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Brett Borders

Review: “The White” Terpsolate by The Hemp Barn

“Terpsolate” is CBD isolate that has been infused with terpenes. Terpenes are natural plant compounds that create the unique scent & flavor signature of each cannabis variety — and they also influence medicinal effects as they interact with cannabinoid receptors.

Many companies are using chemist-concocted blends of terpenes that closely approximate the natural ratios found in cannabis strains. However, this new line of CBD products from the The Hemp Barn contains natural cannabis-derived terpenes that are extracted directly from high-grade weed in Los Angeles. This type of CBD product is most commonly vaporized in a wax pen or dabbed in a rig, but it can also be eaten or dissolved into warm oil for a homemade oral tincture. I purchased this on a “7/10” day sale for a discount. It was shipped the next day and it arrived about 3 days later. Here’s how it performed:

Presentation: The product comes in a small glass jar with a foil air seal across the mouth, and a thin plastic lid. I had a hard time opening the jar at first but after a bit of twisting and wrangling I had no further difficulties. The product inside is a white, crumbly matter that leaves an oily and fragrant residue on the fingers if handled.

Composition: Unknown, as product & batch-specific lab test results were not published on the product page at the time of my purchase. It’s allegedly “99% pure CBD” infused with cannabis-derived terpenes containing “0.00% THC.”

Aroma & Taste: A number of competing products smell “interesting” and faint – but this stuff smells pungent and fairly similar to cannabis flower. The terpenes seem to be expertly extracted and fresh. Along with dank, this product is “clean” smelling – with overtones of pine, lemon and antiseptic. Puffing it in my Linx Hypnos Zero pen connected to a Magic Flight Bottle Rocket bubbler is very smooth. It has a delicious flavor that is a little bit different than the scent would initially suggest. There are notes of black tea, lemonade and berries. Think: an Arnold Palmer with a little bit of Strawberry Nerds candy stirred in. Yum.

Effects: I selected “The White” because Leafly describes it as a heavier indica and I wanted something to help me wind down at night for bed. At about 8pm I was feeling fatigued and aching from an intense callesthenics workout earlier. I took two rips through my Linx Hypnos Zero. Almost immediately I could feel warm fuzzies in my head and behind my eyes. I sat down, looked around and noticed a very slight shimmering of the patterns in my oriental rug. Noticeable, undulating physical sensations of relaxation and warmth spread to my shoulders, chest and legs. I turned on a podcast on spiritual topics but I had a hard time following along. I gave up and switched on some non-cerebral videos on YouTube. At the 20 minute point I felt like the effects had fully kicked in. The videos looked colorful and were more enjoyable than normal. I was in my own little cozy world with the lights off, no discomfort or worries or any sort… Netflix-n-chillin’ to perfection.

After about 90 minutes I felt completely relaxed, ready for bed and fell asleep moments after my head hit the pillow. It was like a mild “indica lite” with valid medicinal effects but less bang (psychedelic energy, euphoria, intoxication & dissociation) that would come from a THC version.

The Verdict: This is one of the best CBD isolate products I have tried in terms of smell, taste and effects. I have have been using products from Phyto Family and Extract Labs but based on this new release I am considering this company as having high potential. I am curious to try their other terpenes and await new strains to see if they measure up.

About the Author:
Brett Borders is a natural health coach specializing in stress-related issues such as anxiety, fatigue & PTSD. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you could use help getting your life and health back! You can call me for a free 15-minute consultation.

Review of CBD isolate with added indica terpenes extracted by Los Angeles Refinery

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From their Website: We are passionate about the hemp industry and will only sell tried and true products from reputable companies that share our passion. We believe CBD should be affordable for all walks of life and only carry products from companies who practice ethical pricing and farming practices. Everything you