thinning gorilla glue

Thinning gorilla glue?

It is a moisture cured urathane. You could try mixing a small amount of laquer thinner with it to see if it thins it out on a small sample of it. If it does thin it out you then have to let the sample harden to see if it sets properly and seems strong enough still.

There is not much possible upside though. For quite a few reasons the glue may be gone. You are right in that thick partially set up glue will not penatrate properly as well to get a grip or good surface bond.

I had a chance to grab quite a few bottles for 2.00 a bottle including tax around christmas time. I only hope the shelf life is long enough for me to use them.

The first day I purchased four bottles. The next day a couple. This became almost a daily part of my life for a week or so. Thats after I found the retailer could get no more at this price or even near it. I even got the very last two bottles.

At this point I am not even sure how many bottles are in residence in their storage box . Compulsive buying disorder perhaps in full bloom? I feel like a urathane junkie.

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I glued up this bunch of planks using my regular bar clamps. Then to glue on the top narrow stick I needed longer clamps than I had enough of.

The dark layer at the top is steel square tubing. I needed that to space up the clamps because the clamp head would run into the end of the clamped on bar see close up called “Just Clears”. The clamp head travels downward when tightening the hand screw.

In hind site I don’t think I needed to use so many C-clamps but I did not want it to slip or fall apart. It worked great. See “Too many clmps”

I could have drilled and bolted I suppose. I did not for two very good reasons. First I do not plan to make any more big stuff. I am a small project/small shop sort of feller. and second I did not want to take a chance on the bit squeaking while drilling this tougher steel. If I woke up the Queenmasteroftheuniverse at two in the morning I would have got my butt kicked.

So I came up with the following half assed solution that actually worked quite well. I pulled the head off one bar reversed the head on a second bar and lapped them together using C-clamps to make a longer bar clamp. See “Detail 1 and 2”. I only needed a few inches longer.

Let me begin by saying I get along with Gorilla Glue just fine and now that I realize I was looking at the info for a different glue I am not even pissed, (any more).

While searching for info on thinning Gorilla Glue I found this info on the GG sit.

It is info for their new WOOD GLUE

Beware it is easy to get this mixed up with the old standard Gorilla Glue info. Which I did.

My first thought was if I add water won’t this activate the glue. But the second thought was what the heck it is getting unusable anyway.

Can I change the viscosity of Gorilla Wood Glue?

it then says: You can thin Gorilla Wood Glue by adding water, not to exceed 5% weight. However, it is not advised to thicken Gorilla Wood Glue.

Since I was down to about a quarter of a bottle and the stuff was getting a bit too thick to get out of the bottle to spread it I decided to give the thinning with water a go.

Stand back and kids; don’t try this at home. I AM A PROFESSIONAL

I stirred about a tea spoon of water into the thick one quarter full bottle and away we went.

It was a bit nuts spreading the stuff while it was shooting out of the nozzle of the bottle. It did thin the glue. And it did come out of the bottle easier ! ! ! No effort at all actually : )

The only reason I am standing before you today (sort of) is by quick thinking. I thunk of putting the container in the cold garage and it slowed the reaction down and clogged up or some such.

It is funnier in hind site but it was pretty funny at the time to.

“The Blob” is about as big as a soft ball and I bet it only took a teaspoon or so of liquid glue to produce it ! It was hard in no time. It was about sixty five degrees in this room. The garage was about forty degrees so that slowed up the bottle from going completely wild.


The blob that ate Colorado.

I like Gorilla glue. I’ve always used it under, um, more controlled conditions!

I do not use that Gorilla glue often but when I use it I have never had a failure on the glue up. Yes a mess to clean up after.

I thought I was the only woodworker that used that square tubing for hanging electrical pipes as cauls! Cheep and strong! Maybe your tubing is not that.

I forgot.. You can never have or use to many clamps!

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Hi Will,>square tubing for hanging electrical pipes as cauls! Cheep and strong! Maybe your tubing is not that. Nope regular old square tube but i know the stuff you mean.> You can never have or use to many clamps!Yes but I never would have thought I would use a bucket full of tiny, metal workers, C-clamps on a thick dining table. Hah !It will be interesting to see if I get more Gorilla Glue. After this project I am going back to the “Normal” woods; walnut and cherry and prima vera etc. I probably don’t need this “oily exotic” glue stuff. I like the long open time ! That is really nice. Short shelf life though, about a year after opening. I was careful to clean the tip and squeeze out the air. I think the secret may be to keep moving it to smaller containers but that waists some and is tedious. I will buy the smallest bottles in the future.However I almost used some other water based glue on this last stick. It didn’t need to be that strong and I could have done a rubbed joint and skipped the clamps all together.There was one minute area I was wanting to close up with a clamp on one end though ( I could just get a 2 thou feeler gauge into a small bit of it when unclamped ) so rather than keep hand planing for a microscopic bit on the bottom side on the end I clamped it and turned it into a science experiment with the water thinned Gorilla.I was stupid. I make it a point of not experimenting on a project. Bad things have happened in the past even when I was ” sure ” of the out come. “What can go wrong ? “. Yah . . . famous last words.roc

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I was stupid. ?? Stupid is only when you do not learn something from a mistake.

But then again I experiment on my projects all the time. I learn much, good and bad, and the only thing lost when it goes bad is some expensive wood and my pride. However, I am not trying to make any money with my woodworking.

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I glued up this bunch of planks using my regular bar clamps. Then to glue on the top narrow stick I needed longer clamps than I had enough of. The […]