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Cannabis Sativa Seeds

Cannabis Sativa seeds for sale

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The following trusted suppliers offer cannabis sativa marijuana seeds for sale (USA included).

Weeds That Please, our Breeders and Seed Distributors offer many types of marijuana seeds. Looking deeper, you can find Indica seeds here, indoor seeds here,outdoor seed strains, and medical marijuana seed strains can be found with ALL of our cannabis seed suppliers.

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Cannabis sativa seeds for sale online USA. Buy cannabis sativa marijuana weed seeds safely from trusted seed suppliers. Worldwide shipping available. Sativa Hybrid Seeds, Indoor and Outdoor.

Sativa Seeds

Sativa Seeds tend to grow taller, thinner plants that do well out doors in warmer climates with longer summers. The Sativa plant leaves are generally long and narrow with a lighter shade of green.


The major difference between indica and sativa is that Sativa plants take longer to grow and harvest. They generally have a longer flowering cycle as it takes more time for the buds to mature. They may even yield less bud than indica strains.. yet the rewards are well worth it!


Many people prefer the sativa high because of it’s uplifting glow and stimulating effects. Sativa’s deliver a more cerebral and thoughtful high, great for brainstorming ideas or to inspire creative expression. Sativa buds have the opposite effect of their Indica counterparts. You are far more likely to chill on the couch with a pure Indica vs Sativa’s much more energetic and social high.

Our Sativa Cannabis Seeds come in CBD, feminized or regular seeds, as well as autoflowering or photoperiod. We recommend trying a few different types of marijuana seeds to find the best sativa strains and the right fit for you.

Seed Bank carries the best sativa strains. Sativa seeds tend to grow tall cannabis plants with long, narrow leaves with a lighter shade of green.