smart ways to sell weed

What is the best way to sell weed?

Respond to Anonymous:

Ideally you want to be a distributor, not a retailer. However, becoming a pot distributor is not so easy, a crowded field requiring a substantial cash outlay.

Most people began as small time retailers, buying an ounce or two and splitting it into smaller bags for sale to lots of small time smokers. Once a reputation was earned for selling decent smoke at a fair price, several of your best customers can be turned into dealers themselves, earning a few bucks but also having the advantage of getting their weed cheaper. They sell to their friends and you move into buying by the kilo instead of by the ounce.

Once you can get your hands on a few good kilos, the temptation to begin acting like a pimp, wearing flashy jewelry, driving fancy cars, having half naked women hanging on your arm, going to the club practically bragging about your profession is almost mandatory it seems.

Resist this at all costs. These are what is known in the industry as “bust bait” as any cop within a dozen miles will notice them, pull them over, frisk them and score his own free bag of enjoyment while bust bait rots away in a county jail somewhere.

But once you know the guy who can get you kilos, be smart and set yourself up with some underlings, aka fall guys. You’ll need them. But the kilos, break them up, deal to all your retailers and save your cash, don’t spend it on silly, useless things. Also keep a good attorney and bail bondsman on speed dial. You’ll need them too.

Pot sales are a lucrative business BUT a warning. any person asking “what’s the best way. ” is pretty mush destined to wear stripes.

It’s more difficult if you live in a legal state as most of the licenses to sell were bought up before it was made legal.

What is the best way to sell weed? Respond to Anonymous: Ideally you want to be a distributor, not a retailer. However, becoming a pot distributor is not so easy, a crowded field requiring a

Sell Marijuana

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Drug Dealer’s Customer Base

Making Money Selling Drugs

What’s a customer base?

Who gives you money? How do you profit from drugs? Well, you sell to people. Not sheep, horses or farm animals but people. A drug deal is a transaction, just like any other transaction where you buy a snickers or a pack of cigarettes, it’s an exchange. And the easier, smoother and faster that exchange happens, with less hassle, the better it is for all parties. Therefore, it’s important to remember, that as a drug dealer you’re competing with others dealers in terms of discretion, secrecy and speed and ease of the deal, keep that in mind.

In our scenario, with weed, your customer base are the people who buy weed from you, time and time again. You could make a one time drug deal with a person you don’t know occasionally, but by the far, almost all your money should come from your customer base. That means people that hit you up on your phone. For safety reasons, the customer base should consist of friends that wouldn’t snitch you out and preferably don’t like the police. This applies to all drugs and even, all businesses. The customer base does not include employees who sell for you, bribed police on your side or your bodyguards. Your customer base is your revenue.

How do you build a customer base?

It takes a while to build a customer base, but it starts with you. It takes time to develop devoted customer and you need to be a reliable dealer. There are several steps. If you’re wondering where to find a customer base, that starts with you. The best and easiest way, is of course through work. Shitty jobs, like restaurants in particular, or other low income establishments are prime for targets, people who smoke weed all the time or do harder drugs. The other scene is the party scene, bars, clubs and house parties are where people sell harder drugs. Another scene to contend is fellow drug dealers, someone who snorts coke and sells it might smoke weed from time to time and will ask for it. The last of course, are colleges, universities, high schools, places where the young are, tend to be places where people want to do drugs.

