super grow led

Super grow led

10% to 25% increase in yield

50% reduction in power consumption

50% reduction in heat

LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are relatively new, yet they are making great strides in horticultural circles. Low power consumption, precision light placement, very low maintenance cost, long operational life, and low thermal emissions are huge upsides for greenhouse and indoor growers. Unfortunately, there are many choices in LED grow lights and not all of them actually attain their claims, so unless you know what to look for, you could be throwing away a lot of money.

Like any new technology, there are many manufacturers out there looking to cash in on the buying surge, and like anything else of a technical nature, not all are qualified, or experienced.

Of great concern to the purists in the field are manufacturers that do not specialize in grow lights, or even LEDs. In the marketplace, you will see many LED grow lights that appear almost identical, with the exceptions of aesthetic differences, like paint and power cord color, and different switches. These units come from a handful of vendors offshore, which sell to anyone with cash-in-hand. Unfortunately, most of these companies miss the boat when it comes to producing a highly effective LED grow light, mainly because grow lights are not their primary interest. Some of these companies will allow their clients to specify which LEDs go into their LED grow lights. While this is definitely a great option, simply changing frequencies of LEDs might make a good LED grow light, but it doesn’t necessarily make a GREAT LED grow light.

There are many factors involved in producing a true industrial-grade LED grow light. Thermal management should be of great concern when using LEDs. Airflow paths and volume of air moved are critical to the longevity of LEDs and power supplies, as are the types of materials used and their precise placement in the system. Poor design in these areas is not always evident to the buyer, but will manifest themselves down the road in terms of shortened LED and power supply life. If your LED grow light dies at 20,000 hours instead of the advertised 50,000, you most likely would have no claim against the company – the warranty would most assuredly be expired and the company may not even be in business.

However, there are also a few companies out there which concentrate on getting things right, and that take LED grow lights seriously. These companies focus all of their efforts on perfecting the technology and furthering the fight to bring credibility to the LED grow light industry. While some of their product offerings may appear similar to the others, when one takes a closer look, they will see that there are indeed significant differences.

Credible companies deploy high quality LEDs and power supplies, high-end MCPCB’s (Metal Clad Printed Circuit Boards), superior thermal management materials and techniques, and true industrial-quality design to their products. These companies also show faith in their product’s design and manufacturer, offering no-gimmicks warranties of three years, or more. Although the industry is in its embryonic stages, we are starting to see convincing video and written testimonials, as well as positive word-of-mouth advertising for a few products.

Pros of LED Grow Lights

Long life expectancy

Almost no excess heat

Very precise footprints (light output patterns)

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Super grow led

The Elektrox Super Grow is a metal halide lamp with a blue-white light spectrum for the growth phase. At 5,600 Kelvin, it has a cool white colour temperature. With an output of 600 watts and a voltage of 110V, it helps you achieve stronger stems, large green leaves, and beautiful healthy plants. It has an E40 socket and can only be operated with a suitable ballast.

Perfect for beginners or cost-conscious indoor growers.

A ballast with suitable performance values is required to operate this lamp.

Elektrox Super Grow MH, 400W

Manufacturer: Elektrox
Shape: Cylindrical
Output: 600 watts
Voltage: 110 volts
Luminosity: 58,000 lumens
Light efficiency: 97 lumens per watt
Colour temperature: cool white (5,600 Kelvin)
Socket: E40

The Elektrox Super Grow is a metal halide lamp with a blue-white light spectrum for the growth phase. At 5,600 Kelvin, it has a cool white colour temperature.