special kush 1

Special Kush #1

Special Kush 1 is a feminized indica dominant strain that contains 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics. This is a new variation of old-school Kush with low price, quality smoke and decent yields.

The flowering period takes only 7-8 weeks and the harvest comes in late September. The average crop is about 425-475 gr/m2 indoors and 500 – 550 gr/plant outdoors. The plant needs enought sun, water, feed and a warm climate such as in Italy or North Africa

The plant has a medium size and grows up to 60-100cm in height during indoor cultivation. It has good stretching outside and reaches to 3m tall. The strain develops tight frosty buds.

The smoke brings a hashy taste and a strong stone body high.


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This is very-easy-to grow strain, has
faced easily heat waves, rain, strong wind, pests.

Very resistant to mites and aphids, has a
good resistance to mold and bud rot (only 2 little spots in shaded lower buds)

Also, is very resistant to rust fungus (RF was attached by tomatoes but didn’t hurts grow, confined only to fan leaves).

Has a great LTS attitude but needs to be topped indoors as she grows tall and don’t like aggressive defoliation.

Flowering starts and lasts as expected.

This girl gaves to me 505 grams of superior weed, twelve big buds and a 46 grams top cola, in average with expectations.

Huge resin production, not sticky but granular, perfect for dry-sift hashish.

Buds are all geogeous, perfect shaped, heavy and hard like stone, I definitely recommend Special Kush #1, she worth the price.

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Special Kush 1

Originary from Hindu Kush, a region between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Kush is to Indica varieties what Haze means to Sativa. Much like skunk, kush is a term which can be used to describe a whole lineage of cannabis plants. We use the term Indica today to describe a type of plant which is found naturally (indigenous to) in the India Region. At that time all plants were called Cannabis Sativa, but there was something very different about these varieties which required discrimination into another category, named Indica due to the region where they were first discovered.

Although we now know that Indicas are indigenous to more countries than just India, not only has the term remained, but the pattern of naming weeds after the locations of their discovery has remained also. The first ever Kush weeds that appeared were named in homage to the Hindu Kush, a mountain region which stretches across from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

Good for all the pockets

We decided to resurrect one of these old school Kush strains by bringing it into the modern era with a feminized only seed. Special Kush is our lowest-price seed, perfect for the budget grower. If you’re looking for some decent smoke without the heavy price tag, Special Kush is perfect for you.

Up to 3 meters outdoors and good yields

Special Kush likes to grow wild as if in the mountains of Afghanistan; this means it will fill up any space it can. Indoors, care should be taken that it doesn’t overgrow its space, but given enough space, like outdoors, it can grow to over 3 m tall.

It will be finished flowering in 8-10 weeks and can yield about 65-150 g per plant indoors, 475 g per square metre under a 600w light. Grown outdoors, it needs that warm environment such as can be found in Italy or North Africa. With enough sun, food and water, this tree can yield over 550 g per plant.

Hash-taste strain

Generally, the buds from Special Kush are small and tight nuggets of frosty goodness which are spread all over the plant. The smoke carries a very hash-like taste with a full body stone present from its Indica background. This is a simple and basic plant, with good smoke, available in a feminized seed for a low price.

Special Kush 1 data sheet

Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 17%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 425 – 475 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 500 – 550 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 60 – 100 cm
Height Outdoor: 200 – 270 cm
Flowering time: 7 – 8 weeks
Harvest Month: Late September
Genetic Background: Afghan x Kush
Type: Sativa 20% Indica 80%
Effect: Stoned, physically and mentally
Climate: Warm
Flavor: Earthy, Pungent, Sweet

Title : Very fine results
Comment : As a first time grower i was suprised how tough this plant is. From 3 plants i got about 220grams when dried. Very happy, very good taste. It was done outdoor.

Title : el pintor
Comment : levering duurde iets langer ( denk door Corona) maar perfect verpakt ontvangen. super start, gewoon alle zaden komen binnen drie dagen op . Ziet er heel hoopvol uit.

Title : O.G
Comment : Versand ging schnell und kam in einer unauffälligen Verpackung. Samen sind alle gekeimt und auch ohne Probleme gewachsen. Man kommt gut mit ihr klar und sie verzeiht auch einige Fehler. Sehr schönes Endprodukt und preis Leistung natürlich klasse. Niedrige Temperaturen hat sie auch gut überstanden.

Title : Top!
Comment : Jamais déçu par RQS, bonne variété. Germination: 3 graines sur 3 et aucun problèmes

Title : Herr
Comment : Abwicklung einfach und schnell. Alle Samen sind aufgegangen, Top. Kleiner Wermutstropfen, die drei Gratis Critical sind nicht aufgegangen, hatte vor einigen Jahren das gleiche mit Royal Dwaft.

Title : Top
Comment : Top quality

Title : Sehr gut
Comment : Alle keimen Ergebnis sehr gut verzeiht einige Fehler. Wirkung sehr klar macht mich sehr glücklich und lustig. Schlaf ist auch sehr gut.

Title : Very good
Comment : Veramente buona costa poco produce tanto ed è veramente buona

Title : Bionissima
Comment : Cresciuta molto bene

Title : Ottimo
Comment : Germinazione 100% gusto pieno

Title : Not sure how will end up
Comment : Seemed ok, but seems that it stopped growing. Other strains next to it, are going in the 3rd branch, and this one stopped in the first. But I´ll keep my faith on it.

Title : Pido
Comment : Alles Top, guter Ertrag

Title : Good
Comment : Very good

Title : Seb
Comment : Nice

Title : Monsieur
Comment : 👍👍👍

Special Kush 1, created by RQS, is an indica-dominant cross that won’t disappoint. She’s heavy-hitting and prefers warm growing environments for best results.