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What To Do in Case Of a ‘Bad Trip’ With Cannabis?

Monday 16 December

Smoking of vaporizing weed has an effect. This effect can differ. Besides the extent to which it is consumed, the effect is different for everyone. It can happen you don’t feel so well, you can get nauseous and feel like the world will end. But don´t panic, just read our advice here!

Do’s and Don’ts

For those who don’t smoke often or haven’t even smoked at all before, it’s really important that you know what kind of effect it can have on you and what you can do if you don´t like it. You see, it can cause you to be very aware of yourself and your surroundings and that’s not something everybody appreciates. Most people get relaxed, they have creative thoughts or can´t stop giggling. But sometimes it causes you to feel unwell, nauseous and panicky, but unfortunately you can’t do anything about it at this point.

Advice & Information: Ask for advice in the coffee shop. They know their products and can help you make the right choice.

Feeling & body: Don’t take a joint if you’re feeling bad. It won’t solve anything and it can even have the opposite effect. Make sure you have the right minset and that you have eaten something already.

Start Small: Roll a small joint and keep in mind that tobacco is more likely to make you feel nauseous, more so than a pure joint, although the effect of the pure one is more intense. Even better is to use a vaporizer to vaporize the cannabis.

Slow Down: You don’t have to finish the joint. It can last for days, treat it like you would treat an expensive whiskey, which you occasionally enjoy. Take a hit from the joint or your vaporizer every once in a while and wait for the effect. And don’t rush into the next one!

Comfy: Make sure you’re in a comfortable environment, so if you feel like it, you can lay down.

Don’t Panic: Don’t start to panic when you don’t feel so good. No one’s ever died of cannabis.

Sugar: Make sure you eat enough sugar. Take a good snack, drink a soda or eat at least something sweet.

Chill: You can lay down and try to sleep. The effect can, in fact, last up to 2 hours. And with Space Cake it can even last for 4 to 6 hours (!!)

Duration of the effect: You will survive! At most you feel a bit drowsy the next day, so do not get behind the wheel of your car, motor or scooter. In fact, cannabis stays in your system for up to 3 days after a single use. It’s illegal to drive in that case, so avoid losing your driver’s license!

CBD: CBD Might help you to get ‘back on earth’ again, as CBD lowers your high, for more information, click here!

You've smoked weed and you don't feel well. What to do? Read here out tips and advice on having a bad trip on cannabis and what you can do!

Bad Cannabis Trip: What It Is And How To Prevent It

Although this might be a very common occurrence, there is not a lot of information out there to help stoners deal with a bad trip. Here is our guide to making sure you get through one as easily as possible.


Having a bad cannabis “trip” is completely normal, and there are numerous reasons as to why it could happen. With the individuality of both consumers and products, it can be hard to pin down specific causal factors. What we can tell you is that everything from the music you’re listening to, to the company you keep can trigger this event. Not to mention the specific strains and products you use, as well as how many tokes, dabs, or bites you’ve taken. However, it won’t necessarily matter how high your tolerance is.

What you experience after consuming cannabis will vary from person to person. Also, different forms of cannabis can produce unique effects.

For instance, edibles are known for taking longer to kick-in, yet the high is often more intense and longer-lasting. It is always important to go slow when trying a new form of cannabis.


Symptoms of a bad trip will vary, but there are some commonly reported instances. One possible symptom will be a numb feeling on your face. This may be paired with sweating, shortness of breath, and a pale look. If you don’t know what is going on, it is normal to feel scared. This fear may be followed by some stomach discomfort, which might lead you to vomit. However, it will depend on your specific conditions. Being unsettled by this discomfort is what usually leads people to throw up. Our stomachs are very deeply connected to our nervous systems, and these psychological feelings will morph into physical ones if you keep thinking about them.

It can indeed be a very unsettling sensation when you don’t know what is going on. Being “too high” is never a good thing. You can always wait it out while focussing on the thought that you won’t be the first ever person to die from a marijuana overdose. But in case this event occurs more often than you’d like, we’re here to teach you how to prevent bad trips from happening.


With such a wide range of causes for this discomforting situation, it’s very hard to say with confidence which preventative methods will be 100% effective. What we can do is give you a few tips that are known to help or at least provide peace of mind (which is extremely important during a bad trip).

Be sure you’re in a comfortable setting. Being too high at a family dinner is the perfect recipe for a crazy trip. The same will happen if you’re in the streets, paranoid that the cops might show up. Just be honest with yourself and you’ll already minimise the chances of having a bad trip. Surround yourself with people you enjoy being around and who won’t judge you. Having uncomfortable strangers in the group will not help you relax if the weed comes on strong.

It will also be ideal to dedicate a safe place where you can relax by yourself if need be. Making sure you have a quiet room in the house or a car near your sesh spot will surely help reduce your anxiety. And finally, make sure you eat well and hydrate yourself throughout the sesh. This will keep your body under less stress, and may very well minimise the effects of the high to begin with.


Like we said, a bad trip might be very hard to predict and consequently, to prevent. It may come at a time when you take all the precautions in the world and still find yourself feeling uncomfortably high. Let’s explore what to do in such a scenario.

When you feel it coming, excuse yourself from where you are and grab a seat. Find somewhere peaceful where you can be alone. Ask your friends for soda or a sugary drink. This will boost blood sugar levels. If the trip continues for a longer period of time, have something sweet to eat. A dry piece of cake or some cookies will be very helpful. If you’re a coffee drinker, it might also wake you up to have a cup. But if you’re not an experienced caffeine drinker, stay away from it as it may spike your anxiety. With the physical aspects taken care of, try to relax. Focus on the fact that this is all just temporary and the worst case scenario is throwing up. There will be no permanent effects.

Don’t watch TV or listen to music. This may only stress your eyes and head. Close your eyes if you don’t feel it increases the dizziness and nausea. When you feel capable and slightly back in control, talk to a friend. Go outside for a bit and try to distract yourself. Next thing you know, you’ll be taking a few tokes in the squad’s next rotation.


Now that you know how to take care of yourself during a bad trip, it’s always useful to know how to help your friends. This will ensure you and your mates have the most enjoyable experience possible.

First of all, be present, but not obsessive. The last thing your buddy needs is someone telling him/her to breathe every five seconds. Make sure you ask the obvious questions once, and that’s it. Ask if they need anything to drink/eat, or if they need help going somewhere else. Be sure your friend actually wants you there. Don’t take it personally if they want to be left alone; it is perfectly normal.

A bad trip will never be the end of the world, but it can certainly feel like it when the time comes! All you’ll need to think about or help your friend realise is that the situation is a very common occurrence. It happens to every toker at some point. Smoke responsibly and you’ll have everything under control. Just remember to have fun and support each other!

Almost every stoner has experienced a bad weed