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Uncle Bud’s Hemp Review: CBD Gummies, CBD Sublingual Tincture, CBD Oil Uncle Bud’s Hemp strives to create all natural, high quality, and highly effective products using the healing powers of Do you agree with Uncle Bud's Hemp & CBD's 4-star rating? Check out what 896 people have written so far, and share your own experience.

Uncle Bud’s Hemp Review: CBD Gummies, CBD Sublingual Tincture, CBD Oil

Uncle Bud’s Hemp strives to create all natural, high quality, and highly effective products using the healing powers of Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. Their growing product selection ranges from pain relief solutions, to skincare, pet care, and personal care. They kindly gifted me some products from their line to test out. Today, I wanted to share my review of their CBD Sleep Gummies, CBD Sublingual Tincture, and Roll On CBD Oil!

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician before taking any supplements or dietary products. I am not a doctor. I can only share my honest review, based on my personal experience using these products.

Uncle Bud’s CBD Sleep Gummies are infused with 2mg of melatonin and 25mg of CBD per serving. Our Sleep Gummies are made with 100% Vegan ingredients and have a wonderful strawberry mango flavor. (unclebudshemp.com).

Over the past year, I’ve found myself not only having a hard time falling asleep, but also staying asleep. I used to completely clock out as soon as my head hits the pillow and stay fast asleep until morning. As someone who loves/needs her beauty sleep to stay energized and focused, this has become increasingly frustrating. I started incorporating two of these sleep gummies into my nighttime routine about an hour before bedtime. While this is strawberry and mango flavored, there is no denying there is a strong and obvious hemp/cbd taste LOL I personally don’t mind it as I consider it a small sacrifice for a good night’s sleep. This doesn’t keep me completely sound asleep until morning, but the CBD combined with the Melatonin helps aid me in falling asleep faster and I don’t feel groggy the next day, which I appreciate! I will happily finish up this bottle, and build my way up to a higher dosage next. Buy here

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Uncle Bud’s 1000mg CBD Extract Tincture 1mL dose contains 33mg of CBD in water soluble form. There is 1000 mg of CBD in the entire 30 mL bottle. Use once per day or when needed – before bed, before & after a workout, or throughout your workday. (unclebudshemp.com).

This CBD Extract Tincture can be mixed into a beverage or food, and taken anytime of the day. I prefer to take it straight up, combined with the Sleep Gummies before bedtime. I place one full dropper under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. The sweet peppermint flavor is very mild, and not unpleasant at all. It honestly tastes less hemp-y than the gummies by far. When combined with the Sleep Gummies, I find it relaxes and eases me to sleep, although I plan to increase my dosage to two droppers to see if it will help keep me asleep all night long. Buy here

Uncle Bud’s CBD Body Revive Roll-On is a MAXIMUM strength roll-on solution. Our exclusive Gold Label version is Infused with 240mg of CBD oil, this Body Revive Revive Roll-On is a no-mess roll-on, coconut scented, & quick-absorbing (unclebudshemp.com).

We use this Body Revive on my husband’s achy muscles and joints almost every night. The roll-on applicator is convenient, easy to use, and perfectly controls how much product is dispensed. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly, doesn’t stain the bedsheets, and has a pleasant light coconut scent. The pain relief is not instantaneous, but I can vouch he falls asleep within 20 minutes after the application. This leads me to believe it does noticeably alleviate the pain and relax him enough to drift off. I am big on topical ointments (hello, Tiger Balm!) for muscle and joint pain, so I am happy to add this CBD Oil to the collection! Buy here

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Have you tried any products from Uncle Bud’s Hemp? Which CBD product is calling your name?

Uncle Bud’s Hemp sent me these products complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes. However, this review is based on my personal experience and opinions are always honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if a purchase is made through my links. This has no impact on the cost to the consumer. Thank you so much for your support, which helps keep this blog running.

Uncle Bud’s Hemp & CBD Reviews

Very satisfied with the products. Prices are reasonable. The body revive roll on is extremely helpful for my arthritis. Miss Bud’s face creams I love. The feminine washes, I will never go back to soap. Very satisfied.
Vicky Miller

It’s very helpful for the muscle pain

I love these products

I love these products. I have autoimmune arthritis. I have tried many topical pain relievers. Not one has come close to working as well. I also like the moisturizers alot. They work great on my sensitive skin. I also started taking the supplements and feel they do help.

Slow delivery

Reviews are helpful!

I like the smell, and was really hoping to notice a big difference in my pain. I’m in pain all day/night, no breaks! The CBD creams/lotion are safer for me to use, because I take Lyrica n Cymbalta; therefore also tried @ tincture, feels like an interaction(increased burning pain) in Lumbar area, for my Neuralgia- 5yrs Sciatica of 2yrs. I am trying to stop taking Cymbalta and already at lowest dose of Lyrica.

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Great product!

My husband has had chronic back and shoulder pain. I saw a small bottle at a store on clearance and thought “why not, I’ve spent more in less”. It has been the only pain reliever that has worked for him!

Great products

Great products, excellent shipping times, good selection!

Love your products

Love your products and they are shipped promptly. I also enjoy the free/trial products you include in my shipments!

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