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Cbd hemp seeds

Want to grow cannabis that delivers a real entourage effect? Our low THC high CBD seeds grow bountiful buds that are therapeutically pleasing.

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Hemp is gaining popularity throughout the world. Whether it’s due to its therapeutic benefits, or the fact that it is so versatile, the demand for high CBD Hemp seeds is growing. We are proud to provide high-quality seeds to those looking to grow both CBD hemp and lower THC marijuana.

About 10,000 years ago, people started using hemp to spin fiber. Eventually, it was grown specifically for industrial purposes. That is, until 1957 when the federal government banned its commercial cultivation due to mass anti-cannabis hysteria.

Also known as industrial hemp, today, the hemp plant is legal in America and many other countries. That means it can be cultivated and used to create textiles, shoes, paper, insulation, bioplastics, food, clothing, rope, and biofuel. You can also smoke it or use it to create legal edibles and tinctures.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is marijuana with no more than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the chemical that gets you “high” when you smoke cannabis. Because the tetrahydrocannabinol levels in hemp plants are so low, it essentially doesn’t get you high.

Hemp has a variety of uses. The most important commercial use is as a fiber plant. Hemp fiber is used in paper, cloth, insulation, rope, and even in bioplastics. A hemp plant can also be used as food since the young sprouts are tender and full of nutrients despite their lack of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Hemp plants may not have much tetrahydrocannabinol, but it does have plenty of CBD (Cannabidiol). This chemical provides healing properties such as fighting inflammation and stimulating relaxation. Marijuana users that prefer therapeutic effects over getting high should grow cannabis plants that have high CBD and small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol.

The combination of low amounts of THC and high percentages of CBD helps combat pain, stress, anxiety, and other forms of relief, without the psychedelic effects. These strains are excellent at triggering the entourage effect. Our seed bank has several CBD hemp seeds for sale online that fall under these guidelines.

What Happens When You Smoke Hemp?

Smoking hemp marijuana strains can still deliver a cloud nine experience. However, because there is so little tetrahydrocannabinol, you maintain a clear state of mind. That means no couchlock, paranoia, or other “negative” effects. Meanwhile, high CBD hemp seeds levels provide calming and healing effects.

Our high-quality hemp weed seeds for sale have lower THC and high CBD. We recommend these weed seeds for the healing effects that come from the combination of these two cannabinoids.

Will a Hemp Seed Grow Marijuana?

Both marijuana and hemp are female plants. However, they are different varieties of the same species and not the same thing. CBD feminized hemp seeds become hemp marijuana plants.

We are proud to carry two strains of Feminized Hemp seeds: CBD Kush and Carmagnola.

Unlike hemp, marijuana doesn’t use an entire cannabis plant. It is made from the leaves and flowers. It also has a very different purpose. Marijuana is commonly used for its psychoactive, mind-altering effects. You’ll see it called cannabis, pot, weed, Mary Jane, ganja, herb, and bud.

Marijuana and high CBD hemp plants are similar because they both contain over 400 of the same compounds. The two most popular are THC and CBD. Hemp has hardly any THC. Since marijuana is made from the flower of a cannabis plant, you could theoretically make the lowest THC marijuana from a weed plant. However, due to its lower THC content, you can’t call it weed, but rather CBD.

Our hemp seeds for growing cannabis grow both hemp plants and lower THC marijuana. They are a perfect solution for those seeking higher CBD.

Can You Plant an Edible Hemp Seed?

Edible hemp seeds are a unique food source that offers several benefits. However, they cannot be planted. Unfortunately, any edible hemp seeds imported to the US have been sterilized at 180 degrees Fahrenheit to guarantee they don’t sprout.

If you want to plant edible hemp seeds, first, find non-sterilized seeds. You cannot grow hemp with our feminized seeds. Our hemp seeds are not sterilized, so they can be sprouted and eaten.

Hemp sprouts have some impressive health benefits, including:

· Every amino acid (one of the only foods to provide all 20)

· Tons of antioxidants to fight aging

· Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for your brain

· Phytoestrogens to reduce PMS

If you want to add a new vegetable to your diet, sprouted hemp seed is a great choice. Or you could let the CBD plant grow and smoke its flowers.

