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Seeds and Their People Podcast is back! This episode we are featuring the Fish Pepper, and all these amazing voices: Xavier Brown of @soilful, Denzel Mitchell (@fatherof5fivefifths), Dr. William Woys Weaver of … Ещё @roughwoodseeds, and Michael Twitty, author of @thecookinggene.

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The Fish Pepper is an extremely flavorful, productive, and decorative variety that makes an excellent hot sauce (such as Soilful City’s “Pippin Sauce”). The white unripe fruit were used to flavor seafood dishes in the Black catering community of Baltimore in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Horace Pippin, the now-famed painter,… Ещё

Truelove Seeds, Филадельфия. Отметки "Нравится": 2,3 тыс. Rare, open pollinated, and culturally important vegetable, herb, and flower seeds grown by…

TrueLove Seeds on a mission to share culture, history through seeds

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Owen Taylor has been farming his entire life.

He started a gigantic vegetable garden at age 14 and immediately fell in love with it.

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He met his husband, Chris – also a farmer – at a conference on farming and social justice.

His company Truelove Seeds offers an online catalog of ‘culturally important’ plantings. He says he’s been filling orders non-stop since the pandemic hit.

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As a ‘seed keeper’, he grows everything for the seeds He only buys from small farmers and puts the origin of the seeds on the back of each packet.

Half of each sale goes back to the original farmer. He practices a natural form of farming known as ‘no-till’. #BeLocalish

Seed Keeper keeps seed as an act of 'true love' for our ancestors and our collective future. #BeLocalish