sour diesel trainwreck

Sour Diesel Trainwreck

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  • Dallas, US 60 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Houston, US 37 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Phoenix, US 19 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Atlanta, US 18 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Austin, US 17 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ


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Sour Diesel Trainwreck, Category: Artist, Albums: Live On Lake Pleasant, Bitter Cold Black, Top Tracks: My Baby Loves Me When I'm Stoned (Live), 90 Days to Mexico, Look At Me Fly (Live), Move It Along, Wilder Side, Monthly Listeners: 632, Where People Listen: Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Austin

Sour diesel trainwreck

zoogle-video#handleVimeoPostMessage”> This is a review of our CD from a Dutch publication

“Bitter Cold Black” is the debut album by USA based country formation Sour Diesel Trainwreck. Don’t expect the album to consist of any overproduced, slick and beefed up music accompanied by the traditional cowboy hat one is likely to hear on commercial radio stations over there. The kind of music that spontaneously gives me a rash much like the ill bred unhealthy chicken a certain fast food chain uses in its McNuggets.
After a year of hard work and a lot of playing out the band (who is named after a bad ass trip combination of weed seeds – Sour Diesel – and a Trainwreck) is now a regular at many motor clubs and rodeo bars.
“Bitter Cold Black” has nine energetic original songs brought to you by Jeremy Graham (vocals), Adam Rodriguez (drums), Mike Hatta (bass guitar) and Duane Woods (electric guitar) with refreshing passion, inspiration and commitment. Edgy southern rock witch scorching guitars (90 days to Mexico, Move It Along), a Texan country waltz (If I Could Just Be This) or well dosed alternative country in an acoustic setting (Wilder Side, A Little While)…
…It’s a lovely and entertaining mix of rootsy rock music that’s very pleasing to the ear. The band has been performing with the likes of Reckless Kelly and Shooter Jennings and we are very much looking forward to seeing them play in Europe some day soon.

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