unicorn seeds

4.14 Unicorn Seeds

Unicorn Seeds

Original name

유니콘 씨앗 ユニコーンの種


Seed number

4.14 4.14 4.19
Release date

7 September 2017 26 December 2014 ?
Date rares added

7 September 2017 27 February, 2015 Not yet added
Voice acting added

17 June, 2015 unknown

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  • 1 Unicorn Seeds (English Version)
  • 2 Unicorn Seeds (Korean Version)
  • 3 Notes
  • 4 Seed Vital Information
  • 5 Stories – The Unicorn Will Protect the Elf
  • 6 Illustrations

Unicorn Seeds (English Version)

Seed set 4.14, this 4-star seed costs 700 stars to unlock. Exploration takes place in the Sunset Reed Fields.

Unicorn Seeds (Korean Version)

The 유니콘 씨앗 (Unicorn Seeds) is seed 4.14 in the original Korean version. As a 4-star seed, it takes 700 stars to unlock it.


In the Korean version, Adonis is called Anise (“아니스”). There is a character named Adonis in a not yet released in English seed, #185 from seed 3.17 Elf Seeds; there may perhaps be a naming conflict in the future as a result.

Adonis’s actor also portrays Yoosung in Mystic Messenger. Fron’s actress was in the idol group Berry Good.

The seed in the Japanese version is 4.19, not 4.14.

Seed Vital Information

1 2 3
Number No.103 No.104 No.105
Name Adonis Fron Ameth
Name (Korean) 아니스 프란 아메시스트
Name (Japanese) アニス プラン ジスト
Plant Anemone Saffron Amethyst
Rare Details Elf from Fairy Forest Elf from Fairy Forest Unicorn that has lived for thousands of years
Voice Actor Sim Kyuhyuk Moon Yu-jeong Jeong Jae-heon
Normal Rare Rare+ Normal Rare Rare+ Normal Rare Rare+
Growing Time 10s-2hr 10s-4hr 10s-6hr 10s-8hr 10s-16hr 10s-24hr 10s-24hr 10s-48hr 10s-72hr
Coins Yielded 25 50 70 75 150 180 150 300 400
Masters at 30 4 1
Exploration Time 15m 25m 27m 17m 27m 30m 20m 30m 32m
Collection Prize

Stories – The Unicorn Will Protect the Elf

Story 1: 3 friends, 4 hrs, 2000 coins, Reward: Story, 10 stars, Req: Adonis, Pre-Req: None Story 2: 3 friends, 4 hrs, 2500 coins, Reward: Story, 10 stars, Req: Fron, Pre-Req: None Story 3: 3 friends, 4 hrs, 3000 coins, Reward: Story, 10 stars, Req: Ameth, Pre-Req: None Story 4: 3 friends, 6 hrs, 5000 coins, Reward: Story, Illustration, 15 stars, Req: None, Pre-Req: Elf 1-3 Story 5: 3 friends, 8 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 20 stars, Req: Fron Rare, Pre-Req: Elf 4 Story 6: 3 friends, 8 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 20 stars, Req: Ameth Rare, Pre-Req: Elf 5 Story 7: 3 friends, 8 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, Illustration, 20 stars, Req: Adonis Rare, Pre-Req: Elf 6 Story 8: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 7 stars, Req: Fron Rare+, Pre-Req: Elf 7 Story 9: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 7 stars, Req: Adonis Rare+, Pre-Req: Elf 8 Story 10: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, 7 stars, Req: Ameth Rare+, Pre-Req: Elf 9 Story 11: 3 friends, 7 hrs, 7000 coins, Reward: Story, Illustration, 7 stars, Req: None, Pre-Req: Elf 10

