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Tips and Tricks For Your First Time Smoking Weed

Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. If it’s your first time smoking weed, don’t worry. Nobody starts out blowing smoke rings and holding in dank bong rips or highly concentrated dabs. Following some sensible tips to make sure the first smoke session goes smoothly will keep any paranoia and or potential mishaps at bay. Relax—it won’t take a guidebook to do it right. This isn’t a gym workout with a thousand steps or repetitions. Instead, read over this simple checklist on how to smoke weed for the first time before joining the circle of smokers. Then, just enjoy that first time high.


It’s easier said than done. But the first major key to the first time smoking weed requires you to do what every yoga class asks of those stretching out their hamstrings in downward dog: breathe. Starting out relaxed provides a critical, easy-going foundation for the session ahead. No matter what, before puffing on what’s being passed around, gain control over your breathing and check in with yourself. Make sure that enjoying the ganja that has been offered to you is actually what you want to do. But ignore any of the urban legends and myths that might hold you back; they are nonsense. Following these tips and tricks for your first time smoking weed will keep you safe and sane while helping to get you stoned.

Try smoking weed on its own

Too often, a pipe or one-hitter gets passed around while people enjoy a cigarette outside of a bar or at a party. So common is the smoke session deep into the drunken night, with everyone already slurring their speech and trying out dance moves or conversation with people they never would while sober. But for the first time smoking weed, consider indulging with just marijuana and leaving out the other substances. By eliminating other things, you can focus in on how the weed alone makes you feel and act. Plus, the effects of combining substances and contraindications won’t cause any issues to your high.

Side note: if you happen to be an overly ambitious first-time weed smoker, and you’ve decided to take an edible and then smoke, reconsider. Try the edible alone too, and analyze the effects of it as a control in your experiment before consuming more cannabis.

Control your surroundings

Finding the right setting for your sesh will literally set the ground for the adventure ahead. Try to find a secure place where you’re not constantly checking over your shoulder for blue and red lights or some other authority. Sure, the ambiance and views very well should amplify the experience. But always keep in mind local laws and regulations regarding marijuana. Even certain areas of a city can differ. There are many ways to disguise the stench of the fun you’re up to. Feeling safe wherever you decide to puff, puff, and pass for your first time smoking weed will keep the paranoia low and the high, well… as high as it can get.

Use the buddy system

For a first-time weed smoker, it’s important that the first time smoking weed, you’re not alone. We’re not saying you need to be babysat, but using the buddy system will help everyone stay safe in the event things go south. A buddy can also guide and influence your high, making it better or worse. For this reason, having multiple people can either be a good or bad thing for your first high. Considering trying it with your family? Just keep in mind the personalities you can and cannot stand while sober. Remember to keep those personalities you can’t stand away or they may sabotage those good feelings and vibes you’ve smoked so hard for.

Learn your paraphernalia and product

It’s okay to ask how something hits when learning how to smoke weed for the first time. No one will fault you if you ask for a brief tutorial on the paraphernalia offered to you.

Confused about how to hold a J or a blunt? It isn’t a cigarette; try holding it between your thumb and pointer finger near where you take a drag.

Don’t understand where the carb is on that elephant pipe the girl in your dorm offers you? (Hint: always check for a butt hole on an animal pipe!)

Arms short like a T-Rex and can’t reach the lighter to the bowl on that incredibly tall bong your roommate says you gotta try?

It’s also wise to know the marijuana you will be enjoying, whether that be an indica or a sativa. If concerned about side effects, it’s important to know before you inhale to understand before you’re dealing with a type of high you didn’t want to experience.

It’s okay. Just ask. No one is going to shame you for being new to the game and needing a little extra guidance or confirmation. More than likely, they want to help you get high. And if they don’t, well, go find some new friends. Nobody wants to be around someone negative and unfriendly when they’re getting high.

Yo, just be cool

Seriously, the weed will make you feel good, first-time weed smoker. But that doesn’t mean you need to start drawing attention to the circle with loud noises, singing, or sudden movement. Just remember to always be cool. Enjoy the high, don’t force it or ruin it for your counterparts in the smoking circle.

