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Seed Pods Of Confederate Rose

Dandelion Seed Pod

Poppy Seed Pods

Ladybird On Seed Pod

Jacky Parker Photography

Lotus Water Lily Seed Pod And Leaves

Ruth Ruth Tang / 500px

Poppy Seed Head

The Seeds Are Left Behind

Plumed Seed Heads

Poppy Seed Heads

Poppy Seed Head, Purple Background

Illustration Of Dryas Octopetala (mountain Avens), Flowers, Buds, And Seed Head

Image By Catherine Macbride

Bowl Of Dried Cannellini Beans On

Sea Holly Eryngium, September

Still Life Of Seed Pods In A Vase

Spices In Mortar With Pestle

Illustration Of Cicer Arietinum (chickpea) Bearing Green Seedpods And Small Feathery Leaves On Long Stems

1 – 21 of 21 seed pods art for sale

We’ve shipped over 1 million items worldwide for our 500,000+ artists. Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Shop for seed pods art from the Getty Images collection of creative and editorial photos. All seed pods artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite seed pods designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more!


Sterculia Pod

The beautiful fruit, or “follicle”, as botanists call it) of the jungle tree Sterculia foetida are among our favorite botanicals! Also known locally in Southeast Asia as the “Java Olive.” They are carefully collected as.

Tannin Aquatics “Enigma Explorer Pack”- Your custom-curated mystery collection!

YOUR BOTANICAL JOURNEY BEGINS WITH THE CLASSIC “ENIGMA PACK” EXPERIENCE! We’re all about the power of “self-curation”- empowering you to create with the widest selection of natural botanical materials around.

Alder Cones (Approx. 4-ounce package)

Sold Out – $ 19.00

The tiny fruit of the Alder trees (Aalnus glutinosa and Alnus incana) has been widely utilized by aquarium hobbyists in Europe for some time. Betta and ornamental shrimp breeders are fond.

“Monkey Pot”

The aptly-named “Monkey Pot” is technically a nut, produced from the abundant tree, Lecythis pisonis, native to South America (most notably, the Amazonian region). The large, woody, gourd-like fruits are a.

Bael Tree Pod

These unique pods are perfect for all sorts of aquatic applications! Actually, the dried fruit husk from the “Bael Tree”, Aegle marmelos, they are reminiscent of the fruits and seed pods.

Dregea Pod

The Dregea Pod has a really unique scoop-like shape, and is reminiscent of the pods and fruits which fall into tropical streams, enriching the waters and providing foraging and protection.

Dysoxylum Pod

The Dysoxylum Pod, the woody fruit capsule of the plant Dysoxylum binectariferum, perfectly represents many of the interesting pods and fruits which fall into tropical streams as part of the “allochthonous.

Mokha Pod Section

Here we have another amazing little woody pod, actually a fruit capsule, which offers both a cool aesthetic and delightful utility. The fruit capsule of the Shrebera swietenioides (from the.

“Nano” Lotus Seed Pod (Package of 36)

Like it’s larger bretheren, this botanical is part of the “seed head” of the Lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera). However, these little, light-as-a-feather botanicals average only 0.75- 1 inches (approx. 10.9-2.54.

“Coco Curls”

These versatile botanicals are derived from coconut shells (Cocos nucifera), and are really cool-looking “accent pieces” for a tropical stream biotope aquarium! Each one has a very unique shape, and.

Indian Casuarina Cones

We’re all pretty familiar with the wonderful Alder Cone, which has been widely utilized by aquarium hobbyists for some time. You’ve probably not seen the incredibly useful cones from the.

Lotus Seed Pod

Sold Out – $ 10.00

Part of the “seed head” of the Lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera), these unique, light-as-a-feather botanicals average 3.5- 4 inches (approx. 8.89-10.16 cm) in diameter, and are a really cool piece.

Calotropis Pod

Another great pod to mix in with your leaf litter! The fruit of the Calotropis gigantea plant, this is a stellar botanical to replicate the tropical stream biotope, where these types of.

Kurrajong Pod

An awesome little find, the Kurrajong Pod comes from the Kurrajong, or “Bottle Tree”, Brachychiton populneus, and offers a great combination of durability, texture, and “tint producing capability!” These pods have.

Kielmeyera Pod

These attractive botanicals are pretty respectable in size; ranging from about 2.75″- 4″ (6.98-10.16cm) in length, and about 1.25″ to 2″ (3.17-5.08cm) wide. They’re a dense, surprisingly heavy little.

Birch Cones (Approx. 4-ounce package)

These cones are another great “media” for providing beneficial tannins and humic acids, have been utilized by aquarium hobbyists in Europe for some time. When it comes to “tint-imparting” capabilities, the.

Jacaranda Pod

Looking for all the world like turtle shells, the split fruit capsule of the Jacaranda tree, Jacaranda cuspidifolia, is an awesome little botanical, which will be a perfect supplement to your leaf litter. They.

Puberula Pod

Another great botanical to mix in with your leaf litter. Puberula Pods are the fruit capsule of the Brazilian tree, Jacaranda puberula, and have a cool, light-colored leaf-like form on one.

“Helix Pods”

“Helix Pods” have a cool curved form and a smooth, woody appearance and texture. The fruit of Caesalpinia pulcherrima, widely distributed throughout the tropics, these distinctive pods make great little foraging.

Magnolia Seed Pod

Magnolia seed pods (Ours are from Magnolia grandiflora) are really durable, and stand up very well to the humid vivarium environment, lasting a very long time. With their very “woody”.

Isoberlinia Pod

An unusual botanical from Africa, these woody seed pods are actually the fruit of the Isoberlinia angolensis tree. They have a sort of cool curvy look to them. A member of.

“Sappanwood” Pod

“Sappanwood” Pods are the dried fruits of the Biancaea sappan tree, which is native to tropical regions in Asia. It’s known commonly as the “Indian Redwood” or “Sappanwood” tree.

Swietenia Pod

We love these pods, because they have some characteristics of a leaf, but have the “heft” that you’d expect from a seed pod. Actually the inner “valve” of the fruit.

Afzelia Pod

The seed pod of Afzelia xylocarpa from Southeast Asia, is a big, heavy, and undeniably attractive botanical that will serve a variety of uses, ranging from simple hardscape piece, to serving.

“Mangrove Palm” Pod

Very similar to the Nypa Palm Pod, but a lot “fatter” (typically 5″-6″/12.7-15.24cm in length, and 3.25″-4″/8.25-10.16cm in diameter) , these are also derived from the Nypa fruticans palm (also known as.

Pandanus Pod

If you have frogs and other herps, these are seriously cool pods to play with in your vivarium or terrarium, where they can help create hiding spaces, territories, and even.

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Seed pods are Nature's "matrix" for biological activity. When they fall into the water, they provide a myriad of benefits for aquatic animals at all stages of life…