star seed locations

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Star seed locations


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Estimated Trophy Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 19 (17 , 2 )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5hrs+ (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: Zero
  • Glitched trophies: 3 – Galactic Gardener, Houston we have have a solution and Energizer Buddybut both are easily fixed by reloading the game.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

The first PS+ game that was chosen by the new voting system: Grow Home. It’s a platform adventure game, where you play as BUD (Botanical Utility Droid) and mission is to save your home planet by harvesting alien plant named star plant. It is very short game and easy 100% to obtain.


Step 1: Play the game

Buy the Crystal Radar from Uplay for 40 points. Grow the star plant to the very top (2000m), collect a star seed to send home and visit the spaceship for a new mission.

Step 2: Clean up

Collect rest of the star seeds, Crystals and other trophies. If you happen to drop any animals or plants etc. that you are trying to collect, then you can quit the game or kill yourself to respawn things back in their original places. If you happen to drop star seeds, they should end up washing to ashore of bottom islands beach and they glow in the dark so searching for them during night helps.

Credit to Christ_Marvel and Vandrefalk for the videos.

[PST Would Like to Thank Figma for this Roadmap]

Grow Home Trophy Guide

19 trophies ( 2 17 )

Galactic Gardener

Collected all star seeds

First you need to grow the star plant into space (2000m) and collect the star seed, then access the spaceship (there is one more Tele-Router also) and flip the switch to receive a new mission to collect 8 more star seeds, this time scattered across the islands.

Houston, we have a solution

Mission complete! You teleported a star seed home

Grow the star plant to the very top (2000m) and bring one seed to the Tele-Router. I suggest the one in the ship or one bellow you on an asteroid.

Energizer Buddy

100 Crystals collected

Scattered all around the map but to make this easy buy the Crystal Radar from Uplay (it uses currency of “Uplay points” that are earned by playing Ubisoft games like Grow Home and completing certain tasks). The Radar will appear in the bottom Right-Hand corner of your screen and show as series of 5 bars that indicate how close you are to a Crystal. Keep note of the islands you have visited by connecting the star plant to them and if by the time you have finished everything else you still don’t have this trophy, then starting from the top you can use a Leaf to fly around near the floating islands and Asteroids and look for activity in the radar.

Green Fingers

You have grown 50 star shoots.

This should come naturally while growing the star plant, visiting floating islands in search of Crystals and going for the other growth related trophies.

Green Toes

Bounced on 50 Spring leaves.

New Spring Leaves grow each time you grow a new star shoot. Try to make use of them every time you climb up and also if you happen to fall down they can be used to break the fall.

Hang Time

Spent total 30 min gliding

Find a leaf then use to grab and pick it up, you use it by pressing . you can farm this by just flying straight (or jam the analog in left/right position with rubberband) and turning around when you face the world’s edge.

Redcow Robot

Freefall over 1000m and survive

Grow the star plant to reach hight of over 1000m (you can see the altitude from pause menu) jump down from somewhere where there is land underneath and let the BUD freefall by not pressing anything. When you approach land, hit boost backpack to slow down, use a flower to float or a mushroom/leaf to break your landing.

Underground, Overground!

You have discovered all caves in the game.

There are 5 caves in the game.
1st: Tele-router #1. On the very bottom island (where the game starts) You can see it from where you pick up the flower for the first time.

2nd: Tele-router #4. Mushroom island and there are 3 access points two on the sides, behind waterfall or mushrooms and on the top behind mushrooms.

3rd: Tele-router #6. In the middle waterfall (here is also where the Torro creature lives for the iiiiiiiinnnnn one! trophy)

4th: Tele-router #6. Behind this Tele-Router is some crevices and if you jump down to the middle one you will find this.

5th: Tele-router #6. I’m Not sure if this is needed as it is essentially same as 3rd but if you follow the river up stream, then you you can find bunch of rocks blocking the entrance to here.


Teleport with a meep creature

Bottom island is good for this. Just grab one of those sheep creatures, drag it to Tele-Router and teleport while you keep holding /

Sheep dipper

Drowned 3 defenceless meep creatures. You monster!

The bottom island is good for this. Grab them, rocket pack carry them and drop in water (the bird creatures also count for this).

Gas Leak

Accumulated over 10 min airtime using rocket pack.

