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What is water-soluble CBD? Put simply, you should not be using CBD – You should be using Water-Soluble CBD. Why? As we like to say here at Ageless, you are not what you eat, you are what you Forbes Health review the best CBD gummies and edibles to help with sleep, pain, stress and anxiety. Discover our top picks based on cost, potency, and flavors. Water soluble CBD powders and water soluble CBD oils are a great way to get a dose of CBD on the go. Here are our top picks for the best water soluble CBD brands.

What is water-soluble CBD?

Put simply, you should not be using CBD – You should be using Water-Soluble CBD.

Why? As we like to say here at Ageless, you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb!

It may seem obvious to say, but not all CBD is created equal. There are high quality and low quality products, of course, but did you know that there are different ways to manufacture CBD molecules? In this helpful guide, we will walk through the newest advancement in high quality CBD.

To Begin: Did you know most CBD is Oil Based?

That’s right. Cannabis extracts are hydrophobic (incompatible with water, and the water-based bloodstream). This leads to an unpredictable AND low absorption of only ~6% to 12%

Why is this the case?

The traditional extraction process: Cannabinoids are usually bonded with fats and oils before being added to the end products. Therefore, because CBD oil is well…naturally, an oil, and the adult human body is 60% water, Oil based CBD is very difficult for the body to absorb. As the old saying goes, oil and water don’t mix.

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. Compositely, the human adult body is 60% water.

CBD oil is first digested in the digestive system and liver. Because of its inability to mix with water, this “first pass” phenomenon discards the majority of the CBD. What is left over and available to the circulatory system is only approximately 10%.

That’s right! When you use an oil based CBD product, your body is only absorbing ~10% of the mg’s of CBD that you are paying for!

Rapid Relief Cream

Infused with essential oils (including Camphor, Arnica, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Ginger and more) and 750mg of full spectrum, Water-Soluble CBD, Ageless Support Cream is designed to offer maximum absorption through the skin for fast relief of minor aches and pains.

CBD Gummies

Our Water-Soluble Hemp Cannabinoid Gummies offer all of the benefits that you look for in a great tasting and portable package!

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Mountain Green Apple!

Enter: Water-Soluble CBD

When any compound, including CBD, has the ability to be absorbed at a high rate, it is considered to be ‘Bioavailable’.. Generically, compounds that can be readily absorbed are referred to as being “water-soluble.”

While a relatively new trend in CBD manufacturing, a handful of companies are developing new technologies that are far superior to traditional CBD Oil. Namely, Water-Soluble CBD.

To put it simply, a water-soluble CBD molecule is one that has been reduced to a size that it can be absorbed by the body. This is accomplished using nanotechnology. This process involves breaking down the CBD molecule size until it becomes a nanoparticle. The scale of size is in terms of nanometers (one nanometer equals one-billionth of a meter). A single molecule of cannabidiol is approximately 4,440 nanometers in diameter, a reduction in size by 4,440%.

While many companies claim that their CBD products are water-soluble, more often than not, these are only claims. They may use a nanotechnology, but the molecules are not small enough to be considered truly water-soluble.

Ageless Labs uses a proprietary process of nano emulsification, which uses ultrasonic waves to exert pressure on the CBD molecules from Hemp. This pressure causes the CBD molecules to shatter into CBD nanoparticles. These particles are mixed with a lipid-based emulsifier where CBD dissolves prior to absorption into the body. (CBD is naturally lipophilic. This means it dissolves in fat rather than water). The emulsifier is essential as it allows incompatible substances (oil and water) to mix, creating compatibility with water in the bloodstream.

Further, Ageless Labs uses pharmacokinetic testing to confirm the availability of the Cannabinoids in the bloodstream. Our testing has confirmed that our CBD absorbs into the blood stream at a rate of 91%!

With a 91% Bioavailability, Ageless Labs CBD products are more cost effective, higher quality, and absorb into the blood stream beginning in as little as 15 minutes.

Water Soluble CBD Gummies

The number of CBD gummies you take depends on the potency of the gummy, your experience with CBD and how much tends to result in desired effects for your body. People who are less familiar with CBD can start with a lower-dose CBD gummy and work their way to higher potencies as needed. You can also cut a gummy in half or take multiple gummies to achieve your preferred dose.