Elf Adonis: I’m Adonis, an elf. I live in the forest of fairies with my little brother. Elf Adonis: I like reading alone on a forest tree. I’ve come to read today as well, away from Unicorn. Elf Adonis: Ameth. He must be looking for me now. . I know. That it’s not right to avoid him like this. Elf Adonis: To have the most noble unicorn as a friend is an honor, for sure. Elf Adonis: . But that doesn’t change the fact it’s wearisome to have him want to spend the whole day with me. And I can’t concentrate on the book if he keeps watching me. Elf Adonis: Why would Unicorn have chosen me as a friend. There are many elves greater than me. Elf Adonis: Nah. I won’t keep complaining. Mother said to accept everything that happens as fate, no matter what it may be. Elf Adonis: I’m together with a noble being now. I’ll be grateful for it.

Elf Fron: Adonis! Take this flower! I brought it for you. Elf Adonis: Thanks, Fron. It’s really beautiful. Elf Fron: Hehe, I made you happy! I raised that flower myself! Elf Fron: I’ll make you an even prettier bouquet next time. I found really beautiful flowers yesterday!! Elf Adonis: Okay, Fron. I can’t wait for the next bouquet. Elf Fron: Waaay over there. You see the hill far away? It’s the flowers over there. I’ll be back later! Elf Adonis: A hill? W-wait Fron! That flower field belongs to someone! It’s the Unicorn’s flowers, if I remember correctly. Elf Adonis: *Sigh* He’s gone already. I should follow him before something happens.

Unicorn Ameth: My name is Amethyst. One of the few noble unicorns left in this world. Unicorn Ameth: The only reason I dwell here on Earth with my noble being is Adonis. Unicorn Ameth: My Adonis is so cute. Silken hair, ocean-colored eyes, milky fair skin. Unicorn Ameth: Ahh. I get so unbelievably ecstatic just thinking about him. Unicorn Ameth: I want to put Adonis on my back right now and go somewhere we can be all alone. I want to be with Adonis. Forever! Unicorn Ameth: Adonis. I know you don’t like me now, but someday you will come to like me, too.

Unicorn Ameth: Agh! My Flowers!! Who ruined my flowers. Unicorn Ameth: . I will destroy them. I will turn whoever did this into fertilizer!! Elf Adonis: Ameth, are you okay? You don’t look happy. Unicorn Ameth: Adonis? You’ve come to see me? Did you take my flowers, Adonis? If it’s you, you can take as many as you want. Unicorn Ameth: No, while you take things, have me for yours, too. What good is a flower field? We’ll leave this forest soon anyway. Elf Adonis: Ameth, stop. I didn’t take the flowers. And I don’t want to leave the forest. Unicorn Ameth: Think about it again, won’t you? I’ll take you on my back, fly up to the sky, and show you the end of rainbows. Unicorn Ameth: Just think about how beautiful it’ll be! Aren’t you excited? Elf Adonis: No, not at all. I’ve told you repeatedly I don’t want to leave the forest. Unicorn Ameth: Hmph.

Unicorn Ameth: So who is it that took the flowers?! I had to take special care to bring them from Heaven for Adonis. Elf Adonis: Ameth, let it go. I’m okay without the flowers. Unicorn Ameth: Aghhh!! Alright. I won’t be angry anymore!! To be honest I’m still angry, but I’ll try not to be for you! Unicorn Ameth: But still. what a shame. Those would’ve looked great next to you. Elf Fron: Adonis! I’ve been looking for you! I made another bouquet for you!! It’s so pretty, isn’t it? Unicorn Ameth: Th-those. those flowers. Those are the flowers I brought from Heaven! Elf Adonis: Hm? Huh? Fron, go wait for me by the flowers near our house. I have to talk to Ameth. Elf Fron: Don’t wanna. The flowers here are so much prettier than the ones near the house. Elf Adonis: I mean. Not that, it’s dangerous. Run away- Unicorn Ameth: . brat. I’ll have you.