Some tips

  1. Always have a reserve of weed, so if a customer calls at any time, you’ll be able to supply 24/7. Careful not to ride around with it and never carry more on you than you intend to sell or smoke. As stiffer penalties come with the more you carry. Don’t carry money on you or rubber bands and unless some is stingy, don’t bring a scale.
  2. Don’t scam your customers. If your selling them schawg (shitty marijuana), then tell your customers and charge accordingly. Every dealer loves to say his shit is fire. A cannabis culture dealer will tell the truth. There are several scales to weed.
  3. If your customer complains, listen attentively and don’t argue. For example; if a customer claims, that you shorted them… then just give the customer what they say you owe them, even if your sure you didn’t scam them. This is part of building brand loyalty, and you, as a drug dealer, are a brand. You sell your product but you act as the customer service of oyur agency. Remember that. If you piss off your customer, you not only lose money, but the customer could turn to a snitch.
  4. Have a price set in stone that both you and the customer know that you will deliver on. Don’t sell for less or else the customer will think that’s the new price. Unlike gatorade or Nike shoes, there is not set price for drugs. There is no elastic competition, you can charge as high as your customer is willing to buy for. Keep that in mind but remember to keep customers, your price should be low. The ideal way to think is what each customer will get out of your deal. If they get a lot, charge a lot. If they will get less value due to inferior product, then charge less.
  5. Occasionally give freebies to loyal customers. This is optional but makes the relationship a friendly, which is crucial all across the board.

Below are three different groups that you can sell to. If your starting out dealing, you will have to start with group 1 and then progress at group 2. If your not comfortable with group 3, that’s fine… just stick to dealing with group 2, as there is still plenty of money to be made.
Prices reflect standard to high quality marijuana!

Group 1

Small budget potheads

Low income potential

In one day of work: $100-300

Over a week: $300-$800

Over a month: $1500-$3000

Yearly income: $20,000-$45,000

(High schoolers, College students and old people)

Dime bags Eighth Quarter

$10-$20 $30-$60 $50-$100

Group 2

Other dealers and high budget potheads

Decent to high income potential

In one day: $300-$800

Over a Week: $800 – $2400

Over a Month: $3000 – $6000

(Dropouts, college students and low income workers)

Half Ounce Ounce

Group 3

Gangsters and other big time dealers

Very High Income

Potential Yearly Income: $80,000 to $250,000

(Entire Housing Projects, Large House Parties/Frats And Old Hippies)

$100-300 per ounce $1200-$4000 per pound

For more information on undercover cops, click here.

For more information on attacks, click here.

Detect Undercover Cops and Don’t get Caught!

Undercover Cops

Out of all the rules and bullshit you have to follow when your a dealer, you should remember one thing above all.

Don’t get caught.

That doesn’t mean don’t get arrested… that means don’t be anybodies’ bitch in some dirty cell. Prisonavoid prison at all costs. You can get arrested, but the courts have to convict you beyond a reason of a doub t.

That means that everyone has to be 100% certain that you are a dealer. So even if there is some evidence and it’s believable that you could be a dealer, the jury has to know for sure that your a dealer before your convicted.


Here’s the way it works…

  • Don’t sell weed from your apartment, I don’t care if it’s for your neighbor, drive off then come back. Do not let people know you have drugs at your spot, because it’ll spread to robbers or cops or other enemy dealers.
  • Do not meet customers at your house. Go around the block, go to gas station, go somewhere public, doesn’t matter where,


Undercover cops

Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted – Volume 2: Never Get Raided

Do yourself a favor. Buy this fucking DVD. If you’re dealing with more than an ounce or around that amount, buy this. Even if you just plan on it. It covers everything you’ll ever need to know to avoid Narcos, avoid getting raided and avoid the motherfucking fuzz kicking in your door. Shit is no joke. A former DEA agent flipped and lets you know all the little secrets for how he busted dudes. If you’re serious about the game, watch this and you’re already ahead of 90% of other dealers.

Buy the physical copy to show to your boys and other dealers that work under you. It’s good shit, I remember seeing a long long time ago and everything that’s in it, we’ll explain out here and expound on it.

Now, let’s get the basics out of the way for you basic ass nigguhs. Undercover cops are easy as fuck to spot if you’re paranoid enough. So let’s find ways to string them up so they cannot be used against you. Again, narcos or under covers only go for big boys, so if you’re small time, you can ignore this part.