Use movies and TV only as a loose reference point

We get it. You’ve been eager to for your first-time weed experience since you first watched Half Baked, Pineapple Express, or anything with Cheech and Chong. Maybe you’ve been itching to try since you binged Broad City or Weeds or saw some scene in a family show like 7th Heaven where they stigmatize what all the cool kids are doing. Well, it isn’t exactly like it is in the movies or on TV. This is real life. And unlike many of the actors in those scenes (mostly just 7th Heaven), you are smoking actual cannabis. So don’t anticipate your first time will be cinematic. The expectation may let you down. But also, don’t think that your first time smoking weed will automatically make you a pot smoker or to the haters, an addict. It takes real practice and dedication to become a marijuana connoisseur. Be patient and learn from your own experience, not the screen.


No, seriously. It’s okay. If there’s one thing to take away about how to smoke weed for the first time it’s that coughing is completely normal. The sharp intake of breath before a cough may also possibly accelerate your high. If the smoke burns your throat a little, and you feel something different than air entering your lungs, most likely, you are doing it right. But if it’s feeling too harsh to handle, maybe you’re doing it wrong. Don’t be afraid to try again, first-time weed smoker.

Always remember to pass it on

Heads up, first-time weed smoker. Anyone who holds onto something burning and isn’t hitting or passing is liable to be kicked out of the circle. Just remember when learning how to smoke weed for the first time, things burn up quickly. And share, no matter how high you get.

Enjoy the physical effects

Sometimes when learning how to smoke weed for the first time, you just react to feeling. Try to socialize your smoke session and see how it affects your body. Or perhaps enjoy the creative aspects and try producing some new artwork, writing, doing yoga, or playing music. Don’t fight the feeling, embrace and use the high.

Acknowledge (even pre-plan) the munchies

Look, your first time smoking weed you will likely get a hunger like you have never experienced before. It will come from the deepest depths of your guts and summon you to try combining genius flavors you’d never dream of sober. You’ll never taste food as good as when you’re high. So plan accordingly. Know a designated driver who can take you to your favorite fast food place, or have these easy-to-make recipes on hand for some high kitchen fun.

Thank/pay your helpful friend and guide

Learning how to smoke weed for the first time requires learning manners. Be gracious if someone has offered you some of their stash. Offer to pay them back in whatever way they’ll accept. Thank them, obviously. You never know when they may offer you this experience again, first-time weed smoker.

If the high goes bad, remember to relax

The most important thing when learning how to smoke weed for the first time is to remember to relax. Return to step number one. Controlling that breath and trying to live in the high rather than fight it will help. However, if the high goes south, you are still safe and okay. Just follow some easy steps to come down softly.

How to Smoke Weed for the First Time and Enjoy It

Plenty of haters will be happy to share with you their tales of first-time smoke sessions gone crazy. They’ll invoke the nightmares of hallucination, of an unending anxious state, or tales of getting caught, and try to turn you off of Mary Jane. But a first-time weed smoker shouldn’t be afraid. These easy tips and tricks will help put all those anxieties about your first time smoking weed up in smoke.

Clueless about smoking weed? Here's how to make your first time a success.

20 weed smoking tips for you!

Once upon a time I would always give out marijuana consumption etiquette tips, which people always found very informative. When I first became a cannabis consumer in the mid-90’s, the internet was readily available for me to query all of my marijuana questions. I had to learn the proper etiquette that goes along with being a responsible marijuana consumer the old fashioned way via friends, family, and often times embarrassing moments that included ridicule from more experienced consumers. You know how stoners are, always trying to look like an expert 🙂

I came up with 20 tips for consuming cannabis. This of course is not the end-all-be-all list, so if you have something to add, please do so that others can learn from your knowledge and experience. 20 seemed like a good round number to stop at, but there are many, many more out there. In no particular order…:

1. Always give guests green hits

A very classy move is to always give guests the first hit of a fresh bowl. This was one of the first things that I learned growing up from the old school smokers I knew, and they ingrained it into me that giving guest green hits is a true sign of respect.