Unicorn Ameth: Bwahaha. The flowers I brought for Adonis. How dare a foul nothing like you touch them. Unicorn Ameth: And try to give them to my Adonis, too. Ahahaha. Unicorn Ameth: You little brat. You’ve neen annoying since the beginning. I’ve wanted to get rid of you every time I saw you get close to Adonis like you were friends. Unicorn Ameth: I will teach you what happens if you go against a noble unicorn’s wishes. Ahahaha. Elf Adonis: Ameth! You can’t hurt Fron! Get ahold of yourself! Unicorn Ameth: Adonis. I don’t care what you say today. I’ll get rid of him for good this time. Ahahahaha. I’ll get rid of anyone who gets in my way! Elf Adonis: Ameth, I don’t care if you’re a holy unicorn. If you hurt my brother I won’t forgive you! Unicorn Ameth: Again. You’re warning me again? But now. I wish you would understand. You can’t leave me. Unicorn Ameth: If it’s only me left in your world, you won’t be able to help but like me, too. Unicorn Ameth: Yes! This is what I should’ve done to begin with. I was a fool to wait for your feelings to change. Ahaha. Unicorn Ameth: Today. We’ll destroy the forest and go to Heaven together, Adonis. Elf Fron: Are you mad, Unicorn? Is it because I gave Adonis flowers? I’ll give you some, too. Don’t be angry. Unicorn Ameth: I don’t need them, you brat. Keep them for yourself. I will get something more beautiful. Ahahaha.

Unicorn Ameth: Let’s go, Adonis. This place doesn’t befit you. I’m going to destroy the forest that ruins you. Elf Adonis: A-Ameth, wait!! Unicorn Ameth: Hm? Elf Adonis: I’m sorry I didn’t say this earlier. Ameth, I. I like you too. Unicorn Ameth: A-Adonis? What did you say? C-can you say it one more time? Elf Adonis: I like you too. I’ve been lying to you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Elf Adonis: I’ll follow you, be it Heaven or Hell. Please just don’t destroy the forest because of me. Unicorn Ameth: Adonis. You’ve finally opened up! If you don’t feel attached to here, there’s no reason for me to destroy this forest. Unicorn Ameth: Let’s go immediately, Adonis. I’m happy as I can be right now!! Elf Fron: Adonis. You’re leaving? Don’t go!! Stay with me. Elf Adonis: Fron, I’m sorry. But I have to leave. Tell the forest’s elves I’m sorry for not saying goodbye to them. Elf Adonis: You have to be a good boy, Fron. Someday. if fate allows us, let’s meet again. Elf Fron: Adonis!! Come back!! Adonis!! Adonis.

Elf Fron: That’s how my brother left the forest. Elf Fron: It was only after five summers and five winters had passed that I realized. My brother had left to save the forest. Elf Fron: Adonis. I wonder how he’s doing. I was too little to understand it back then. Elf Fron: I never thought I would never. Be able to see you again. Elf Fron: I regret it. I keep thinking about how you had to leave because of me. I’m sorry, Adonis. Elf Fron: I wish I could see you just once and say sorry. I’ve been coming here every day where you said goodbye to pray. Voice: Fron! Elf Fron: . I must be imagining hearing his voice. Elf Adonis: Fron!! It’s me, Adonis! Elf Fron: Adonis? Adonis, is that you?! Elf Adonis: It’s great to see you. You’ve grown up so much, Fron. Elf Fron: My wish came true. I prayed and prayed every day for five years.

Elf Fron: It- it’s really Adonis. Am I dreaming? Elf Adonis: Of course not, Front. It’s really me. Elf Fron: Adonis! Adonis!! I missed you so much. What took you so long? *Sob* Elf Adonis: Hehe. don’t cry, Fron. You haven’t changed a bit though you’ve grown so tall. Have you been okay, Fron? Elf Fron: Yeah. I’ve been great! Let’s hurry up and go home. I have so much I want to tell you! Elf Fron: The other elves will be so happy to hear you’ve come home! Elf Adonis: I can’t, Fron. this is all the time I have. I’ve seen you’re okay, so that’s enough. I have to go back now. Elf Adonis: I only barely managed to convince Ameth to let me come here to see you before leaving this world forever. Elf Fron: . What do you mean? But Adonis. you just got here. Do you have to go so soon? And what do you mean, you’re leaving forever? Elf Adonis: How should I say this. I don’t want to leave the forest, either. But Ameth. Elf Adonis: . Be careful. Ameth’s coming here.

