spinning heads cannabis

Spinning heads cannabis

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It is SO fucking hard to focus right now. I have somehow triggered a headache and it’s 12:43pm. I’m up and ready to be prodctive and yet totally exhausted from dealing with Uber’s dickhead support teams.

I’m a rideshare driver and I will use Cannabis regularly but not while working when I go back to work again. Except the internal administrative/support staff at Uber are god awful for us too. Hence why so on and so forth the future cannabis use.

2 hours. I’ve lost at least 2 hours to traversing a sea of women named Jack and Joseph, who picked American sounding names but don’t know enough English to realize these are traditionally male names. In our PC world that’s fine, if they identify as male I’m cool with it. Gender is fluid, sexuality is fluid I get it. It’s not about that…

It’s about selling out very people that made Uber viable enough to have an IPO. As Dara K jetsets at out expense and sells lies to the investors we are dangling without much support. It starts with the first call, where we spend 1/2 hour minimum to get through to someone. They take down our issue but can’t communicate clearly or resolve our issue. We are then put on hold. If we’re lucky they come back. It’s currently a 50/50 chance we’ll be hung up on while on hold.

Mostly they will tell us they need to escalate it or send it somewhere else. If you demand to speak with a supervisor they’ll hand the phone to whomever trained them. So a rep with one more week than Jack. That rep will not provide any resolution normally.

You’ll demand to speak to a US based Supervisor. They’ll say US based rep and put you on hold before you can correct. Again it’s a 50/50 chance they’re going to drop the call. You have to make it clear they aren’t in any trouble. That ups your odds. It may still happen. Normally you will then be told they can’t get through, “Can the Supervisor call you back?” You won’t hear back from them. They will not call you back. Was an email sent? Was the ticket passed? Did the representative actually put the request through? No one really knows. No transparency.

Next day, same process, same number of holds and then hopefully if you’ve called in early enough you’ll get someone higher up. You said “US” and it’s in Columbia, the country not the city. But their English is better. You now have a 70/30 chance of the rep coming back from putting you on hold. They try and help and explain things a little more. Same explanation but more eloquent. They’re going to escalate the ticket, hooray! But no info as to where or who will handle it. It’s being escalated.

You receive an email. How did so-and-so do? Your issue is still not resolved. You were told you were “Good to go.” You throw them a “Thank you so much.” You go through the motions of trying to log back on. Still an issue. Same rounds again.

So you now have a US based Supervisor located in the midwest on the phone. He’s going to help you, highly empathetic and eloquent. Puts you on hold. 90/10 chance of them coming back unless your phone overheats from all of the hold or your battery runs out. It’s been almost an hour. You don’t even want to do this fucking job anymore. After three accidents and all of the near missed from being robbed, beat up, or chopped up you just want to get out.

Supervisor comes back. The form was uploaded twice. We got it and so-and-so is good but we need you to go for another inspection. It’s a TNC inspection. But the form is a TNC inspection form. It’s been submitted already…” Yes Woodstock, but we have the inspection form, you just need to go for a TNC inspections. I’m going to send you the link for the step by step instructions and the 19 step form. I think to myself “Oh god, did something happen to my brain, is it me? Did I not say “TNC” but think I did?” We go another round. He supposedly ok’s my regular inspection. I’ve already explained I live in a state without inspections. He’s not really listening. I run with it.

I plan on going back to my mechanics. They know my situation. I was the first to cancel with the pandemic started. They saw me in my outside outfit. Hopefully I will not be charged. Uber is worthless, the company is doomed. This post is the last bit of energy I’ll spend at my expense after the inspection I don’t need. I’ve had enough. Buy puts in Uber.

It is SO fucking hard to focus right now. I have somehow triggered a headache and it’s 12:43pm. I’m up and ready to be prodctive and yet totally exhausted from dealing with Uber’s dickhead support…

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Spinning Heads is a tier 3 producer & processor of cannabis in Tacoma, WA. Last month, their revenue was $60770.41.