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Puna budder from Afghanistan?

There is a old hawaiian variety called puna buddah or puna buddaz. Well known in the 70’s.

T.H.seeds sells a fake version called puna budder that they made to cash in off the classic strain name.

This is so wrong.

The real puna strains are so rare now all these fake versions are making it harder to find real hawaiian.

Puna Budder is a afghan hybrid?

Puna is in Hawaii not Afghanistan?

This business is a straight up scam ripping off people who do not know any better.


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TH Seeds strain reviews


Just a compilation of notes from an offline grower. Feel free to discuss.

TH Seeds MK Ultra. Kush, dank like you smell everywhere in San Francisco. Smells great in bag, amazing crystals, strong stone, but not overwhelming. Stress-less. Stronger but shorter-lasting high than Burmese Kush. Very popular, definitely the best strain of TH Seeds I’ve tried. Strongest aroma of anything except some White Widow by Dutch Passion.

TH Seeds Burmese Kush. Afghan looking, pretty good yields, interesting looking, colorful, chunky/dense buds, crystals on fan leaves, short stigmas, slow finishing. Aroma in growth moderate but very pleasant smell. In bag/bowl very mild, unimpressive. Clean smoke, unremarkable. High is very good, first bud I’d call a mild sedative and sleep aid. Very low stress stone. Doesn’t match description or pictures on THSeeds site too well. Better than Sage n’ Sour.

TH Seeds Skunkage took 14+ weeks to finish! At 10 wks early sample was pretty good, nice lingering aroma like church incense. Giant buds just kept growing, then foxtailed. Colas as fat as a beer can, but fluffy, small flowers didn’t swell up, and not a keeper. Plant smelled like stinging nettle.

TH Seeds Cold Creek Kush: “all body. my legs feel like jelly” plants have very little aroma, stealthy even. Little crystals until late into flowering. Big colas do stack up tight, rock-bud. Fat leaves. Not picky about nutes or pot size. But product is not that strong. Grown in soil, Nectar for the Gods, looked healthy bit low on N, little aroma, little crystal until about 6 weeks into flower when well-lit buds got thick and pretty frosty. Smooth smoke but very little flavor.

TH Seeds Sage n’ Sour: Rich, peppery flavor even young, maybe cedar? Supposedly 55-60 days, but I found 70-80 days better. Not outstanding, so didn’t keep.

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I received a clone of TH seeds the hog back in 2003 and it was excellent smoke tasty and resinous but tiny yielder and slower vegger. Not a keeper either. This was back when my friend bought a 10 pack for $280 US and only got one female due to poor growing skills. That same friend also paid $360 for 10 seeds of jack herer from sensi seeds and he only got one female off those too. He was not a good grower but I got two clones from top dollar strains so win for me. Funny thing is I ran both the hog and that jack herer at the same time as I ran a $20 pack nirvana seeds top 44 in which the top 44 was better quality product than the $840 worth of the other.

Cheers and thanks for the report, always good to know.

Just a compilation of notes from an offline grower. Feel free to discuss. TH Seeds MK Ultra. Kush, dank like you smell everywhere in San Francisco. Smells… ]]>