  1. Undercover cops DO NOT have to tell you that they are cops
  2. They aren’t supposed to take drugs (a few will disregard this) but they are very good at faking it. Make them smoke from a bong, you can’t fake a good bong hit. If you think someone is a narco, make them take a bong hit, record it on your phone. Save it to your computer. That’s evidence you can use to get out of in court. Upload that shit to cloud because police will confiscate your computer and smash it if they have to.
  3. They can buy and sell drugs. No shit.
  4. But they cannot let those drugs get into the system (into the public’s hands), that’s why, ask a narco for a joint and say you’ll be right back… a narco cannot let you take that joint away. He will have to stop you or make up some excuse. Record the incident, use this in court if you have to. Bam, you’re out free.
  5. Undercover cops are almost always introduced through an informant (snitch)

Now, we’re gonna talk about narcos. If you’re really looking to sell, undercover cops are your big boys, they’ll take you on if you’re dealing with pounds. Otherwise, if you’re a small time dealer, you gotta worry about CIs, or confidential informants, but that’s another story and we’ll get to that.

Keeping a tight motherfucking circle

The biggest rule to avoid getting caught is keeping a “tight circle.” That means that no one outside of your customer base knows you have anything to do with marijuana. Furthermore, everyone in your customer base should be friends with you, so if they get caught, they won’t snitch on you. You should also consistently remind your customers that you won’t sell or accept their their friends or acquaintances into your customer base. Don’t let your customers decide who is in your customer base because that’s how undercover cops get in.

Imagine this setting…

One of your customers is driving with some marijuana they bought from you. They get pulled over, the cops search their car and find the marijuana.

Your customer get arrested and decides that in order to avoid jail time, they’re going to snitch and help the police. So, a little later your hanging out in bar with your customer (friend) when some guy walks up and your customer greets him. Then your customer introduces him as some badass weed seller.You hang out with this cool guy and figure out that he had a crazy past and is an expert when it comes to marijuana. So while you feeling the buzz of alcohol, you spill your thoughts and tell this guy that he should join you in your marijuana deals. Next thing you know, he’s watching your back while your dealing pounds around your city.

Then late one night, you wake up to some bang and within seconds a bunch of guys dressed as ninjas are pointing a bunch of mp5s at you and your facing 10 years in prison… Don’t let this happen to you. Watch who you talk to about marijuana and don’t sell to anyone you don’t trust.

Many cops can fake that they smoke marijuana, but no one can fake a hit from a bong. So offer anyone new in your customer base a bong hit, if they reject, ask them why.

If they say they don’t smoke marijuana, then that person could very well be an undercover cop (what kind of dealer doesn’t use their own product)? That’s not foolproof though, as some cops will take drugs. If you think someone is a “Narco” or Undercover, record the incident of them taking drugs , then upload it to the cloud aka online or to Dropbox , not to your laptop as your laptop or computer will be confiscated in a raid.

Again all of this shit is from the fucking DVD, so buy it, now. Cops also can’t let drugs get into the system. That means cops can buy and sell drugs, as long as they can recover those drugs later. So ask anyone in suspicion if you can buy a little marijuana off them and tell them that your going resell it. Undercover cops can’t let you do that. Big time, record it on your phone if you can or take pictures, either way, if you ever get busted or in cuffs, you can talk to your lawyer and tell them about the incident. Again, back up everything to the cloud or dropbox or somewhere online where someone else can access it, like your fucking lawyer. This way, you have as much dirt on the undercover and the police department as they have on you. And that’ll give you a lot of leeway in dealing with them.

Furthermore, thanks to the internet, information is readily available. You can casually ask them what high school they went to and look up that information online (look at their myspace, facebook, etc). Beware of anyone your friends introduce to you, as they could’ve become informants and are introducing to you an undercover cop.

Faggot Ass Informants & How to Prevent Them

Now, let’s talk about informants, motherfuckers that used to smoke weed or sell weed or even harder and other drugs and know that you sell. And since they’re facing a child molestation charge, an assault charge or domestic violence charge, the police department is willing to drop or lessen charges if they buy drugs from you and record it. CIs are everywhere, and sometimes they get trapped into the system and have to do more and more deals. It’s not as simple as just flipping, when you become an informant, you have to give everybody away you know, you can’t hold back on anyone.