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Potential Side Effects

Consuming CBD can lead to side effects, including fatigue, diarrhea and a change in appetite and/or weight. CBD may also interact with medications you may be taking, so check with your doctor before adding a CBD product to your wellness routine alongside medications and supplements. If you experience unpleasant side effects from CBD, discontinue use and consult your physician.

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The Best Water Soluble CBD Products

There’s no shortage of CBD products on the market today, especially when it comes to CBD oils, gummies, and capsules. Among the different flavor options, CBD strengths, and types of hemp extracts (like full spectrum CBD oil vs CBD isolate), there is another potential option: water soluble CBD. What is water soluble CBD and what are the best brands to try? We cover it all in this article.

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a well-known cannabinoid found within cannabis plants that is widely used as a wellness supplement in oil form.

Water soluble CBD oils and powders are up-and-coming products that exist primarily to simplify the process of adding CBD to beverages. Traditional CBD oil tinctures don’t blend as well into liquid drinks because the oil is less dense than water and separates easily. However, water soluble CBD may also provide other advantages through its potential enhancement of bioavailability.

Water soluble CBD products are made with nano emulsified CBD, or tiny particle sized CBD molecules that make it easier for the bloodstream to absorb the compound. These nano CBD particles are more compatible with water, despite the hydrophobic nature of macro CBD molecules that usually have to be infused with oil based products. This is a common process that has been used in pharmaceutical medicine for years, and the technology may prove to be beneficial in the CBD industry as well. CBD-infused water is an easy way to get a microdose of CBD that may promote general health and wellness from the inside out.

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Our Favorite Water Soluble CBD Products

Each product featured here has been independently selected by the writer. You can learn more about our review methodology here. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

  • Best Overall – Prima Brain Fuel CBD Powder
  • Strongest – CBDistillery CBDelicious CBD Isolate Powder
  • Best for Energy – Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink Mix
  • Best Flavor – Liweli Super Lemon CBD Drink Mix

How We Picked the Best Water Soluble CBD Products

To create our list of recommended water soluble CBD brands, we compared each one on a number of key factors. Here are the things we looked for in each product:

  • Strength — How much CBD does the mix include, and what type of CBD is it?
  • Source — Where does the company get their hemp and how do they extract their CBD?
  • Flavor — Does it come in any flavors and do they flavor them naturally?
  • Transparency — Can you access third-party lab test results and information about each batch of CBD?
  • Value — Is the product priced fairly for the amount of CBD included?
  • Packaging — How is the product packaged and is it environmentally-friendly or sustainable?

These categories helped us choose our favorite water soluble CBD products. Find out more about each of them below.

The Top Water Soluble CBD Products of 2022

Best Overall: Prima Brain Fuel CBD Powder

  • CBD – Broad Spectrum
  • Strength – 15 mg CBD per serving
  • Other Ingredients – Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Lion’s Mane, Ginkgo
  • Great For – Focus

Why buy: We love this Brain Fuel CBD powder from Prima because it contains broad spectrum whole plant CBD extract plus nootropic and adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha root, rhodiola root, lion’s mane, and ginkgo leaf extract. Mix this into a beverage to help promote focus and ease mental fatigue. We also love Prima’s commitment to sustainability, as all of their products are certified Plastic Negative to remove more plastic from the environment than they use in packaging.

Strongest: CBDistillery CBDelicious CBD Isolate Powder

  • CBD – CBD Isolate
  • Strength – 970 mg+ CBD per 1 gram
  • Other Ingredients – None
  • Great For – Cooking & Mixing

Why buy: This CBDelicious CBD Isolate powder is a great way to get CBD without using an oil tincture. We love this water soluble CBD product from CBDistillery because it offers a pure and potent amount of CBD isolate that makes it easy to add CBD as an ingredient in food or beverages.

Best for Energy: Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink Mix

  • CBD – Broad Spectrum
  • Strength – 12.5 mg CBD per serving
  • Other Ingredients – Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Asian Ginseng Root Powder, Maca Root Powder, Caffeine, Stevia
  • Great For – Energy

Why buy: This CBD Energy Drink mix powder is a great way to start your day or to get through the afternoon lull. We love that it contains 12.5 mg of broad spectrum CBD and 75 mg of caffeine for an energizing boost, making it a natural alternative to super-sugary energy drinks.