Elf Fron: . The winds. They’ve stopped blowing. Elf Fron: . I’m s-scared. Terrible power is coming this way. Elf Adonis: It’s here. Be careful, Fron! . (Amethyst appears in a puff of flowers.) Unicorn Ameth: Dar-ling, ho-ney. Unicorn Ameth: *Squeal* Adonis!! I missed you so much. Let’s never part again. *Smooch* Unicorn Ameth: Let’s go quickly, to our home! We’re really going to live happily in Heaven this time! I’m so ex-ci-ted just thinking about it! Elf Adonis: Ameth, we’ve been apart for 10 minutes. Can’t you wait for a little longer? Unicorn Ameth: No! Ten minutes without you is like a whole year! It was too much. *Sniff* Unicorn Ameth: What if you get kidnapped when I’ve left you alone. I’ll die from sadness. Elf Adonis: W-wait, I’m not finished with Fron yet- Unicorn Ameth: Fron? Who’s that? Who are you paying attention to besides me? Elf Fron: Um. Hello. It’s been a long time, Mr. Amethyst. Do you remember me? Unicorn Ameth: Nah. I don’t feel the necessity to remember beings of an inferior race. Elf Fron: I’m Adonis’s brother Fron. We’ve met before, you really don’t remember? Unicorn Ameth: . Fron? . Fron. Are you. Are you that mean kid bullying my pretty Adonis?

Unicorn Ameth: Hah! That little rascal’s grown up like this? You inferior races sure do grow up fast. Unicorn Ameth: Anyway. you’ve come to be rather pretty. Maybe because you’re Adonis’s brother? I wonder if you’ll be a beauty like Adonis in a few years. Unicorn Ameth: What do you think? How about you come with- Elf Adonis: Oi, Ameth?! Not Fron!! Unicorn Ameth: Ohhh? Adonis, are you jealous? You are so cuuuute! Unicorn Ameth: Don’t worry, Adonis! I just need you! Elf Adonis: Fron, we have to get going now. I came here because I missed you so much, but I think I only causes trouble. Elf Adonis: I shouldn’t have brought Ameth to the forest. it’s my bad. *sigh* Elf Adonis: Fron, I’m really happy I got to see you grown up. Say sorry to the elves for me I didn’t get to say hello. Elf Fron: Adonis. You’re really leaving. Promise you’ll be happy. Elf Adonis: Yeah. You be happy, too. Goodbye.

1 Unicorn Seeds (English Version) 2 Unicorn Seeds (Korean Version) 3 Notes 4 Seed Vital Information 5 Stories – The Unicorn Will Protect the Elf 6 Illustrations Seed set 4.14, this 4-star seed costs 700 stars to unlock. Exploration takes place in the Sunset Reed Fields. The 유니콘 씨앗 (Unicorn…


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Unicorn Seeds Private Limited’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 30 June 2012 and as per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its balance sheet was last filed on 31 December 2011.

Directors of Unicorn Seeds Private Limited are Ramachandra Kaundinya Vinnakota, Manoj Kumar Gupta, .

Unicorn Seeds Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U01110TG1996PTC023417 and its registration number is 23417.Its Email address is [email protected] and its registered address is UNICORN HOUSE, NO. 3, BALAJI ENCLAVE, Nr. GUNROCK DIAMOND POINT, TRANSPORT ROAD, SECUNDERABAD Hyderabad TG 500009 IN , – , .

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