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Afghan Skunk Strain > Linda Seeds ✅ Feminized Cannabis Seed | Indica | THC 15 – 20 % | Yield XL ✔ Buy cheap & anonymous ✔ Skunk strains are some of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. Here's a selection of the best skunk cannabis strains to buy online from Seedsman. <p><strong>10 REGULAR SEEDS</strong></p> <p>Super Skunk was one of the first serious projects to create a next-level cannabis hybrid by crossing the groundbreaking Skunk #1 with an ancient, pure-bred, highly resinous Afghani hash plant. In 1990, Super

Afghan Skunk strain

Afghan Skunk cannabis seeds are a cannabis cross created by crossing the parent strains Afghani and Skunk #1. This genetic pairing has resulted in a cannabis plant that is considered one of the prime examples of Skunk genetics – high THC content with additional high resin production.

Afghan Skunk weed is not only prized for its psychoactive high, which is caused by smoking. The cannabis variety also offers a variety of aromas, which then gives a pleasantly exciting smoking experience. When inhaling Afghan Skunk, you taste the soothing flavours of earth and tea as well as a potent aftertaste.

The high produced by Afghan Skunk is characterised by deep relaxation and calming. Ideal for taking a break from everyday life. The variety is also known among users for its ability to create feelings of happiness and mental lift. Those who simply want to chill out or are looking for deep and restful sleep will find what they are looking for here.

The high is also appreciated by medical users, especially in cases of stress, nausea, pain, sleep problems and insomnia. An additional positive side effect of consumption is that it stimulates thirst. Having water at hand is therefore highly recommended, the kidneys will thank you 😉

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The Afghan Skunk Strain is also a good growing choice for beginners. Thanks to the Skunk genetics, this cannabis strain is both hardy and resistant. If you grow the strain indoors, you can expect good to very good yields of around 380-460g/m². Cannabis plants of the Afghan Skunk variety usually reach heights of between 70 and 110cm. Depending on the weather conditions, significantly higher hemp plants can be achieved in Outdoorgrow. The flowering time of this cannabis variety is about 6-8 weeks.

Skunk Strains

Skunk strains are believed to have originated in the United States before development by Dutch growers. Skunk is a hybrid of s ativa and i ndica , dominating both varieties in different strains. This iconic strain first hit the market in the 1970s and has since given rise to multiple other strains that most cannabis connoisseurs are familiar with.

Skunk is a rather beautiful crop, radiating with sugar leaves in shades of light-yellow and faded green, mixed with a bit of silvery-grey and orange. Often the buds contain many patches of bright, bright orange pistils that curl and twist throughout the sugar leaves, and a thick coating of trichrome usually coats the surface of these densely packed balls of herb.

The aroma of Skunk is a spicy and sometimes overwhelming scent that has become a preference amongst medical marijuana patients and recreational pot smokers. It has a strong earthy, musky, and skunky smell with hints of jasmine, sweet and sour, and fruity aromas.

POPULAR STRAINS: include Super Skunk, Chocolate Skunk Auto and Skunk #1

Check out this strain profile from our very own Original Skunk #1 on our blog.

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Skunk Cannabis Seeds


Super Skunk was one of the first serious projects to create a next-level cannabis hybrid by crossing the groundbreaking Skunk #1 with an ancient, pure-bred, highly resinous Afghani hash plant. In 1990, Super Skunk was released to great acclaim, picking up the mostly-Indica Cannabis Cup straight away.

Dependable all-round performance makes this one of the top strains for commercial or connoisseur growers — Super Skunk always lives up to her super-vigorous, super-potent, super-fragrant reputation.

With just a little encouragement, females build colossal, crystal-covered colas indoors, in the greenhouse or outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

Super Skunk bears the rare distinction of being one of the only cannabis strains that may require more experience to smoke than she does to grow!

Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Cup Winner
Temperate / Continental
Average height gain
Flowering 45 – 50 days
Yield Heavy Yield
80% Indica