Best Flavor: Liweli Super Lemon CBD Drink Mix

  • CBD – Broad Spectrum
  • Strength – 25 mg CBD per serving
  • Other Ingredients – Natural Lemon Zest Flavor, Acacia Fiber
  • Great For – Recovery

Liweli water soluble CBD packets make getting a regular dose of CBD simple and convenient. You can keep these lemon-flavored pouches in your purse or backpack and add them to your drink of choice.

Why buy: We like the Liweli Super Lemon CBD Drink Mix because they dissolve well, which is key for a product like this, and taste great. Liweli is a best bet for anyone on-the-go. Use these water soluble CBD packets to help with sore muscles or aches from exercise.

The Research on Water Soluble CBD

Besides the convenience of mixing CBD in with your favorite beverage or food, water soluble CBD products are also growing in popularity because they may be much easier for the body to absorb than regular CBD hemp oil. This is due to the increased absorption rates of the nano CBD particles, or its bioavailability. One study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research found that water soluble CBD powder had a bioavailability 4.5 times higher than lipid-soluble CBD powder. The more CBD that your body is able to absorb per serving, the better effect it can have helping to support your health and wellness.

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Is Water Soluble CBD Better Than CBD Oil?

While they each have their own benefits, and limitations, water soluble CBD may help to support your mind and body in a number of different ways. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. The best option for you comes down to a matter of personal preference. Some people will find that they prefer a water soluble CBD powder that they can mix in with a beverage if they do not enjoy the taste of a CBD oil tincture. A water soluble product is also more convenient for use on-the-go or while traveling. CBD oils, however, typically offer higher strengths of CBD, and come in full spectrum formulas that contain all of the other beneficial cannabinoids and plant compounds found in hemp extract.

Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD offers many of the same potential benefits as CBD oil, including support in managing stress, anxiety, inflammation, and certain forms of pain. Water soluble CBD may also prove to be more cost effective if its bioavailability is truly greater than traditional CBD tinctures, although more research is needed to validate this assumption. One primary benefit of water soluble CBD is that it can offer a pre-measured amount of CBD with each individual serving or packet. This makes it easy to know exactly how much CBD you are getting each time.

How to Choose the Best Water Soluble CBD Brand for You

To help you compare your options and choose the right one for you, here are some important things to keep in mind when shopping for water soluble CBD.

What to Look For

When considering water soluble CBD, be sure to look for:

Type of CBD: Make sure you know whether the product contains full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate hemp extract.

Concentration: Look to see how much CBD is contained in each serving of the product, or in total if it is not packaged in individual doses.

Lab Testing: Always look for products that include independent third-party lab testing for their CBD products. This helps to ensure its safety and concentration.

How to Read Labels

Here are some key things to look for on the label of any water soluble CBD product.

  • Strength – The label should clearly indicate how many milligrams of CBD there are per serving, and how many servings are contained in the box or package.
  • Test Results – Many brands include a QR code on the label or box for you to access the lab test results to confirm the purity of the CBD.
  • Added Ingredients – Look for the ingredients list to check what other botanicals or extracts are included in the product, especially if you have any allergies.
  • Instructions – Be sure to read any directions or instructions included on the label to make sure you are getting the most out of your water soluble CBD.

How to Use

Water soluble CBD powders and products are relatively simple to use. They can easily be added into any food or beverage for a discreet and easy way to ingest CBD. Most brands recommend stirring the powder into warm or cold water until it is completely mixed in before drinking. Some advise that it works best to add the powder to your cup or glass before adding the water. You can also stir water soluble CBD into smoothies, juices, or teas to get even more out of your favorite drink. Take CBD-infused water in the morning to start the day, or, if it is a formula designed to help you sleep, before bed in the evening.

Safety & Side Effects

According to the Mayo Clinic, CBD products are generally safe and well-tolerated by most adults. Like all CBD supplements, however, water soluble CBD may cause certain mild side effects. These can include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Reduced appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue

CBD also carries a risk of interacting with certain prescription medications. Make sure you consult with your doctor if you take a prescription before adding CBD to your wellness routine.

Is Water Soluble CBD Right for You?

Water soluble CBD powders are a great option for people who prefer to get their daily dose of CBD without taking an oil tincture. They are also easy to take with you to the gym or while traveling. Use our guide to find the right option for you to enjoy CBD-infused water to help support your wellness naturally.

Melena Gurganus is the Reviews Editor at EcoWatch. She is passionate health and wellness and her writing aims to help others find products they can trust. Her work has been featured in publications such as Health, Shape, Huffington Post, Cannabis Business Times, and Bustle.

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