Female Hemp Seeds are Best for Growing CBD

When growing a hemp plant, there tend to be more males than females. Once males have completely pollinated, they simply die off. Female plants, however, grow to full maturity and produce cannabinoids such as CBD.

There’s a big difference between seeded and seedless pot plants. Seeded plants are great for a variety of uses, from fiber to cannabinoids to food. They’re multi-purpose, for growers who want options. On the other hand, seedless plants are best producing medicinal-quality drugs and top-shelf fiber. If you want the best quality CBD, you should choose seedless hemp plants.

Feminized hemp seed will produce a CBD female plant 99.99% of the time. It’s also less likely to develop seeds due to the presence of a male. Therefore, feminized hemp seeds for growing are guaranteed to produce the most potent cannabinoids. We want you to have the best results, that’s why we have female certified hemp seed for sale in our store.

Growing Feminized Hemp Seeds

How do you grow CBD hemp seeds? Just like regular marijuana, seeds are germinated, and a sprout appears. From that point, it is up to you to provide enough nutrition, light, and water. Then, your little CBD hemp seeds will become a flowering cannabis plant in no time.

Usually, at this point, you’d be watching for males and removing them. While you should still do that, you have less to worry about with feminized seeds. They’re guaranteed to be female plants.

Once your cannabis flowers, make sure they stay dry while you watch them grow. When it’s time, harvest your crop, and trim, cure and store your marijuana.

Looking for feminized hemp seeds to grow in your personal garden? Check out our hemp pot seeds for sale for more info, or find high CBD seeds with plenty of THC here.

Get Help Growing Hemp and Marijuana Seeds at Our Seed Bank

Want help growing CBD? In addition to our hemp seeds for sale, we also have resources to help you grow them. Browse our website for dozens of growing tips, tricks, and grow guides. Our site also features a free learning forum filled with industry experts and others like you.

Check out our forums for advice on how to grow your high CBD plants. You’ll find tips on lighting, food, soil, and more. We’ll provide the resources that help you avoid common hemp or CBD weed growing mistakes.

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Where to Buy Hemp Seeds to Farm: 6 Tips from Hemp Farmers

Since the U.S. government relaxed restrictions on hemp farming in the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018, many farmers have started planting this lucrative crop. If you are interested in adding hemp to your farm, you might be wondering how to get started. The answer is simple. Start with the right hemp seeds. Every farmer knows that the key to a successful crop begins with quality seeds. But how do you find hemp seeds for growing, and how can you evaluate the quality of the seeds?

Here are the six tips to buying hemp seeds to grow, straight from the mouths of experienced and successful hemp farmers:

1. Decide What You Want to Achieve

Hemp is an extremely versatile plant that can be farmed for a variety of different purposes, including fiber, grain, cannabidiol (CBD) extracts, cannabigerol (CBG) extracts, or smokable flowers. Different hemp seeds are cultivated to enhance the production of one or another of these features.

Therefore, it’s crucial that before you invest in hemp seeds for growing, you determine what results you want.

Are you interested in harvesting fiber or grain? What about CBD or CBG oil? Currently, CBD oil is the most profitable hemp crop to plant. Some sources estimate that farmers can see a profit of up to $40,000 per acre of hemp cultivated for CBD oil. While there is a large range in final profitability, interest in CBG oil is also beginning to increase, selling at an even higher price than CBD oil, yielding as high as 3 times the value of CBD.

2. Focus on Good Genetics

Once you’ve decided what hemp product you want to harvest, search for seed companies that offer hemp strains designed for that purpose. Often, these companies have spent years crossbreeding strains to enhance the seed’s output. For example, a hemp seed that can increase CBD production by just 2% in each plant can result in thousands of extra dollars in your pocket for every acre planted.

As you dive into your hemp seed research, you’ll likely discover that farmers and hemp experts mention the same strains again and again as the best in the industry. Choose the company that originated those strains rather than seed resellers.

