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Smallest, most discreet water pipes now on sale

Are you looking for a small water pipe to cool down your smoke? It’s not always easy to find a well-functioning water pipe that is discreet enough to fit inside a bag and bring with you wherever you go.

Nonetheless, people love the cooling effect and removal of particulates that a water filter provides. This is why so many people today opt for a small water pipe for their glass collection. A small water pipe allows you to have the power of a small bong, along with the discretion of a hand pipe.

But, with the pandemic, it’s tough to go out shopping, so let’s look at the best small bongs online, ranging from best price-point to best smoking experience and size.

The smallest water pipe of all

To start off the list, if you seriously want the best small bong with the best experience, we can’t recommend anything better than the Orbis Borocca.

This was named the smallest water pipe you can buy online, and it lives up to the hype. The Orbis Borocca has an extremely clean pull and it feels almost as if it is an ice-catcher bong because of the cold smoke I sometimes pull with this water pipe.

The Orbis Borocca is a small water pipe, don’t get confused by it’s strength and pull. At a height of 5.5 inches, this little pipe can fit snug in a backpack and any varianty of small bags and pockets.

Pretty, cheap mini bong

If the Orbis Borocca is a bit pricey for you, this cheap mini bong should definitely be on your list.

Coming in at only $29, this beautiful glass piece is a great small bong for sale. You aren’t likely to find a glass bong at such a cheap price anywhere else. Because of it’s small size, this bong becomes very affordable while still providing big, clean hits to it’s admiring participants.

This small water pipe is 6.1 inches and can be held discreetly in a backpack or bag for travel.

Best inexpensive water pipe online

If you are looking for the best affordable water pipe you can find online, this green rimmed, hand blown bong is your best option.

With a delicate, beautiful design, this water pipe hits like no small bong has ever before.

It is priced respectifully at $69, and is made with premium strong glass that has been melded to perfection by an expert. You can not go wrong with this , the best cheap small water pipe you can buy online.

Benefits of a small water pipe

A big water pipe of that size is really inconvenient at times.

The benefits to owning a small water pipe are endless. A water pipe is usually a glass pipe you only really want to keep in your room or living room. You’re not going to want to go to a park or leave your home with it because water pipes typically range from 8 inches to 16 inches in height.

Even so, a good quality water pipe is a favorite among perhaps the majority of smokers. That is the niche that mini water pipes serve: a high quality water pipe that is convenient to move around. That is the number one benefit to a small water bong: it’s discreet and portable. But there are more benefits to a small bong than that. These (and similar) water pipes are extremely durable.

The classic worst-nightmare situation for smokers is buying an expensive bong and breaking it the first night you smoke. With a big pipe that is 14 / 15 inches, they just simply break often. With a small water pipe, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money by breaking another expensive bong. Because of their size, these affordable small bongs are durable with thick glass that is not going to break easily.

To answer your question in a short, concise way, “What are the benefits of a small water pipe?”

  1. Discretion and the ability to take a water pipe with you whereever you are. These are portable small bongs.
  2. Durability so you don’t have to fear breaking your piece a few weeks after you buy it.

How to use a small water pipe

Using a small water pipe may sound easy at first, but many people find it tricky at first. You want to smoke it gently and not pull too aggressively. Watch the smoke build up in the main chamber of the bong and get a nice, clean hit from your new small bong.

  1. place carb in bong.
  2. place what you’re smoking into glass bowl.
  3. hold small bong securely.
  4. breath in while lighting the bowl for smoke to build up in the chamber of the bong.

Smallest, most discreet water pipes now on sale Are you looking for a small water pipe to cool down your smoke? It’s not always easy to find a well-functioning water pipe that is discreet enough

Smallest weed pipe

A screen must be placed in the bowl of the marijuana pipe to prevent ash and herb crumbs from moving further down the weed pipe and into your mouth. No screens are supplied with this pipe. Screens should be ordered separately.

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Handy little pipe and ideal for a quick hit. These pipes are widely used for smoking Salvia.