. However, four-piece grinders usually have a kief catcher compartment. Remember to avoid the finer grind when vaping. Other popular grinder brands include Santa Cruz Shredder, Black Tie, Cali Crusher, Space Case, Interplanetary Development, Kannastor, Phoenician, Mendo Mulcher, Lift Innovations, and NewVape. Avoid plastic or acrylic grinders – the teeth can break and you don’t want to vape plastic. Wood grinders aren’t very good at collecting kief and they can hold odors. Avoid cheap metal grinders made from zinc, too.

Cannabis Containers

I recommend Herb Preserve jars:

  • Airtight to prevent smell and maintain freshness (they guarantee up to six months)
  • Blocks UVB light to maintain potency
  • Easy to open, but does not open accidentally
  • Inconspicuous (looks a bit like a cosmetic jar)
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Fairly durable, despite being made of glass

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I recommend purchasing two jars per strain (type of cannabis): one for storing buds (try the 1/2 oz 250 mL) and the other for storing ground stuff (try the 1/8 oz 50 mL). The “ground jar” should be under 3″ in height so you can get your fingers inside when packing your vaporizer. Jars under 3″ are also more portable, as they more easily fit into carrying cases (more on that later).

Orders from Herb Preserve are discreet. Boxes are marked with “H.P.J Co”, but you can request an alternative label. To keep your jars as inconspicious as possible, you can also request they withhold the label stickers with the logo and Egyptian imagery. Herb Preseve often has a deal going on where you can get a discount or a free jar. As a side note, Infinity Jars is the same company targeting non-cannabis consumers.

Cannabis does best with humidity around 60%. If you really want to preserve your weed, drop a humidity pack into the jar. For the jars mentioned above, one 8 g pack will suffice for jars up to 1 oz. A company called Bovita sells them at 58% and 62%, but either kind will work.

  • As mentioned previously, put each cannabis strain in its own jar. Consider using two jars per strain: a larger one for the buds and a smaller one (under 3″ in height) for the ground stuff.
  • For your ground jar, grind up a few days’ worth ahead of time. Don’t grind up all the buds at once.
  • Label each jar using painter’s tape and a Sharpie. Write the strain’s abbreviation – look it up on Leafly.
  • If you need to temporarily dump out the contents of a ground jar, consider using a paper plate. When you’re done, you can fold a paper plate in half and lift an angle, allowing the ground cannabis to slide back into the ground jar. Tap on the back of the late and small pieces should slide down the plate into the jar. Wash and dispose of the paper plate to hide the smell.
  • Store your jars in a dark place that’s room temperature with normal humidity levels. Don’t use a fridge or freezer. Keep your stash out of sight and reach from pets, children, and anyone else of concern.
  • If you need to grab your buds, avoid using your fingers when possible. Instead, use chopsticks to preserve trichomes.
  • Always wash your hands and anything else that came into contact with cannabis thoroughly. Trained police dogs can detect small traces.

Cannabis Stash Boxes & Travel Bags

I recommend SkunkGuard bags:

  • Rigorously tested for trapping unwanted odors
  • 100% unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Many options: backpacks, duffel bags, small travel bags in multiple colors

Click here to purchase

Looking for premium option? Ladies – you may be interested in AnnaBis bags. A nice leather bag can be found at Cannador.

Reasons why you’d want a cannabis bag:

  • You’re meeting up with friends later and want to share a variety of strains
  • You going to vape away from home and want to refill your vaporizer
  • You want access to more than one cannabis strain

What you should put in the bag:

  • Eyedrops with maximum redness relief (though vaping significantly reduces redness compared to smoking)
  • Breath mints
  • Isopropyl alcohol prep pads and cotton swabs (Q-tips)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Vaporizer accessories (charging cable, spare batteries, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer and scented lotion
  • Cannabis deodorizer – I recommend Spray 420
  • Emergency contact info (if you’re a medical patient)

You will need a case that fits a couple of cannabis jars and your vaporizer. The dimensions of each bag should be displayed on the product website. Bubble wrap jars for extra protection. Secure your vaporizer using one of the compartments or straps.

There’s a number of people online who recommend Pelican cases. While these and other hard shell cases generally offer great protection, I do not recommend them because they look similar to handgun cases. For obvious reasons, don’t use a case that looks like it may contain a weapon.

If you’re in a state where cannabis is illegal, do not travel with cannabis. Even with the best scent-proofing, police dogs can potentially alert, triggering a search and discovery of your stash.

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These are my recommended marijuana accessories. I’ve found the best weed grinder, jars, and stash box to keep your stash fresh and portable.