Informants are the lowest breed of humans, no loyalty, no concept of protecting those that helped them and no idea of what the game is. Informants deserve everything coming to them. But notice how I say how to “prevent” them, not how on to deal with them. Because you’ll never know when someone is an informant. A narco, an undercover cop is easy to spot, they’ll act nervous, they’ll seem out of place, they’ll be introduced to you through someone and they have certain actions they can’t do, like take drugs and let drugs get into the system. Narcos are only for the big boys, but for small time worms like yourselves, CIs are the bane of your existence.

Violence. Violence is everything.

Well, this is the drug game. What the fuck do you expect? You’re gonna have to beat some ass. Now here’s the problem. This will happen after the fact. After someone flips you, you inevitably will find out but you have to prevent them from testifying. You also have to keep your street-cred steady and just because, it’s a matter of principle, you gotta kick their ass. Don’t fuck them up too bad but you gotta do it. It’s easy though, no matter how big they are.

Find them on Facebook, find out where they work or ask about them. Wait for them outside their job and when they come out, run up on them with a mask , gloves and a police baton . But why a police baton and gloves? For one, unlike brass knuckles, which are super illegal or using a pistol to pistol whip someone, you cannot get in trouble for possessing a police baton, they are legal in practically every state and while they are suspicious they are also are retractable. All you have to do is flick your wrist and your immediately have reach for a short person and the hard steel to deliver into someone’s thighs.

The gloves are for punching in someone’s fucking face in. You’ll cut your fists really up bad on someone’s teeth or bruise your hands very badly and the blood on there can get you stopped and arrested. By having gloves, when you’re beating someone’s face open, you can toss the gloves and you specifically need motorcycle riding gloves so you have some padding and don’t break your fist. Make no mistake, people’s skulls and faces are made of hard bone. Yes, you’re fucking them up but you’re also fucking up your fists. And as long as you wear a mask and no one can identify you, you can beat someone’s ass in board public and get away with it.

What’s another charge gonna do when you’re already caught for selling weed and on bail? Nothing. Again, if you’re face is covered and you run up on someone and beat someone down in thirty seconds or less and are out of there, you won’t get caught. The thing is to do it quick. Run up behind someone and swing the baton into the thighs, do not use a baton on someone’s face or head, you can kill them and also get an attempted murder charge. That’s why you want a baton as well, you can deliver strikes below the belt and not get a serious assault charge. The gloves? Well that’s for the grip and in case someone fights back or tries to take your baton away and use it on you, you fight them and punch them in the face. Once someone falls to the ground, start kicking them, hit them several times in the face.

It’s the small things that break easily and cost a ton to fix and will let someone remember you forever. Teeth and noses are what you want to aim for. Anyway, again this is for someone that already flipped on you. You need to avoid them going into the courtroom and this is the only way, also you need to prove a point. Informants think they’re invincible, let these little fuckers know was sup.

Follow the x10 Rule

The x10 rule is simple. Again, it’s from the DVD the rule is that for every person you tell you sell weed, they’ll tell ten other people. Now of course, it doesn’t make sense right away, but people talk and if they tell one person, that person tells another person and so on and so on. Nigguhs talk, bitches talk, white boys talk, hoes talk, all girls and all guys talk. So fuck all that bullshit. Unless you’re directly selling to someone, don’t let them know you’re selling.

This goes further as well. Don’t tell your girlfriend, don’t show off, don’t tell your boyfriend, don’t tell anybody. Make up some excuse for how you make money. Don’t even give them hints, fuck that. Also, make sure the words “I sell marijuana” or “I sell” ever come out of your mouth. I don’t care when or where or at what party. Do not ever physically say you sell, ever. You never know when you’re being recorded, seriously. You do not speak on this lifestyle, you don’t ever say it.

