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Seed Bakery

Artisanal Bread

Seed Bakery is a local Pasadena bakery. They start with organic grains when baking their bread and follow the old world tradition of milling, fermenting and then baking. At Seed Bakery whole grains are milled on a stone mill many hours before baking.
European style pastries and fruit tarts with seasonal fruits and organic whole wheat pastry flour, are also available at Seed Bakery.

942 East Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104

  • Phone: 626-486-2115

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Seed Bakery starts with organic grains when baking their bread. They follow the old world tradition of milling, fermenting and baking.

Pasadena Bodhi Seeds

Welcome to the Pasadena Bodhi Path Blog

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Khaydroup’s Ark

There’s an ocean of suffering,

It’s time to be free.

Please come and relax,

You have been struggling for so long.

Please come and wake up,

From the sound of the morning gong.

Please come and be kind,

To yourself and to others.

All beings have been your fathers and mothers.

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020

Tiny Spiders

Tiny spiders to us

To thousand year old redwoods.

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020

Joyful Presence!

I may not have become a better meditator.

But there were moments of being present,

There was an appreciation for the teachers

and an acknowledgement of how important

Supportive dharma friends are in our practice.

I may not have loved every activity,

But dharma methods were revived,

Enthusiasm for the Path rekindled,

And thanks to flexibility and creativity,

This retreat became possible.

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020


Great Compassion

Not from a sense of duty comes compassion to the fore.

It’s deep human understanding that can open wide your door

A gust of Grace now rushing in

Is all we need, no more.

Through Love’s most perfect grace

I offer up my self,

I offer myself up

To you dear one

No longer as a stranger

No longer fearing danger.

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020

Prescription of my Extinction

From beginningless time, my extinction is a constant source of suffering for countless sentient beings.

Throughout beginningless time, my extinction has suffered ions of beings in countless samsaric cycles.

This extinction is like a pandemic that lasts forever, for all sentient beings in samsara.

Fear of this extinction has caused grief and turned us against each other and ourselves.

Fear like this also lead Milarepa to enlightenment by following the prescription from the enlightened ones.

On the prescription it reads

“To rid this extinction: Practice revulsion, devotion and non-distraction for meditation.

Engage and devote to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Practice the six paramitas.

Practice the right view and profound perfection of wisdom…..”

The list of treatments goes on, with one treatment for one symptom of this extinction.

Throughout all of our lifetimes, may we never be separated from the perfect Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and may we continue to practice Dharma until we reach enlightenment when we see something like,

“Just as five aggregates are empty of nature, there is no extinction and no no-extinction in emptiness.”

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020

Smooth Sailing

Mind and what arises,

oceans and waves, they are one and the same.

Just what does that mean really?

No surfing after enlightenment — only sailing.

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020

This Boat

(sing, you know the melody)

Row, row, row your boat, gently to the other shore,

Merrily, merrily, (may be a stretch!) can you please relax some more.

Chenrezig issued a standing invitation to board this vessel long ago. Finally you have accepted to come aboard this expansive ship, not only carrying us but carrying everyone we are carrying as well: our friends, enemies, loved ones (and their loved ones) and on and on and on…..

This boat holds us and all our hopes and fears, joys and sorrows, plans, dreams doubts, our yesses and our nos. Everything and anything that comes and goes, appears and disappears, we welcome aboard and we keep rowing and relaxing, relaxing and rowing, relaxing relaxing, rowing rowing…

(sing, you know the melody)

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, this journey is but a dream.

Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

Heart of Practice Retreat 2020

Is it for me?

Is it for me?

I am loud, and noisy

Proud and opiniated.

Always in a rush

After dreams that run my life. ….

Perhaps… if I ignore the guilt

The remorse of inflicted wounds

The tears of defenseless people

Sometimes there is a spark of light

The look of my new-born child

The loving eyes of my dying father

The soft words of my best friend saying good bye

Hints that happiness is more silence than noise, more peace than rush,

That perfect wisdom is within us, ready to be uncovered if we only have the key

From long ago it comes the sound of church bells

The laughter of school children

The sunset playing with waves at the shoreline

The calm sitting

The steady study

The loving dedication

The constant presence of Refuge

Paraphrasing Craig’s beautiful words “When dealing with pain and strong emotions, we just have to remember the infinite blessing of Refuge. How fortunate to have the loving protection of The Budha, the Darma and the Sanga! What else do we need?”

Thank you Khaydroup for your compassion and leadership. Thank you all for this wonderful experience.

Don’t Make Waves

This lazy gray yogi

Who lives in the mountains

Rides the waves of thought

on the surfboard of awareness

Blessed are the winds of change

That bring waves of experience to surface

And this silver fox

Doesn’t make waves

Making Friends

Watching clouds morph into wool to fill an empty mind; thoughts turning into endless streams of hope and fear, stories.

Like sheep, jumping over fences, trying to count them (isn’t that how we try to go to sleep?). Stories multiplying while I’m trying to slow them down to investigate them…how, not why.

Intruders on the sidewalks, barricade! Don’t let them near. Don’t let them in. Make friends with them, they won’t hurt you. They come they go, they dissolve, where did they go? Why are they here? How, not why.

Weaving in and out of consciousness. Grumpy, angry. Refuse! Resist! Deny! They did it! It’s not my fault, it’s just too hard. How did I come up with that one? It’s driving me cray cray. Excuses? I was born this way. Is it worth it? I really don’t like change.

Look! Investigate. The play of the mind is not entertainment, it is its nature. The thinker and the thoughts are the same. The nature of mind is found in the thoughts, ever bubbling, ever expanding, creative.

I hope we get to the Big Awareness soon! I hear they have a swimming pool and a golf course. I can hardly wait.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

Welcome to the Pasadena Bodhi Path Blog