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The Sun Token Solar Pipe Review

The Sun Token

  • Plastic-free smoke path
  • Hand crafted
  • Use as dome vaporizer or combustion pipe
  • Very ritualistic to smoke with
  • Sometimes can be hard to focus light correct
  • Weather/cloud dependent

After we started renting our house out on Airbnb I had some extra money and wanted to pick up something new to smoke out of. I had somewhat new glass, my Pax 1 still works decently enough, and I wasn’t quite ready to drop $500 on a Volcano (someday). The Sun Token seemed interesting to me. I had heard of solar bowls by using a magnifying glass to smoke, but not any sort of vaporizer. While the Sun Token isn’t truly an exclusive vaporizer, it does a great job at providing a different and novel way to consume.

Out of the package, the Sun Token came with an instruction manual, the various parts that make up the Sun Token itself, as well as extra o-rings and 2 magnifying glass cards if you don’t have you’re own (like me).

The Sun Token is mainly made of wood, nicely crafted by hand in the state of Virginia. I wouldn’t say that it stands out as notably big or small. Big enough to fit and be held in the palm of your hand, but small enough to fit in most backpacks/bags.

Using the Sun Token is fairly straight forward. If you’re familiar with solar bowls you’ll already know the process, just focus the light on your weed (while holding the side carb), let the dome fill up and then inhale when you’re done. The Instructions also provide some tips for optimal usage, including how to angle your light, and other information to get the maximum effect. It’s more than just holding a magnifying glass to the sun.

Important to note that you can combust with the Sun Token if you’re not careful. While mostly vapor is released, combustion can happen if you focus in one spot for too long. I find that although there’s a chance for a little combustion, with the right technique it’s not too hard to avoid. and even with a tinge of burning it’s still a lot less harmful than full on smoking. While the Sun Token is in fact a vaporizer, it’s not exclusively a vaporizer. You can even take the dome off and just smoke it like a bowl, perfectly fine as well if the clouds just won’t go away.

The clear dome piece is made of plastic, and sticks to the wood base magnetically. I really like this functionality, it’s easy to get on and off, but also provides a perfect seal needed to trap the smoke/vapor. Hector, the creator of the Sun Token said he’s looking to get these made out of boro glass instead, which would be a nice touch to remove all plastic from piece. You can see that I also have some browning on the acrylic dome, just from general use. I touched base with Hector and he let me know it was just an original design flaw and if it bothers you that much the borosilicate domes won’t brown at all from light.

UPDATE: Glass domes have been officially released! Most of the pictures in this review are now of the glass dome. It’s the same item functionally, just without any plastic whatsoever.

The mouthpiece is a simple tube that sticks in directly into the body and is sealed via an o-ring. It’s simple, and if for some reason yours breaks or you lose it, a replacement one could be found easily.

The Sun Token comes with a bowl, although any 14mm male that fits underneath the dome will do. I would reccomend shallow bowls if possible, as it can become hard to heat the bottom or central parts of bowls if there’s just too much bud and it can’t be too big to put the dome on.

While the Sun Token is solid at serving its purpose, it’s not the most ideal smoking apparatus. Even though I found myself using it a lot on sunny days in the heat of the Summer, you’d be hard pressed to find me out doing the same in the Winter (although inside hits are possible through a window!) And of course it’s impossible to use if the sun is covered in anyway.

Should you get the Sun Token if you’re in the market for a daily driver vape? No. Should you get the Sun Token if you like to do hippie shit and/or you live somewhere sunny? Yes. Obviously it’s not for every situation, but the Sun Token is a unique piece of smoking equipment that I was happy to add to my collection.

A review of the Sun Token Vaporizer. Vaporize your weed with just the Sun Token and a magnifying glass. The world’s first solar dome pipe.

Solar pipes weed

We all know that the sun can grow some of the best weed on the planet. But did you know that you can use the sun to literally smoke that same weed, too?

Within, ahem, enlightened circles, environmentally-conscious and cleverly-crafty cannabis consumers have utilized the power of the sun to light their pipes and bongs. Called “solar hits” or “solar puffing,” this technique employs a lens to focus sunlight into a hot, intense spot on the bowl in the same manner that many of us attempted on ants when we were curious, pyromaniacal children.

