smoke weed everyday loop

Smoke Weed Everyday (Loop-able)

A Sound Mod for Team Fortress 2

This is a cut version of “Smoke Weed Everyday” with it being cut perfectly to loop at the words “Smoke Weed Everyday”

Currently replaces the Flamethrower sounds, and the Kazotsky kick sound.

Creator and Song is here:

What i have done to make this is using the link above, and cutting it at a certain part, making it look at that part, therefore it says “Smoke Weed Everyday” looping

A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Sound Mod in the Taunts category, submitted by Snowy Snowtime

How does marijuana affect your golf game? An investigation

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We here at The Loop are curious folk. Thus, when we gathered three golfers of varying skill levels to test how alcohol affects their game earlier this spring, we left unsatisfied. Sure, the test was a success, with ample data showing that distance and mid-range putting remain relatively consistent while accuracy takes a head-first plunge into the drunk tank. But we couldn’t help but wonder: How would marijuana impact your game by comparison?

To the answer that question, we packed our bags and headed for the sunny, free-lovin’ fairways of California, where weed, ganja, grass, Mary Jane, and Jeff Goldbloom (OK, we made that last one up) is not only legal, but an inextricable part of everyday life. Once there, we set up the same test: Three players—Jack, a high handicap, Scott, a mid handicap, and Willie, a low handicap—track their driving, approach play, and putting, only this time while consuming marijuana instead of alcohol. When the air cleared and the smoke settled, here’s what we found.


After undergoing a sobriety test by the on-site EMT, each player hit five drives, five approaches, and five putts in order to establish a baseline. As you can see, while distance does not always directly correlate with skill, iron accuracy does. Putting, meanwhile, is a free-for-all. Just ask the pros.

We met up with three California golfers to find out how increasing amounts of marijuana affects their golf game.