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Strain of the Week: OG Sherbet

T here are two things that come to mind when thinking of the word “ sherbet ” (let’s set the record straight—contrary to popular belief, “sherbert” is the incorrect spelling). First, fruity ice cream, and second, bright, vibrant colors. Often incorporating pink, orange and even green, ice cream with this name is often a perfect match for summertime eating. Think live, seasonal flavors of orange, raspberry and lime, for example. So when a cannabis strain named OG Sherbet comes onto the scene, you can bet that you’re in for some tantalizing flavors and effects.

An OG Sherbet strain will often have deep purple hues, almost like the color of an eggplant, spread around a very bright green and leafy exterior. Flavor-wise though, reviewers expected nothing less than the potent scents of citrus. But there is also a subtle, pleasant nutty taste as well, like a light pistachio ice cream. These flavors combined creates quite a pleasant and smooth inhale, and places consumers on the right path toward inner peace.

It’s uncertain which parents were crossed to make this unique strain, but one thing that there’s no denying is OG Sherbet’s powerful indica properties. Similarly to the feeling of laying out in the sun on a warm day, OG Sherbet will induce some great effects for relaxation. A strong but not overwhelming body buzz envelops the consumer quickly, and for medical cannabis consumers this is a welcome effect that often helps treat those who suffer from conditions like insomnia, depression or anxiety.

If this is the sort of strain you’re looking for, try some of its similar cousins such as Rainbow Sherbet , Sherbet Cookies , and Sunset Sherbet . All equally impressive, the Sherbet family line produces many high-quality strains that can benefit both medical and recreational consumers.

Nevada Collects $69.8 Million in Cannabis Tax Revenue

Elizabeth Warren Sees Federal Cannabis Reform on the Horizon

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House of Representatives Approves Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill

December 4, 2020

By Nicole Potter

The US House of Representatives voted in favor of approving a bill that would legalize cannabis on a federal level.

Between December 3-4, the House held an extensive formal discussion on legalizing cannabis for the first time. Finally, a vote on the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act was passed 227 to 164.

On December 3, numerous congress members spoke in favor of the MORE Act and how it would benefit Americans across the country.

Longtime advocate Representative Earl Blumenauer provided some honest insight about the situation. “We’re not rushing to legalize marijuana. The American people have already done that. We’re here because Congress has failed to deal with the disastrous war on drugs,” he said at the House podium.

Representative Lou Correa brought up support of veterans, who are rapidly moving to cannabis over pharmaceutical medications. “Let’s align federal cannabis law with the will of the people, and let’s take full advantage of the medical benefits of cannabis…Veterans prefer cannabis over opioids to treat the invisible wounds that they bring back from the battlefield.”

Representative Tulsi Gabbard called this vote a “historic moment that so many here and across the country have been working toward to take this step to end America’s destructive and costly war on drugs that has turned everyday Americans into criminals and torn families apart, ruining so many people’s lives.”

Despite the support of cannabis, other Congress members criticized the vote. According to Marijuana Moment, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy believes that “cats and cannabis” (cats refers to the Big Cat Public Safety Act which bans ownership of large, exotic cats) is not an important topic when the pandemic is still at an all-time high.

The MORE Act, which was initially introduced in July 2019, would decriminalize cannabis on a federal level and remove cannabis from its current classification as a Schedule I substance. The bill includes numerous measures to support those who were negatively affected by the War on Drugs. The bill now moves to the Senate, and if passed there, it will move to President Donald Trump’s desk for final approval.

Strain of the Week: Super Hazy Train

December 4, 2020

Now that we’re in the first week of December, holiday celebrations are in full swing. Many are whole-heartedly embracing the decorations, atmosphere and feelings of this time of year, especially with COVID-19 bringing many traditions to a halt. Safer activities such as cooking at home and watching wholesome films are more popular than ever. This week, inspired by the classic holiday film The Polar Express (2004), we’re taking a closer look at Super Hazy Train —a strain that will lift you up without bogging you down.

Just like in The Polar Express , Super Hazy Train is the adult’s version of celebrating something to believe in. You may not be able to see the effects it provides right away, but what you can see is a beautiful bud arrangement of festive green leaves and dark, reddish-orange pistils. Of course, it’s also covered with a light snowfall-like exterior of frosty trichomes too. Its scent is reminiscent of the pine and earth smell of a holiday tree, but with a slight hint of yeast—like freshly baked holiday bread.

This sativa-dominant hybrid contains a strong genetic background that goes back many generations (it’s relations are most obvious in other strains that share the name “ haze ” or “ trainwreck ”). Upon inhalation with a water pipe, CULTURE reviewers found the flavor to be pleasant and delicate, with a slight sweetness that was not present in the aroma. The effects are gentle, pleasurable, blissful and elevating—which are paired wonderfully with the feelings of the season! As with all reliable sativa strains, Super Hazy Train is giggly, energetic and conducive to creativity—much like the goofy but heartwarming adventures of that kid from The Polar Express . As the movie’s conductor (voiced by Tom Hanks) says in the film “One thing about trains: It doesn’t matter where they’re goin’. What matters is deciding to get on.”

Michigan Adult-Use Sales Exceed $400 Million in First Year

December 4, 2020

The state of Michigan has officially completed its first year of recreational cannabis sales, and reports state that it collected nearly $440 million in revenue.

Michigan’s year-one sales predictions were fairly accurate enough, ending with the state collecting approximately $73 million in excise and sales taxes, according to Crain’s Detroit Business . “The MRA successfully implemented the regulatory program for commercial adult-use marijuana leading to benefits for the industry, consumers and the citizens of the state,” Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) Director Andrew Brisbo told Crain’s Detroit Business . “Over 450 licenses have been issued leading to over $450 million in sales, generating nearly $74 million in tax revenue. As the MRA continues its focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, the next year will continue to provide opportunities for many businesses in the state to offer the safest possible access to marijuana for consumers.” Michigan’s projections for the next year show that sales numbers could possibly even double if the trend continues.

In fact, despite offering a limited number of dispensaries at launch in December 2019 and the concern of COVID-19’s effect on local businesses, recreational sales managed to increase every month. “As our state was hit with COVID-19 our members pivoted to curbside and delivery, developed safety and sanitation procedures and the MRA did an incredible job ensuring our facilities had all of the resources they needed to operate safely,” Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Director Robin Schneider told . “Many more municipalities including Detroit (have opted into the recreational market) and we’ve created good paying jobs across the state. Our members have really stepped up and made incredible contributions to families who are experiencing poverty this year through food drives, supporting local charities and several (personal protective equipment) contributions.”

Only a small percentage of local communities currently allow recreational cannabis, with a majority of dispensaries being located in Ann Arbor. The Detroit City Council only recently passed a law in late November to allow 75 cannabis stores to operate. However, if progress continues, Michigan recreational cannabis could collect the state as much as $1.9 billion to $2.4 billion by 2024.

There are two things that come to mind when thinking of the word “sherbet” (let’s set the record straight—contrary to popular belief, “sherbert” is the incorrec ]]>