How Does One Perform a Solar Hit?

Solar hits are easy. Just take a magnifying glass or a plastic Fresnel lens and hold it over your bowl of weed (or, if you really want to show off, over a joint or blunt). Tilt the lens so that the sunlight shining through the magnifier focuses into a single white dot. Within a few seconds, you should see (and smell) smoke burning from this sun-scorched spot.

Once you see the light dot burning the weed, start taking a puff. The combination of solar heat and oxygen flow should ignite the bowl. And voila! You just burned some weed without needing a lighter or electrical outlet.

OK, What’s the Point of Taking a Solar Hit?

Solar hits are, to some extent, a novelty method for smoking weed. But it has its uses, too.

For starters, so long as the sun is out and it’s not too cloudy, you can take solar puffs off your pipe. Solar hits will work regardless of if it’s incredibly windy. And it’s incredibly handy in case you forgot (or lost) your lighter. A Fresnel lens, for instance, is typically no larger than a credit card, so you can carry it in your wallet, purse, or pocket at all times.

Best of all, since a Fresnel lens doesn’t require any kind of fuel or maintenance, just one can light your bowls forever.

Additionally, butane lighters, matches, or even hemp wicks may alter the true flavor of your craft weed. When you take a solar puff, you’re tasting the weed and only the weed, making this the perfect consumption method for the hardcore cannabis conneissours out there, as well as the eco-friendly.

And yeah, solar hits minimize our carbon footprint and blah blah blah. In reality, commercial industries, deforestation caused by raising cattle, and automobile traffic are the biggest contributors to climate change. Whatever greenhouse gases released while smoking weed are relatively negligible when it comes to saving (or destroying) the planet.

Are There Other Ways to Light a Bowl Without a Flame?

Indeed, you don’t need a magnifying lens to perform a solar hit. If you’re stranded out in the wild, or you just happened to forget bringing a lens with you, there are alternatives.

For instance, if you’re in a cold, snowy climate, you can use pure ice to focus sunlight into a single, white-hot point. That may sound crazy, and it’s not as simple as it’s written.

To take a solar hit from ice, the ice must be both completely clear and mostly free of air bubbles. Foggy or dirty ice won’t do. It also helps to mold the ice into a sphere as much as possible (though it doesn’t have to be a perfect sphere). If the ice transmits enough light, it’s possible to focus the sun onto your bowl just as you could with a Fresnel lens.

As if using ice to start a fire didn’t sound wild enough, you can also use a condom to focus sunlight into a scorching point, as well. Yes, a condom, the kind sitting in your wallet doing a whole lot of nothing lately.

As with the ice trick, many of the same principles apply to using a condom for a solar hit. You’ll want a non-lubricated condom (so it doesn’t slip out of your hands), and you want it to be as plain-jane as possible (no colors, not ribbed, etc.). Fill the condom with water and tie it off to form a ball. If enough light can shine through, sunlight will focus through the rubber in the same fashion as a magnifying glass. Boom! You just essentially jacked a star off into your flower. Toke away, you galactic perv! (Just don’t use the condom after employing it for a solar hit.)

What Are the Drawbacks of the Solar Hit?

Obviously, solar hits only work if the sun is readily available. Although solar hits can work in even the windiest conditions, they’re out of the question at nighttime or if it’s incredibly cloudy. However, if the sun is out while it’s raining, you can still take solar puffs even through a downpour.

Furthermore, solar hits require patience from people who haven’t spent hours of their childhood summoning fiery doom unto ants and other innocent insects. To get the solar hit to work, the magnifier must be angled just right to focus the sunlight into a beam hot enough to trigger ignition. Some folks are more than willing to master that technique; others may feel it’s pointless if they’ve always got a lighter on hand.

But we will say one thing about solar hits: They definitely beat rubbing two sticks together to get a smoke sesh going.

The sun can power not just homes, cars, and factories, but also your smoke seshes, too.