strawberry cough feminized seeds

Strawberry Cough Seeds

Strawberry Cough smells like freshly crushed strawberries. A pleasant light fruity smell and spiced cherry aroma fill the air. Once it begins to flower, Strawberry Cough is an incredible looking plant with rich color hues and an abundance of crystal trichomes.

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Strawberry Cough Seeds

Originating in 1999, the Strawberry Cough strain was discovered by cannabis king Kyle Kushman. Kushman was given a small clone from a friend in Connecticut, and he was struck by the intense aroma of strawberries coming from the plant. Strawberry Cough is a cross of Strawberry Fields with Haze from upstate New York. The strain is 85% sativa and known for its sweet fruity aroma with a soaring high. On a road trip across the United States, Kushman shared cuttings of the plant with growers he had met along the way. Within several years, the hype of Strawberry Cough had grown tremendously, and ever since it has been a revered strain in the cannabis community.


Strawberry Cough is bright green with strawberry red-tinted pistils. The buds are large, pinecone shaped, and covered with amber-colored trichomes.

Aroma & Flavor

Strawberry Cough smells like freshly crushed strawberries. A pleasant light fruity smell and spiced cherry aroma fill the air. Walking into a room where Strawberry Cough has been smoked will immediately perk your senses and have you asking for a taste. The smoke is sweet and expansive, and as a result it often provokes a little cough to the rookie smoker.


The Strawberry Cough experience is energizing, carefree, and therefore great for social settings. A long-lasting 3-4 hour high full of giggles and good spirits can be expected. The THC content is about 20%, with a low CBD of .22%. Medical patients can get relief from migraines and depression, as well as having an increased appetite. This amazing strain is high in the terpenes myrcene, alpha-pinene and ocimene.

Growing Strawberry Cough Strain

Growers can look forward to an easy-growing and sativa dominant plant. This cannabis plant produces heavy yields and grows vigorously. During flowering, the plants can stretch up to 2-3 times their size. Every inch of branching is covered with sweet and fruity-smelling buds. It takes 9-10 weeks for indoor flowering with an average harvest of 14oz/m2. 14oz/plant when grown outdoors and flowering should finish in mid-October. The plants like a heavy feeding of nitrogen during the first 4 weeks of vegetative growth. This is a hearty cannabis strain that is resistant to many pests and molds, while making it an easy and enjoyable grow for all gardeners.

Strawberry Cough strain smells like freshly crushed strawberries. A pleasant light fruity smell and spiced cherry aroma fill the air.

Strawberry cough feminized seeds

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Strawberry Cough is a joint North America/European production and is 80% sativa. It has a fantastically fruity taste and a wonderfully relaxing effect that has therapeutic properties.

Strawberry Cough is a beautiful, medium-sized plant that grows indoors and in greenhouses unless you live in a region with a warm climate such as is found in the Mediterranean. With cooler temperatures at night it will turn purple. It is straightforward to grow and only needs an average feeding schedule for best results. The first growth-spurt of buds ends during week 4 after which there is a second during week 9, the final stage. Indoors it is recommended to use a SoG (Sea of Green) system to maximise yields. Outdoor crops should be ready to gather in during October in the norther hemisphere.

The aroma and taste is truly delicious and is of ripe strawberries and the medium-strength production of THC gives this cannabis strain a very pleasant, uplifting high that brings a marvellous sense of relaxation and a feeling of euphoria. Therapeutically it has proved useful to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.


Breeder/Brand Dutch Passion
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC Content 10% – 15%
Yield Medium +
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Harvest Month October
Medical Conditions Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Medicinal Properties Yes
Taste / Flavour Strawberry
Effect Euphoric, Uplifting

About Dutch Passion

“You don’t buy that many seeds a year, it’s one area of your life where compromise isn’t necessary so choose a seed bank with a long tradition and proven record”Dutch Passion

In the 1970’s, Dutch Passion’s founder, Henk van Dalen, began collecting and breeding with cannabis seeds which he found in the early Dutch cannabis imports arriving from all over the world. He realised that it was possible to grow your own cannabis and often it was far superior to the often poor-quality, heavily seeded, imported product.

Some of his best varieties were selectively crossed and bred and he soom realised that many people would prefer to grow their own cannabis from seed rather than buy it on the streets.

In 1987, the Dutch Passion Seed Company was formally established. 10 years later, they became the first seed bank to learn how to make feminized seeds, something that many people at the time said was impossible with cannabis. Ever since then, Dutch Passion have been busy trying to create the best cannabis seeds and trying to keep up with customer interest in other varieties of seeds such as autoflowering and CBD-rich etc.

Dutch Passion grow from their own gene bank of original genetics collected decades ago, These days, many newer seed banks simply regurgitate existing varieties/genetics and put a new name on them. Dutch Passion are both proud and fortunate to have their own legendary varieties from the 1980’s and plenty of old original seeds to use for future projects.

Crowned Best Seed bank at Spannabis 2014, Dutch Passion are well known for their sophistication and quality. The Dutch Passion breeders concern themselves with creating and preserving quality, and their varieties have won many prizes in cannabis cup competitions.

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