sunwest genetics

Sunwest Genetics

Sun West Genetics has been in the cannabis seed business for over 10 years now and it has evolved significantly over the past years.

They carry their own brand of high quality cannabis seeds at cheap prices that you can buy in autoflowering, feminized, regular, and medical varieties. The seeds are handpicked by experts to ensure freshness and viability.

Whatever your purposes of buying cannabis seeds are, they have the strains that will fit your preferences.

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Sun West Genetics Reviews

34 • Great

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Write a review

Reviews 34

Wonderful service under difficult…

Wonderful service under difficult circumstances and busy time of year. Great to have a wholesale company that cares about store marketing, presentation and quality!

Seeds have not come yet let you no when…

Seeds have not come yet let you no when they come until then not much to say


I’ve been waiting a total of 16 days and still haven’t gotten anything

Very smooth and easy transaction…

Very smooth and easy transaction getting ready to start the seats they came extremely fast very happy will buy again

Effortless online ordering

Effortless online ordering, prompt delivery, and 100% germination. They did everything right. Better pricing would’ve earned them the fifth star but the truth is I’m cheap, their pricing is competitive in today’s market. You can’t go wrong with them.

Honestly one of the best seed banks out…

Honestly one of the best seed banks out there 97% of all seeds pop. Shipping is just fast as hell very discreet and no worries even in the US. Had great success with every strain I purchased and they also clone well. They don’t have a ton of different strains but what they have is a + +. Order from these guys without a worry and probably one of the best customer service-based seed bank in the world.

Everything went as expected

Everything went as expected. No problems what so ever.
Pretty fancy packaging, makes product expensive.

Chemdawg and pineapple express gave…

Chemdawg and pineapple express gave awesome results. Very strong genetics.

Very satisfied

My product came alot quicker than expected. They were very helpful. I will be ordering more very soon . Thank you

Price was good

Price was good , delivery fast and accurate.


Thanks! Received today.

Fast efficient

Fast efficient, recieved 1 day early .buds a little bit to dry otherwise all good

I wouldn’t be complaining of the…

I wouldn’t be complaining of the service, but sunwest gentics forgot to send my first order out to me. I never recieved shipment email. Then I finally got my cheese in and they did make it right. So then I thought that sunwest gentics maybe a decent company. So I called an order white widow 7 of them and never recieved any shipment email so I called them and they sent it but it was the wrong order. I order white widow n they sent me cheese auto again. So they send that the order was supposed to be wite widow and somehow sunwest genitics I finally got tue white widow and out of the 7 I bought 0 came up. I was mad never had this issue in my life with growning any thing. So I call and once again I had to call and complain and they told me there was nothing they could do about it bc they alredy sent me 7 cheese which I never ordered to begin with. I order white widow and got cheese and they screwed up the order again, but this time it was my loss the customers loss. I still have yet to be satisfied with this company. They don’t stand behind the 80% germination. I have had the most screwed up experience here. And now have began and now found a new seed supplier. So that is my experience with this company. This company to take responsibility for when they mess up. But then not the less they told me they was goong to send me a few extra seeds after I placed another order and didn’t get an extra seed one. As of now I’m done with this company until they might it right. All I wanted was atleast 5 of the 7 to come up and i would have been tickled. Knowing I have been doing this crap for 15+ years and have never had a problem germaniating. I even done the emergency germaniation and no better resulta actually worse. I even offered to send the seeds back because they are the ones that have made the mistakes. I have tried to call and talk with them nicely and I’m the one feeling like I’ve done something wrong. If I did why didnt I complain about the cheese not germanating too. I had atleast 80% on cheese that I was happy with. But the disappointing part is that I had a zero % germination rate and they wanted me to buy more and even offer extra seeds LOL that I never recieved any extra seeds. This has just been a horrible experience. I work hard for my money & I smoke what I grow. So thanks for asking , but not a satisfied customer here. Sunwest genetics should have made it right because it was there fault every time I placed an order, and everytime I called to place an order.

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