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Everyone Can Now Get Their Third Seed Of Light Subclass Unlock In ‘Destiny 2,’ Here’s How

There is almost too much stuff happening in Destiny 2 today to even keep track of. The Malfeasance exotic quest is live, there’s a super hard dungeon mission in the Confluence now, and last but not least, everyone can now grab their third Seed of Light.

It seemed a bit odd to most that Bungie effectively timegated the new Forsaken subclasses, as you’d think those would have been offered up front relatively quickly. To get your second subclass-unlocking Seed of Light in Forsaken after getting your first in the campaign, you had to grind Tier 2 and 3 Blind Well. To get your third, you had to beat the first raid encounter last week, but Bungie soon made it clear that raiding would not be the only way to get it, because a huge portion of the playerbase doesn’t even attempt raids.

That day is here, and with all the other craziness, you can now get your third Seed of Light in the Dreaming City, which is once again tied to the Blind Well, but not as a random drop.

All you have to do is complete the two-part Offering to the Oracle mini quest/bounty that Petra has been giving out every week. Get both steps to this at Petra (she’s now moved again to the third part of the map), and then head to the Blind Well.

After paying 40 Dreaming City shards for the quest, you can fill up the progress bar to get the oracle by running Blind Well on repeat. Tier 1 gets you 10% filled, Tier 2 gets you 20% and Tier 3 gets you 30%. My If you run into a blank instance, my advice is to just start up Tier 1 and eventually, enough people will show up where one of you can start plugging in Tier 2 and Tier 3.

After that, you will get an Offering to the Oracle which should no longer be bugged, and you take it to the place from the campaign mission by the Spire and present it. Usually this gives you a chest with powerful gear. This time, you speak with Mara Sov and she gives you your third Seed of Light. After that, it’s just back to grinding the remaining three nodes and you’re done with your last subclass, just three weeks after Forsaken launched.

We can debate the timegate another day, but I do like how raiders got it first but then it was almost immediately opened up to everyone, as grinding Blind Well is not terribly difficult and anyone who has reached the Dreaming City should be able to do it.

I have saved my least-desired subclass for each class for last (Void Warlock, Void Titan, Arc Hunter), but perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised by one of them. But obviously nothing will be Thousand Cuts good or I would have already heard of it.

So go to Petra, head to the Blind Well and get yourself that Seed if you haven’t done the raid yet. Enjoy.

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Here’s how anyone (non-raiders included) can get their third Seed of Light subclass in Destiny 2: Forsaken. ]]>