2. Cornering bowls

This goes hand-in-hand with the last tip. If someone gives you greens, don’t run the full flame over the entire bowl. Every hit after that will taste burnt. Instead, put the lighter to the side of the nug, so that only part of the surface area of the nug showing burns. That way more than one person can get a good green hit.

3. Reloading bowls as host

If you are the host of the puff session, you should reload the bowls as the host. Of course, if you aren’t the one with the smoking device and/or weed, I suppose you could allocate that duty to the one or more people with the piece and weed. But that should lead to the obvious question of ‘Why are you the host if you don’t have weed and a piece to consume it out of?’ If you are the host, and have the dank and bong/pipe/etc., you should do the classy thing and load and reload the bowls.

4. Warn others when the bowl is almost toast – ‘there may be one more…’

No one likes the booty hit. Even newbies should be able to know when a bowl is nearing the end of its useful life. If you give someone the piece and they take a monster hit of ashed weed, they will likely not be happy about it, even if they don’t say anything. However, if you indemnify yourself with the phrase, ‘there may be one more, but I’m not sure’ then you put it on the person you are passing it to, and they can proceed at their own risk.

5. Always have a poker

There are few things as lame in the marijuana consumption world than a bowl that can’t be cleared because the cashed nug is stuck in the bowl. Or you get almost all of the ash out, but there is just enough left in the bowl to plug up the piece. The only way to fix that situation without a poker is to power hit it until it pulls through, which requires one or more people jumping on the grenade, which is never fun. Having a bobby pin, paper clip, or even a kabob stick helps. Pokers are not expensive at the headshop, and a really cool one can not only help out in times of need, but also serves as a great conversation piece.

6. Pass to the left

This tip used to be virtually mandatory, with many people back in the day scoffing at you if you tried to hit it and start the rotation counter clockwise. Not as many people practice this stoner norm these days, but a lot of the veterans I know still do. And all the while singing the lyrics to “Pass the Dutchie,” of course.

7. Puff, puff, give

While this phrase has been around a long time, it became a stoner staple after the 1995 film Friday. “Puff, puff, give. Puff, puff, give! You’re f#$king up the rotation!” It’s been my experience that if you are hitting anything other than a joint or blunt, you get one hit and then pass. If it’s a joint or blunt, you get two puffs, then it’s time to give it up.

8. Camping on a joint

Building off of the last tip, don’t ‘camp’ on a joint. For those that are new to consuming marijuana, or are coming back from a long lay-off, this means when you hold the piece/joint/blunt in your hand, and babble on and on about something that obviously isn’t as important as consuming marijuana at that point in time. If you find yourself rambling, which I’m very, very guilty of doing often, just hit it real quick, then get on with your epic story. Well, until it’s your time to hit it again, at which point hurry up again!

9. Asking if it is OK to smoke in the house

You shouldn’t just assume that because someone is a consumer that it’s cool to smoke in their place. Some people don’t like smoke in their house, of any kind. Others may be OK with it, but have someone coming over soon that isn’t so out of respect they don’t want it to smell like smoke. There could be a number of reasons. Just always politely ask, and if you get the go ahead, have at it. But if not, you will be glad that you checked first, and so will the person who resides where you are at.

10. Dont smoke weed that is not yours

Obviously, never consume someone’s weed without their knowledge. We call that stealing in most scenarios. But even if you know the person, and you think they will be OK with it, it’s still best to wait and confirm, just on the off chance that they had some other plans for that weed. Maybe it’s not even theirs, at which point you will be putting them in a jam. I remember I once helped someone get some weed, it was sitting on my table until the end user got to my house, and my friend smoked part of it because he wrongly assumed it was mine. Had it been mine, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but it wasn’t mine, and it put me in a pinch.

11. Dont talk about dealers openly (at restaurants/bars/etc.)

No one likes a loud mouth. If you get really good marijuana for a great price, be happy with it, but don’t use it as an opportunity to win pissing contests at the bar that night. Like they say, loose lips sink ships, and even when they don’t, they make the person spouting off look like an idiot. Don’t be that idiot.