If you follow the x10 rule, you should be okay for the most part. It’ll keep you out of a lot of shit, especially if you’re in school. At the same time, if someone is selling and says it, pay attention. That may be someone you can flip or throw to the cops. Seriously. There are no rules or code of ethics to this shit. For someone that talks, make sure you get in their business and just listen and observe. Don’t even say you used to sell. Just don’t bring it up.

The best way to find out if someone smokes is just ask them if they smoke, that way you can imply if it’s cigarettes or weed. Or rock a fucking D.A.R.E. shirt. The problem is nigguhs love to talk. If you saw me you’d never thought I smoked weed… because I don’t. Now, it might be a serious urge to fucking talk but even back in my days, I would talk so much before I even got things off the ground I had police on me, and this was in high school. Seriously, people fucking talk. You may have to remind even your customers from time to time to keep their fucking mouthes quiet. That’s where a baton comes in useful, it’s intimidation as well.

Are you a professional? Then get a fucking burner.

Burners make the world go round. Honestly, this is what distinguishes a professional from an amateur. The phone you use to text hoes, the phone you use to text your Mom and regular people is fine to have; but do not keep photos of weed on there, do not use it to text for drugs and if someone texts you on it for drugs, drop them immediately. Do not respond.. at all… for anything related to drugs on your main phone, whatsoever. Text them from your side phone. There are many reasons to use a burner…

  • Cops will sometimes go through random lists given to them by an informant asking for drugs, and the more you change your phone, the more you are immune to these kinds of attacks.
  • Cops need a warrant to track texts and calls and by the time they get a warrant, if you dispose of your phone and get a new one, it’s much harder for them to legally tackle you.
  • A phone that is a burner and doesn’t have any personal information is much harder to associate with you. You can register a phone and get pre-paid minutes and pre-paid data without registering your personal data. So if someone gets ahold of it, they cannot associate it with you as easily.

In general, for every $400 you make a week, you want to change your phone once a month. So… if you only sell a couple of eighths here and there, you don’t need a burner, you’re not professional enough. But if you sell like two ounces a week or three or four, use a burner and change your number every month. Text your most valuable contacts your new number, tell this is just how business is done. If you’re making $800 a week from selling weed, selling many ounces or running through half a pound, use a burner every two weeks. Toss into a dumpster and toss the battery into another dumpster. Smash the phone or erase all the information and donate it to Goodwill or something.

If you’re making $1200 a week from selling weed then you’re big time and you need to be changing your phone number once a week. At that rate, you can move fast enough and get rid of phones fast enough to avoid someone tracking you. You should also should not have any online presence, get rid of your Facebook, use snapchat instead and that makes it convenient as you can know if someone is snapping your texts. Snapchat is the ideal app to use for drug dealers as it erases text history and makes it much harder to track you.

Varying between Snapchat on your burners and calling and text and changing up your phone often will keep nearly all kinds of police off you. On a Federal level it won’t stop anyone, but if you get to that level, you should be only doing business in person or through other people obviously. So for you’re average dealer, a burner once a month or even twice a month will somewhat shield you from a lot of bullshit. $45 for a new phone and $45 a month for service to avoid getting jail time is a small price to pay.

Sell to people who don’t get in trouble with the law.

Do you see these flaming faggots? Well I promise you these preppy guys all smoke weed, a lot of it and don’t get in trouble with the law… often. Compared to your co-workers at McDonalds or Taco Bell who are always in trouble with the law, who you associate with is how you’ll get busted… or won’t get busted. Want to avoid informants? Deal with people who rarely if ever get in trouble with the law. Guys that sit at home in their basement and play video games or haven’t moved out and never go out are prime targets. If they get stopped with weed, they should be too scared to snitch you out and never got out anyways so can’t get caught with weed.

