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Spiral-welded pipes

spiral-welded pipes available from stock in any desired length

Spiral-welded pipes

Steel pipes with a spiral seam are mainly seen with larger diameters. The weld seam is visible in spiral form over the surface of the pipe. The welded seam is welded spirally over a twisted plate and thereby has a visible weld bead, on both the inside and the outside.

The weld seam is welded under powder cover. This process is also called Submerched Arc Welding (SAW). Often, spiral welded pipes are used in situations where the appearance of the pipe does not matter. The material, for example, disappears into the ground and is not ‘visible work’. The pipe can also be fitted with a coating system. Many spiral-welded pipes are used, among other things, for hydraulic engineering projects. Because spiral-welded pipes are easy to produce, there is good availability. Thanks to the economical pricing, spiral-welded pipes are a cheap alternative to longitudinally welded pipes. Solines has spiral-welded pipes in different sizes in stock, so they are immediately available.

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Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

Jindal MS Spiral Welded Pipes supplier

A Spiral welded pipe is also known as a helical welded pipe. Industries such as tap water engineering, chemical industry, electric power industry, petrochemical industry, agricultural irrigation as well as urban construction use a large diameter spiral welded steel pipe in their applications. The manufacturing process of this product involves cold forming the pipe from the hot rolled coil.

This is followed by a submerged arc welding process, which results in the production of a submerged arc welded spiral pipes in a single, continuous process. A low carbon, low alloy based structural steel strip is to be converted to a tube. Most spiral welded pipe manufacturers in India produce these pipes according to a particular helix angle, after which the pipe joints are to be welded. The spiral welding process like this is not only efficient, but it also produces a more flexible, cost-efficient spiral welded tube. As compared to a straight seam welded pipe, this product is flexible in operation and it is easier to change the quality. There are several advantages of spiral welded pipes. For instance, the equipment use is light in weight and the cost of production has a lower initial investment. Furthermore, these tubes could be made into a mobile unit, something similar to that of a trailer. The welded tube can be directly be presented at the installation site where the pipeline is to be set.В The ms spiral welded pipes are customizable. Hence, they could be manufactured for very large diameters or they could be produced at long lengths with numerous levels.

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