This should come naturally, keep using it to climb and to break your falls by pressing .

Triple Corkscrew

Have 3 STAR SHOOTS growing at the same time

This requires a bit planning, grow star shoots close to each other and when you get 3 or more sprouts in close distance, grab them and press to make them grow and then let it go. Now fly up to the next one and repeat.


Glide under all the rock arches

There are three of them.

1st: Bottom island tutorial steps.
2nd: Bottom island rock arch next to Tele-Router #2.
3rd: The fourth Tele-Router is under it.

What, no Zombies?

Make it through your first night.

This will come naturally when the game goes through the first day/night cycle.

Shaken, not stirred

Catch and collect a falling leaf glider in mid-air.

This is easily done at Tele-Router #7, there is leaf next to it and you can carefully drag it to the edge and drop down with it and let go / re-grab it to unlock the trophy. Other method is by flying into wall and then trying to catch up to it while falling.

Come fly with me

Take a Meep creature for a flight for at least 10 seconds.

On Tele-Router 6 there is sheep creatures next to you in a field, grab on it and jump down from the cliff and just freefall.

Venus in furs

Deliver a Meep creature to the jaws of the SNAPDRAGON plant.

This to be done with the sheep creature next to the Tele-Router #6, there is snapdragon plants under some trees and behind the top of the tallest mountain on that island. You have keep holding on the sheep while snapdragon kills both of you.

iiiiiiiinnnnn one!

Make the Torro creature fall down the hole in the cave.

Tele-Router #6, in the middle waterfall there is cave and once you enter there you will find bull like creature (Torro). All the way to the back of the cave you can find rocks in weird pattern on the floor, if something touches these rocks then they will fall and disappear so what you need to do is lure the Torro there. If he doesn’t chase you, then jump on its back and grab on to anger it.

Investment Account

Complete the Data Bank sub mission.

You can find this via pause menu. There are 20 animals/plants that you need to collect by bringing them to a Tele-Router. Refer to the video to find the trickiest ones. Sometimes you need to gain speed and bump into these things to get them unstuck.

In order of the Data Bank menu:

#1: Grass
Can be found nearly everywhere like next to Tele-Router #6.

#2: Jerkweed
A Red spiked plant, easily found on the bottom island.

#3: Fractus
The tall cactus with branches found on the bottom island.

#4: Cactoid
A Ball shaped cactus found on the bottom island.

#5: Gourdle
A Ball shape orange found on the bottom island.

#6: Champignon
“Smaller” Mushrooms that can be found right next to Tele-Router #5.

#7: Plumin
This is Pink and long, flower like plant that can be found in Tele-Router #4 island’s cave and can be accessed from the side through waterfall.

#8: Palmapple
These grow on top of the trees next to Tele-Router #6.

#9: Gradish
This plant has Pink flowers and is found next to Tele-Router #4.

#10: Meep
A common White version of the sheep creature, found on the bottom island.

#11: Warble
A common version of a bird creature and can be found in the Tele-Router #4 island’s cave, it can be accessed from the side through the waterfall or Tele-Router #6 via the middle waterfall sitting on a floating rock.

#12: . (and yes that is its name)
This is an Silver/Grey Egg like thing that is found sitting on top of certain Snapdragons but be careful while picking them up. Can be found from island right bellow Tele-Router #7.

#13: Crott
This is a Carrot like plant and can be found on the floating islands near Tele-Router #5.

#14: Snip
This is a Dripstone/stalactite like root, which can be found in the middle of the waterfall cave (where the Torro creature is) near Tele-Router #6.

#15: Snarkgrass
This is essentially same as Jerkweed but the color is a darker red. Only one can be found and it’s right near the beginning of game under the rock arch.

#16: Pink Gradish
This is the Pink version of Gradish flower and can be found right next to Tele-Router #7.

#17: Fuchsia Gourdle
This is a Ball shaped, pink/fuchsia color plant that can be found right next to Tele-Router #5

#18: Arctic Meep
This is a Black colored sheep creature and found on a floating island next to Tele-Router #7.

#19: Gold Plumed Warble
This is the Gold version of the common Warble and is found next to Tele-Router #6 in the middle crevice cave.

#20: Grubble
This is a Green worm. Go to Tele-Router #6 and follow the river upstream until you find a cave blocked by boulders, clear the way and go inside.

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