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Weed At Work: The Productive Smoker’s Guide To Smoking Marijuana On The Job

Work sucks, I know. Very few people have the luxury of working a highly enjoyable job.В That’s why it’s work, and they give you money.

Aside from your dull tasks or stressful meetings, you also have to deal with being in a small space with a bunch of very different people, which can be awful! But you can always smooth those workplace wrinkles by sneaking a little toke on the clock.

Some people are terrible workers when they’re high. It all depends on the job, though.В Cops shouldn’t be blazing in the squad car, but teens who work at Popeyes are definitely fine to rip on the job.

If you’re someone who can accomplish your duties while stoned, you’ve got it made.В If not, I’m sorry. Get back to work.

Now, for the lit worker, keep in mind these four simple tips.

Remember, the one-hitter is your best friend.

The one-hitter is the perfect smoking device for quick and discreet sessions (if you don’t have a vape pen, which is pretty self-explantory). If you stand behind the dumpsters and spark a big joint, there will be a lot more smoke, which isn’t great, assuming you’re at your JOB trying to keep this on the low.

A one-hitter puts more of the weed smoke in your lungs than out into the atmosphere, and itВ usually looks like a cigarette. Anyone spying on you will think you’re on a nicotine break (unless said spyВ gets close enough to take a whiff).

Additionally, the small size of the one-hitter’s chamber is an automatic rationing. You don’t want to overdo it and become catatonic at your desk.

Just a dollop’ll do ya.

Walk it out.

You should ideally smoke outdoors. Alleys and tops of parking garages are great for this. Hot boxing your car is out of the question, unless your boss doesn’t mind you reeking to high heaven of a college dorm room.

After you do your deed,В take a walk around the block. Air yourself out.В Even if you don’t notice the smell, it’s still there. You’re just accustomed to it.

Simply handling the weed flower can stink you up, so it helps to wash your hands. If you do smoke a joint, ditch the roach somewhere. Nothing tips everyone off more than a stinky little roach sitting in your pocket or cigarette box.

Keep a stoner kit handy.

Hold on to eyedrops, mints, anything that helps you cover it up. I’m not a cologne guy, and most people can tell when you’re spritzing something on to cover something else up, but if that’s your thing, go for it. I’d prefer Febreeze, but whatever.

Stick to sativa strains.

At the very least, smoke hybrids — unless you’re great at managing an intense, lazy, body high while having to interact with coworkers and upper management.

Sativa strains give you more of a cerebral high, which means you can focus and use the weed’s stimulation to your advantage. Keep in mind, however, that smoking too much of any strain will be detrimental to your productivity.

Hope these tipsВ help, office drones.

After you get high, hopefully none of your coworkers corner you with a boring tale of their uneventful weekends. Good luck!

Work sucks, I know. Very few people have the luxury of working a highly enjoyable job.В That’s why it’s work, and they give you money. Aside from your dull tasks or stressful meetings, you also have to deal with being in a small space with a bunch of…

Can You Smoke Weed at Night and Still Be Productive at Work the Next Day?

In a bid to accomplish more, some people decide to quit smoking weed. Smoking up makes them lazy and unmotivated, they say. But it turns out that it may not be a problem at all, at least not when you do it at the right time. A new study found that smoking up after work does not actually affect people’s work performance the next day.

Cannabis ‘Rains’ on Tel Aviv as Hundreds of Free Weed Packets Drop From the Sky

Now that cannabis has been legalized in more places around the world, scientists have started looking into its effects on productivity. The study published in May is based on tests conducted by professors Jeremy B. Bernerth from San Diego State University and H. Jack Walker from Auburn University. They found that regularly smoking a joint after work did not hurt employees’ performance the following day.

The research explored how cannabis affected people’s ability to meet job requirements, their behaviour toward colleagues, and attitude toward work. The study tested 281 employees, collecting data from their direct supervisors, and examined the relationship between three time-based cannabis measures and the different forms of workplace performance.

Unsurprisingly, it found that weed after work is totally fine but it doesn’t go as smoothly when used right before or during work. Getting high before and during work interfered with their concentration, affecting their ability to carry out tasks and solve problems. It also led to counterproductive behaviour and decreased their ability to help out colleagues.

Studies on the effects of alcohol on work performance are extensive and, when comparing data, the researchers found that heavy drinking after work negatively affected performance in more ways, including reduced productivity, bad attendance, inappropriate behaviour, and poor working relationships with colleagues. They found that there did not appear to be excessive negative effects on a person’s coordination the day after taking weed. It turns out that hangovers from alcohol are way worse than the next-day effects of cannabis.

According to the United Nations, legal or not, 158.8 million people around the world use weed. That’s over 3.8 percent of the planet’s population. It’s popular for its stress-reducing abilities, which makes it a favourable remedy after a stressful day at work.

But smoking up isn’t totally safe whenever, wherever. Another study published in March found that chronic, heavy cannabis use is associated with worse driving performance. This is alarming since next to alcohol, weed is the second most frequently found substance in the bodies of drivers involved in fatal automobile accidents.

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A new study looked into the effects of smoking weed before, during, and after work hours.