weed baggies online

Weed baggies online

We believe that you need the best kit to maximise your smoking pleasure. That’s why we bring you a range of weed baggies, weed bags and smell proof bags, to store your goods safely.

Head Shop World have a range of Baggies available in varying sizes. Choose from traditional Simley Bags, which are available in 4x4cm or the slightly large 5x5cm. We also have the Headchef range of bags available, ranging in size from 4x4cm all the way through to 30x20cm. All our smell proof baggies are grip seal to prevent odour escaping.

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Mylar Weed Bags

Mylar weed bags are one of the most popular ways in which people transport weed. For dispensaries, they are a perfect option and they are able to provide the temporary protection a customer needs from a marijuana package. This means they can get their product home safely and not have to worry about anything getting in or out.

These barrier bags often use heat seal technology, this means that you can seal the top, and create an airtight, controlled environment for the weed within. It can stay sealed until the customer needs it. There are also resealable mylar bags, with a zip-lock style opening at the top.

Many cannabis dispensaries and other legal cannabis businesses are looking to buy smell proof bags wholesale, and this could be the answer. Once the mylar cannabis bags are sealed, the smell usually stays contained within, perfect for people who want to discreetly transport their cannabis home with them.

Dispensary Weed Bags

Large (1/2oz) Mylar Bag

Medium (7G) Mylar Bag

Mylar Bag 1/4 oz

Opaque (3.5g) Mylar Bag

Small (1G) Heat Sealed Mylar Bag

Small (1G) Mylar Bag

Small Mylar Bag

Standard (3.5G) Mylar Bag

X-Large (1oz) Mylar Bag

People looking for the ideal weed baggies find Mylar bags to be the best option, but these are not just dispensary bags, they are used for a variety of different things.

Mylar is a brand name based on a type of polyester, which was developed in the 50s. It has a lot of strength, and that means that when people grab or tug the bags they are unlikely to break. Also, because of the fact they are chemically stable, and act as barrier bags so nothing can get in or out, they’re great for lots of products besides medical needs.

A lot of products that would smell if they weren’t properly sealed are stored in mylar due to the fact that the smells are contained within the bag. For example, coffee and spices in markets and supermarkets. This makes them a good choice as weed bags due to the fact people can’t smell (or necessarily see) what is within.

The bags are still light and flexible though, and can even prevent light from causing the weed to dry out within. As well as uses within the food industry, some people use these bags for valuables and ammo, so you know they are safe for weed.

We stock a range of different wholesale Mylar bags in different sizes, with heat sealable tops, and with resealable openings. These weed packs stop the weed (and weed smell) from getting out, and stop the elements getting in. This makes them a good choice for temporary or long-term storage.

Dispensaries or smoke stores can brand the weed bags with their company logo, making them a good promotional item, and give a professional look and feel to your business. Contact today to discuss branding options with the best branded Mylar bags available wholesale to marijuana-based businesses throughout the US.

Bulk cannabis mylar bags are suitable for a variety of different cannabis products including cannabis flower. Our bags have a wall thickness of 120 microns and are available in a variety of sizes and capacities so you can stock what is best for your own customers.

For dispensaries, mylar weed bags are a perfect option and they are able to provide the temporary protection a customer needs from a marijuana package.