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Positive SalenaKeyes
(1 review)
October 26, 2020
Ordered from Seedsnow more than a month ago. Order seems to be lost somewhere. Post office was unhelpful to say the least. But seedsnow customers service was so communicative and helpful as could be, after being unable to find my order they sent it again. Am so so happy to have found a company that will help set yhings right!!
Will order from them again.
Positive thepiranha
Eugene, OR
(1 review)
July 2, 2020
I was slightly disappointed with one item in a recent order that I had placed with I contacted Seedsnow and not only did they reply and take care of the issue promptly and efficiently, but they went WAY above and beyond to correct the issue and to make it right. In these days of poor customer service, Seedsnow stands as an exception to the rule. Thanks so much for your great service!
Neutral mnkhgreg
Westminster, MD (Zone 6b)
(2 reviews)
June 21, 2020
Small samples of seeds are good for small gardens. But they are packaged in PLASTIC bags which Does not naturally degrade and presents many environmental problems. It also makes it very hard to retrieve tiny seeds
Positive BJames1
Elizabeth City, NC (Zone 8a)
(19 reviews)
September 14, 2019
Seeds are (typically) viable and true to type. Fast shipping across country. Sales are helpful. Sample size price is competitive to try new varieties. My biggest irk this year (2019) is the crimson clover seeds are out of stock for fall sowing.
Neutral magical_mama
Westbrook, MN
(2 reviews)
February 17, 2019
I ordered from them last year since I was happy to see so many .99 seed packets. When the seeds arrived they were all in TINY little plastic baggies and there were very few seeds in each one. While the price is lower, you end up getting far fewer seeds for your money. I also really disliked all the use of plastic. There was no growing information on the seed packets since they were so tiny. The company has an affiliate program, which means they pay people a cut if they get others to buy there. They seem very focused on profits and gimmicks, less on quality and not at all on helping the environment (something that’s important to me).

This year I’m buying from one of my regular stand-by companies even though the price per seed pack is a little higher. I’m also going to try to do more trading and seed saving. I think the Seeds Now seeds were no better than the 15 cent seed packs at the dollar store, only in lots of plastic so worse for the environment.

Regarding their non-GMO pledge, almost all seeds from seed companies are automatically non-GMO. Unless you’re buying from Monsanto, you’re buying non-GMO seeds. I avoid GMO foods and seeds too, but this company is not any different from others. And all organic seeds are automatically non-GMO, so if you buy organic you will automatically ensure that you’re not buying genetically modified seeds or foods.

Most of the seeds germinated well.

SeedsNow, indeed. Really fast, really inexpensive shipping. I have been growing from seed for 20 years, so I have seen it all, and these guys are wonderful. I grow lots of veggies in addition to ornamentals, and the ability to buy a large variety of seeds in their sample packs was wonderful. But for me the best part is the speed of germination. Things I hesitated to grow before are jumping out of my growing cells.

I really enjoyed the little notes, and the welcomed coupons and specials that mean I can order more without breaking the bank. The shipping costs are already well below many companies. I just cancelled an order from a company that turned a $32 order into a $50 order because they insisted on shipping different parts of my order at different times.

I couldn’t be more pleased. On February 16th, 2017, DonnaMack added the following:

I wanted to add that I am experiencing a level of germination that is truly remarkable. It is close to 100% on most of my seeds, and they are all germinating in less time than is indicated on the packages. They will now be my first choice for anything I choose to grow.

Thank you to all the people who discovered this great company and wrote reviews that made me notice. On January 10th, 2018, DonnaMack added the following:

I just placed my third order in two years and got a nice email from Monica.

I’m just sorry it took me so long to find these wonderful people. I am in zone 5a and I have been growing their lettuce all winter indoors under my grow lights. I can try lots of seeds because of the 99 cent and $1.99 packets. In a world of $4.00 and $5.00 seed, it’s a game changer. There are many items I no longer buy because I am growing them. If I see one more lettuce recall for things like lysteria I am going to scream. I love growing multiple kinds of lettuce, for example, and blending them into a salad. I just cut some leaves and mildly fertilize the remainders, and I very quickly have replacements.

great germination rate for seeds. can’t ever recall a time that the seeds didn’t grow. they are quick to ship and always have a nice little note attached to order for “happy growing”.

Some variety of seeds I was not as successful with but that has been the case with the same seeds (Dill in particular) that I have planted from different companies. I think these are better off direct sowing and I must accept defeat with these in the seed starting arena.

The 99 cent pkgs allow you to try things without a big investment and the results are rewarding. I never tried so many different things such as bok choi, anise, different herbs.

Another big plus for me, and I would think others, is that they offer a .99 sample pack of all of their seeds. It’s an easy, cost effective way to try a variety before you invest in a larger quantity. Germination rate for me has been very high.

I received the seeds I ordered this year very promptly and from my glance at them in their cute little pouches, everything looks wonderful. I haven’t planted this year’s seeds yet but the ones I used in a prior year’s order came out great. has 171 reviews (6 negative, 162 positive and 3 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.



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