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17 place Leger
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Positive bananastays
Ottawa, ON (Zone 5a)
(1 review)
March 22, 2017
I love Solana Seeds. They ship fast, their prices are reasonable, their descriptions are accurate and selection satisfactory and impressive. They provide directions with each seed you buy and are very straight forward with their business. They sell seeds! Great germination rate as well. I love this place. Highly recommended! THANKS SOLANA!!
Positive ValleyProfusion
Paxton, NE
(1 review)
April 8, 2016
If you are looking for a company who sells a lot of specialty seeds, this might be the place for you! Their website is very modest but has thorough descriptions of the products. Shipping was timely, customer service great, and prices very acceptable. The seeds came in a little zipped plastic bag inside a brown envelope.(Oh, and the instructions are in French! But I’m guessing if you’re ordering from them, you’re already a seasoned gardener and don’t need to know how many mm deep to plant the seeds!)
Positive Lalo79
Kensington, NY
(1 review)
March 4, 2016
I found their catalog to be very interesting and has a lot of hard to find selections (Jaltomato, Huauzontle, various Physalis varieties and more). I have started sowing indoors some of the seeds I received earlier this year and have had excellent germination rates. Highly recommended seed source for those gardeners looking to grow the unique and hard to find.
Positive lkpinette
Deerfield, MA (Zone 6a)
(5 reviews)
March 6, 2014
This company has an awesome selection of seeds, including some that I’ve *never* seen anywhere else and plenty that are relatively rare. Their selection of Physalis (ground cherry/tomatillo) varieties in particular is unmatched by any place I’ve seen.

The per-packet prices are reasonable, even more so when you take into account that the prices are in Canadian dollars. It’s like getting an unexpected little discount.

One thing to be aware of: you get what the website says you’ll get. I’ve always thought of bonus packets as, well, a bonus (and honestly, I almost never plant bonus packets), but I’ve seen some reviews here where people complain when they don’t get them, so be warned you won’t. Same thing for the seed count: at least for larger seeds, the number is exact rather than a minimum (though I think I did get a few extra tomatillo seeds).

Getting exactly 15 pepper seeds in multiple packets advertised as having 15 pepper seeds actually was a minor disappointment (at least when it works out to 20 cents Canadian per seed), but it was the only one in dealing with this company. And on the plus side, carefully counting the seeds indicates an attention to detail. For example: they put a ziploc back between the seeds and the packets for moisture control, which is something I’ve never seen an heirloom seed supplier do before.

They shipped quickly. They don’t notify you when they ship, so I assumed they hadn’t shipped my seeds yet, and was pleasantly surprised to come home and find to find their seeds in my mailbox, four business days after ordering. I don’t know if they go out of their way to pick pretty stamps, but the stamps are beautiful, especially the one of a colorful moth. And while they apologize on their website for the labels being solely in French (this is the fault of Quebec’s petty labeling laws), I found it kind of fun to try to figure out what the words on the labels mean.

They have over 200 varieties — some really uncommon, weird or very interesting, ex. open-pollinated varieties of SunGold.

They ship fast, seed count is good and germination rates are top-notch (pretty much 100%).

Website: Easy to navigate but does not have a search box. Also, when you do click to a page, the only option away from that page is the back button. So, by all means if you are saving the site as a favorite, do so from the home page!

Checkout was simple and quick and they do take paypal which means you do not have to set up an account with them. Prices shown on site are in Canadian Dollars.

Merchant Rating with BBB: I always check this before ordering online but I don’t think the BBB rates companies outside of the US and this company is located in Canada. There is no rating for this company. I purchased based upon the other reviews here on Watchdog.

Seed Selection: They have a decent selection of vegetable, flower and exotic plant seeds. They have many heirlooms, unusual and rare items available including more than 200 tomato varieties!

Shipping: Super Quick and came in a standard bubble manilla envelope. They air-mailed. Envelope did not arrive damaged. Shipping is reasonable with this company, especially knowing they have to air-mail. They did as I requested and emailed me to let me know that they had shipped my order.

Seed count for price: Generous. Prices shown on site are in Canadian Dollars which paypal converted no problem.

Product information: Abundant information on each variety I looked at. In fact, they have so much information that the only thing I found elsewhere that wasn’t on this site were the variety reviews which is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I wish they would allow their customers to review their purchases online.
The seed packets are plain manilla seed envelopes and are written in french. However this company has really thought about their customer’s needs and have provided a whole section on their website called ‘sowing instructions’. When you click there, you are taken to a page that gives a link to the Tom Clothier germination databases and it also gives links to translation databases so you can either type in the info on the seedpack and get information or you can cut and paste from the website into the translation site. A bit of work and I found information readily elsewhere without having to go the translation route.

I’ve been ordering from Solana most of the last few years, and I’m always pleased with the selection and service. Glad that they now take PayPal. This year, as in the others, they’ve shipped promptly, and I appreciate the very reasonable shipping fee. I’m smacking my forehead wondering how it is that I forgot to order the Supershmelz kohlrabi I wanted, but I’m excited about everything else in the envelope.

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Solana Seeds United Kingdom ltd.

Solana Seeds United Kingdom Ltd.
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