Only when they’re driving back from the deal can they actually get busted. College Kids, preppy kids, rich kids, nerds, basement dwellers and losers are far better than wanna-be wiggers, nigguhs, thugs, spics and gangsters. Every day. If someone is associating themselves with heroin or meth or harder drugs, they also deal with a tougher crowd and they bring risk into your world. The best way to start selling is to work at an upscale restaurant, or catering company or a warehouse or some shit. The people you’ll deal with for the most part, are honest as long as you are honest, and you can slowly bring up the topic of weed, give them a sampler and your burner number and bam, you just made a customer.

So, remember, if you’re selling to or associating yourself with wanna-be thugs or real thugs, they will bring you down, sooner or later. The more a person gets MIPs or DUIs or assaults or in trouble with the law, the more likely they are to become an informant, because after all, that’s what an informant is… someone that works for the law. You may be friends with these people but imagine if you have an argument or get involved in a squabble. Will they have your back? Fuck no. Good honest white people are great targets to sell weed to.

And did you know girls smoke more weed than anyone else? Seriously. Nearly every young girl in her 20s has smoked weed and many still will buy off you. Pussy and weed. Who would’ve known, the more girls you know the bigger your circle and the easier it is to sell. It’s best not to fuck the girls you sell weed to but not all things are avoidable.


Drug drop offs, make the police fight to come get you

Alright, fam. But you still didn’t tell me how to avoid getting busted.

Buy the fucking DVD, because again, I’m going to explain something from there right now. It’s called drop offs. With informants, the way they busy you is with recording or with your phone,. But if you’re using all sorts of apps like snapchat or other private phone apps and google voice or if you use burners, they won’t get you on your phone game. Either way, an informant is gonna be wearing a mike or video camera and have undercovers in the area protecting him. To avoid getting heat, you grab the money and loudly say

“Alright, hey thanks for paying me back”.

Those golden words will keep you out of jail. Then you can whisper in their ear, or better yet, walk off and text him the location of the drug drop off in five minutes once you’re out of the area. Yes, it’ll piss your customers off, but if you remind them that what you’re doing is illegal (remember all of this is fiction, you are responsible for your own actions, I do not encourage anything, I write purely fiction) and that what you’re doing is for their protection and yours, they’ll appreciate it. So why does it work?

A mike will not pick you up whisper the location and neither will a video camera, and if your phone game is good, they cannot associate the number you’re texting from with you and it’s that much harder to prove you dropped off the drugs. Remember, you need to prove to the jury that you’re not 100% a drug dealer. Did you drop those drugs off at the spot? Yes, probably but can they prove without a doubt? No, you were just picking up money that your friend owed and they got a text or picked up some drugs. What are good drug drop off spots? Places where people don’t go, dumpsters are a major go to, but fountains, park benches all kinds of shit. Get creative faggot, I’m not doing the work for you.

Remember, you have to be convicted beyond a doubt. Also, remember to change off your drop off location or else the police will be informed by the informant and watch the drop off location and record you and then record the customer picking it up and you’re still gonna get busted. Change up your drop off locations, change up where you drop stuff off, do not associate drugs with you and always check and double check the location before-hand for anybody staring. If there’s a lot of people there, bounce. The less people or the less traffic there is the better. As long as you aren’t worried about being robbed, you can take the risk. Remember, it’s weird as fuck to make people you know pick up drugs from a drug drop off, but also remember informants are people you know who are looking at jail time and will throw you under the bus.


Unlike with undercover cops, you can’t be reactive to snitches, you have to be proactive. That means you have to see into the people you sell to and hang out and see if they would snitch on you. Snitches have many characteristics.

  1. Have an incessant fear of prison and cops
  2. Believe it’s better to “just be honest.”
  3. Have never done time before or never dealt with police before
  4. Or have done time and snitched out on their buddies.
  5. May believe they are the most important in the group (arrogant)

These are big signs of a to be snitch waiting to happen. First off, if they’re constantly paranoid of the police even when they don’t have to be, then that’ s a big tipoff. What’s gonna happen to that person if they do get caught? They’re gonna freak out and not think right and in order to avoid prison, they’ll snitch everyone out.