12. No smashing nugs on top of other nugs (always break your nug up)

There have been so many times that I’ve been consuming marijuana with people, just to be handed a pipe that would take lungs of steel to get a hit off of it. That’s because the bowl is too packed, and likely wasn’t emptied all the way before more marijuana was loaded on top of it. By the time you discover this you have already burnt some of the new marijuana without getting anything to inhale, and on top of the hassle of clearing the bowl, you have also wasted a perfectly good green hit.

13. Clean your smoking devices

I am guilty of this, and I have no excuse either. In the late 1990’s I met the late great Jack Herer, and bought a pipe from his booth. He explained to me, and made me even promise, that I would always keep my pieces clean. He stressed the importance of doing so because it ensured that my friends and I got the full flavor out of our hits. Don’t be like me, be like Jack Herer, and always clean your pieces!

14. No Salivating over pipes/joints/blunts

There is a very racist phrase that some people use to describe this issue. I will not repeat it here because it makes me sick every time I hear it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, great, you have been saved from a very hurtful phrase that has been used in years past in marijuana consumer circles. If you do know what I’m talking about, please never use this phrase. If you do around me, I assure you, that will be the end of our interaction. (Getting off soapbox) If you are hitting a joint or blunt or even a pipe, there is no need to make out with it. I get it, it’s dank, and you want to hit it like there was no tomorrow. Just make sure to curl your lips inward a bit so that it keeps the saliva off the marijuana while at the same time pumping the goodness into your lungs.

15. Always fix a run on a joint

For those that don’t know what a ‘run’ on a joint is, when you smoke a joint, sometimes one side of the joint burns faster than the other side. There are a multitude of reasons why this occurs, but regardless, if you see this happening, try to fix it immediately. No one likes to be handed a joint that is fine on one side, and about to burn their finger on the other side. Plus it’s wasteful. Moisten up the side that is running, turn the joint in a way that the side that is not burning as fast is on top when you are holding the joint, and you should be good. Be aware, some runs are more problematic than others, so just do the best that you can.

16. Don’t leave smoke in the chamber

Before you hand a pipe, bubbler, bong or dab rig to someone else, make sure that you haven’t left any smoke in the chamber. By the time the other person goes to take a hit, that smoke will be stale, and that is awful to consume.

17. If you’re sick, don’t hit it

Every time I get sick I know it’s because someone else was sick that I was consuming with, and they didn’t want to say anything. I get that it’s no fun to consume by yourself, but it’s also not fun to be sick. If you are sick, let others know, and then they can proceed at their own risk. A really great thing to do is to keep a ‘sick pipe’ so that when you are feeling under the weather, you can just load a personal bowl and hit it while others around you have their group session. That way you are involved, but don’t infect others.

18. Pull bowls from the bottom of the nug and work your way upward

This is absolutely one of my pet peeves. When I get a glorious nug of the supers, I like to admire it for awhile. I always pull bowls from the bottom of the nug and work my way up, so that the tip of the bud stays intact as long as possible, and kind of serves as the grand finale of sorts. If you are loading bowls from other people’s buds, please pull from the bottom of the nug. I really don’t like it when I have a fantastic nug and someone rips the top off of it and I’m left with some beheaded looking nug. Of course, if you are loading form your own supply, by all means do as you please.

19. Don’t blast rookies

I have had friend and family members over the years convince someone to consume marijuana for the first time (or at least agree to facilitate it), just to get that person so high out of their mind that they have a bad experience and are turned off by marijuana for the rest of their lives. It always makes me sad, because those same people often consume other things that are more harmful than marijuana, but there’s no convincing them at that point because they had such a negative experience. If you are consuming marijuana with someone and it’s their first time, ease them into it. Make it enjoyable. If you want tips, check out an article that I wrote on the topic.

20. Return pipes with weed in it

I have a rule that if someone is nice enough to let me borrow their piece, I always make sure to return it loaded with some of my finest. People are always extra grateful, and are very quick to let me borrow their gear again in the future!

20 weed smoking tips for you! Once upon a time I would always give out marijuana consumption etiquette tips, which people always found very informative. When I first became a cannabis consumer