uk cheese flowering time

Uk cheese yield

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It’s all about your growing skill.

I’ve grown plants indoors that are supposed to yield 50g per plant and pulled 100g per plant.

What is the breeder of the cheese you have?

Alot of people say they have UK cheese when in fact they have crosses of it.

I remember uk cheese being a clone only strain.

I have cheese currently but I don’t know the breeder as its come from a friend. He averages 4.4oz per plant under 400w.

He’s asked me to grow it to see what I can pull under 400w.

Hi everyone can someone tell me how they rate uk cheese as a yieldier please thanks alot

UK Cheese Strain Review – Everything You Need to Know & More!

If you’re looking for information about cheddar cheese then you’re definitely in the wrong place. UK Cheese is one of the most, if not the only, famous weed strains that hails from England. It has potent, balanced effects. It was originally created in 1990 by the UK collective group Exodus (and is hence also known as Exodus Cheese). This strain doesn’t actually smell like real cheese, but it does have the ‘cheese’ smell which has become so popular across the world.

Dig into this bowl of UK Cheese Nugs! Photo: @manonthemoon_84

UK Cheese hybrid

UK Cheese is probably best known for its large, fluffy, cylindrical buds. It has sativa-shaped leaves, which will be very familiar to those who smoke a lot of green. When cured, it turns a deep shade of forest green, which further accentuates the orange hairs covering it. It is covered in crystals, known as trichomes, which make for a fantastically potent and much-revered high. This strain is a staple strain for England’s weed smokers and has spawned many strains after it, including both Blue Cheese and Cheesedawg.

UK Cheese genetics

UK Cheese comes from a single-parent household, as it’s simply a phenotype of Skunk No. 1. This makes sense when you take a whiff of this strain, as you can just about smell where the Skunk has turned into cheese. It was originally created by Exodus, who are a collective based in the UK. England’s weed scene is all underground, and although it’s slowly surfacing, it doesn’t really have much besides UK Cheese to show in regards to popular strains.

UK Cheese THC level

The average hybrid has around 13% THC, which UK Cheese is almost exactly in line with. The average Cheese phenotype has around 14% THC, and the absolute maximum is 18%. This makes sense when you consider that the strain was created in 1990 when weed was generally much weaker.

UK Cheese price

This strain is not particularly expensive. That is mainly because so many seeds are available online. It is hard to find the exact seeds as they were from 1990. However, Royal Queen Seeds offers a perfectly good substitute, which allows people to grow their own. This generally drives the price down, and you’re looking at only spending around £8-10 a gram for this strain.

UK Cheese taste

UK Cheese has a truly unique taste, which many people absolutely adore. This strain has one of the most unique flavors, often referred to as cheese. It doesn’t actually taste like a hunk of cheddar, but the smell and taste needed a name and just like real cheese, this stuff absolutely pongs.

  • Cheese
  • Woody
  • Pungent
  • Pine

UK Cheese oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

It is possible to make any marijuana strain into oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc. That is because the process can be done in the comfort of your own home. However, you would have to have enough of the actual strain for this to be possible. You need a decent amount to make edibles, shatter, etc.

One of the best ways of getting a strong edible high from weed is using already vaped bud. That is because the weed is perfectly decarboxylated . As such, it’s very easy to vaporize marijuana, and then use the leftover bud to create a potent high. Be warned: this stuff is extremely strong, and you shouldn’t take too much. Another great advantage of this, which will be discussed more below, is that the weed itself will taste amazing inside a flower vape .

We're sorry to inform you you're in the wrong spot if you're looking for cheddar cheese! UK Cheese, known for its smell and balanced high, is one of England's finest strains. We have it to thank for other tasty strains such as Blue Cheese, so read on to learn more about this great, euphoria-inducing strain!