The second characteristic is “better to be honest, then get into yourself into a hole of lies.” That’s very true when it comes to your friends or family… but not the police. Don’t tell police anything except who you are and where you live. When your caught, you just sit silent and say you’d like to speak with an attorney. You have that right to shut the fuck up, but most don’t use it.

The third characteristic only is a tipoff for a snitch if the two above are also true, otherwise discard this rule . If someone has never dealt with the police, believes in honesty all the time and is constantly afraid of the police, then they will snitch. Why? Because these people can’t handle the pressure, the only exit sign for them is to be honest. They view as telling the police everything that happened, not only as just the “right thing to do” but also a way to save their ass. Watch out.

The fourth characteristic is obvious, if the person has snitched out before, then chances are they’ll do it again, no matter what they tell you. Get used to it, it’s reality.

The fifth characteristic isn’t exactly a big giveaway, but it is a clue. If the person in question isn’t on the top of your drug organization and they are arrogant, then this could pose problems. When your in a drug ring with someone, you must treat them as a equal… as a brother. But someone who is arrogant won’t do this, they view everyone as below them.

Most “snitches to be” are caught during small time drug deals or with a small amount of drugs on them. In order to avoid prosecution, they snitch out on their employer or the drug dealer above them. Then that drug dealer snitches and the snitching doesn’t stop until the top guy is finally arrested. Weed out the people that you think will be snitches. That doesn’t mean stop being friends… just don’t tell them about your drug business and don’t let them in on it.

Remember, only you can prevent snitching.

For more information about how not to get caught, click here.

Selling marijuana in bulk

Why sell marijuana in bulk?

It’s far better to sell marijuana in bulk because there’s less risk. Instead of doing a dozen separate drug deals, you can just cash in by selling all your product in one big deal. Although you will make a little less profit, you will reduce your risk tenfold if you sell bulk. Let others break it up and sell it for scraps. Of course, you can do small deals too, but selling marijuana in bulk is how you should make most of your money .

What is bulk?

The term bulk depends on your state. It could mean you sell from a couple of pound to half an ounce. Go here to NORML and click here on the state. Look under “possession” and find the first penalty and the amount. Don’t sell more marijuana then that amount.

For example in California; less then an ounce (28.5 grams) is just a $100 fine. Which means, outside of your home you should never carry more then 28.5 grams or you could be looking at up to 6 months in prison. Let’s look at another example, In California, if however you are caught selling, you are screwed (which is why you should sell to reliable customers). But… there is an exception. If you are caught “gifting” less then an ounce (28.5 grams), your only looking at a $100 fine. Aha!

That means, your marijuana deals should play out like this… You should place the marijuana in a secret location before the deal. Then go up to your customer, greet him/her and have them front you the money. You should say “thanks for paying me back” (if they are wearing a wire, it won’t look suspicious in court that you accepted money). Then leave the scene and call them and tell them the location of where you stashed their weed. Therefore, if you do get caught, it looks like you gave them the marijuana as a “gift” (or at least you can argue that in court). If the customer is unwilling to front you their money, then whisper the stash location in their ear (a wire won’t pick this up).

Let’s look at another example. If you look at Alabama; you’ll see that you can yet the same sentence for having one gram as having up to a 2.2 pounds of marijuana. In this case, selling bulk would mean selling one to two pounds of pot. Don’t bother with little shit (like dime bags and eights). Now if you notice in Alabama, there are further penalties for selling to a minor or selling anywhere near a school or housing project. Therefore, you must choose a location to sell which is at least three miles away from any school or housing project. This may seem like a bitch to do, but 5 years of prison additional to whatever else your charged with, is no joke. Furthermore, don’t sell to any minors. The possibility of a life sentence just doesn’t make it worth it. Besides, most minors won’t be able to afford to buy a pound in marijuana.

Now, of course a marijuana deal involving an ounce is not as high risk as one involving a couple of pounds. Remember your two biggest threats are people attacking you for your marijuana and undercover cops.

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