Finally, good seed genes are about more than just increasing output. You also want to search out seeds that will grow into resilient plants that can survive and thrive in different environments and through a variety of weather conditions. Look for hemp seed strains adapted to your growing season and local environmental conditions.

3. Buy Feminized Seeds

If, like many hemp farmers, you want to focus on producing CBD or CBG oil, then the feminization rate in your seed selection matters. Hemp plants can be either male or female. Both CBD and CBG oil are dominantly derived from the flowers of the female plant. If a male plant pollinates a female plant, it will dramatically lower the amount of CBD and CBG oil female plants produce. Even a few male plants in a field can noticeably cut the CBD and CBG oil production of your crop and your profits along with it.

It’s incredibly important to work with a seed company that provides feminized seeds. No company can guarantee 100% feminized seeds, but the best seed companies can get very close (and they will teach you how to quickly identify male plants).

In the farming business, a few percentage points here or there can make the difference between a profitable crop and dipping into the red after all your hard work. When it comes to where to buy hemp seeds, invest in companies that can offer the very highest feminization rates.

4. Look at a Hemp Seed Company’s History and Reputation

The recent relaxation of laws against hemp farming has led to a rush of new players in the industry looking to “cash in” on the hottest new crop to hit the market. Suddenly everyone and their brother has hemp seeds and other related products to sell to unwary farmers.

Look before you buy hemp seeds for growing! Take the time to do your due diligence and research a company’s history and reputation before you invest your hard-earned money. Because hemp farming was essentially outlawed up until 2014, hemp seed companies are still relatively new. However, the top companies have been around for years and have invested a lot of time and effort into creating high-producing strains of hemp seeds. These companies also make a point of working directly with hemp farmers and agricultural scientists to ensure the quality of their seeds.

5. Work with Seed Companies that Understand Compliance

Industrial hemp farmers need to be extremely careful to ensure that their hemp product stays in compliance with federal law. That means their hemp crop must have a concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) below 0.3%.

Compliance starts with the seed company. You’ll want to choose hemp seeds for growing for sale that are genetically designed to produce low amounts of THC. If your seed company doesn’t provide low-THC seeds, it will be nearly impossible to stay in compliance.

Of course, each farmer must test their plants through every stage in the growing process to ensure THC rates are below the limit. Starting out with the right seeds, however, can make this process much easier and help ensure you get to harvest without any compliance issues.

6. Invest with a Seed Company That Provides Excellent Customer Service

No crop is guaranteed, which is why knowledge is power for farmers. Choosing the seeds for your hemp crop is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so it helps to get the right kind of guidance. The best hemp seed companies care deeply about helping their clients make educated and confident decisions when they buy hemp seeds to grow.

For example, a hemp seed company should be happy to take the time to explain the features and benefits of their different hemp seed strains. They should be eager to learn about your farm, your budget, and your goals so they can make hemp strain suggestions that will give you the best chance of success. They should also be able to answer questions about what equipment you need and whether hemp seed starts would be a better option for your farming setup.

Before you buy hemp seeds from a company, give them a call and talk to a representative. Make sure they’ll take the time to help you make the best choice for your farm.

It All Starts with the Seed

A good hemp crop comes from good hemp seeds. A lot of new farmers wonder where to buy hemp seeds, but the answer is easy: choose High Grade Hemp Seed. We were founded in 2011 and became one of America’s first certified hemp farms. We’ve spent years building up a team of expert farmers and scientists and crossbreeding hemp seeds to develop the very best strains.

Our results speak for themselves. We offer seeds with a 99.9% feminization rate and a 98% germination rate. Our Berry Blossom hemp strain is considered an industry standard for high CBD production, and we’ve developed five additional CBD-oriented strains that are quickly becoming farmer favorites in their own right. Our Matterhorn CBG strain is one of the very best for producing CBG.

Of course, don’t just take it from us—let us show you what we’re all about. Give us a call and tell us your story. We would love to hear about your goals and to help you find the right hemp strain and seed type for hemp success. Contact us today or take a look at our highly praised hemp seed strains.

Wondering where to buy hemp seeds? A bumper hemp crop starts with the right seed. Read this week’s High Grade blog to learn more about growing CBD hemp seed.