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Sannies Shop is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

Direct from the breeder. They only offer Seeds by: Sannies Seeds, Breeders Choice, Basic Seeds and Motarebel Seeds

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guest United States, October 2020

This was my first time ordering form Sannies Shop. Everything went very smoothly. Clever packaging.

I didn’t rate on product quality – everything looks very good, save for one scrawny looking seed, but I won’t be planting for a while so I can’t say anything on germination yet.

guest No info, June 2020

Je suis fan de plusieurs variétés de Sannie et je les cultive depuis de longues années.
Il y a toujours eu des phénos trisomiques dans mes cultures, mais ça donne de bonnes surprises parfois.
Dans cette dernière commande de 15 graines, 2 triso. Leur croissance est plus lente au démarrage.
Cette fois, je pense avoir reçu des graines provenant d’un stock ancien, la germination de mes Jackberry a été laborieuse et au final 5 graines régulières sur 10 ont survécu, coup de chance, toutes femelles. 3 ont démarré en trombe, 2 démarrées triso, toutes ont maintenant une croissance vigoureuse et prometteuse.
J’aime cette variété facile à cultiver . Les premières versions contenaient des phénos violets assez exceptionnels tant visuellement que gustativement. Je crois que ce trait a été perdu et qu’ on obtient plus que du vert.
La récolte n’est pas pharaonique mais la qualité compense largement de mon point de vue.
Récolte moyenne prévue aussi pour mes 2 herijuanas (à reserver pour le soir, à la maison au calme. ) mais c’est une bombe herijuana. : )). Il faut la voir en Flo sous le flash d’une photo .
Les deux graines freebies en cadeau avec ma commande sont juste . Wouaw. (Heribei x somari), la croissance est impressionnante.
Feminisees. Dommage, j’aurais bien gardé le cross.

J’avais oublié le nom de cette variété “cadeau”, un mail à Sannie’s plusieurs mois après la commande et j’ai été renseignée en moins de 3 jours.
Perso, jamais aucun problème avec le service clients de Sannie’s. J’ai toujours été livrée en glissant mes paiements dans une enveloppe ou par carte bancaire et la seule fois où j’ai eu des graines écrasées la commande à été reexpédiée gratuitement.

Conclusion : on peut tomber sur un mauvais stock de graines. Un mauvais préparateur de commandes.
Mais dans l’ensemble, au vu du prix des graines, de la qualité de beaucoup. beaucoup. de phénotypes obtenus avec les graines de chez Sannie’s. Je recommande toujours, chaudement.

guest Netherlands, May 2020

Ordered several times before, this time had a bad experience with the ordered strain. Disrespectful customer service and no refund..

I never order again at Sannie shop.

guest United States, February 2020

Im very satisfied with Sannies shop. Lots of good genetics to be found. Customer service is 100%, Sannie has ALWAYS replaced my missing orders – but he does ask to wait 3 sometimes 4 weeks for delivery. Delayed orders are not the fault of Sannies shop, sometimes things get stuck in Customs. It happens. Freebies selection is a great treat also, fun strains that wont be found anywhere else. Prices are low & fair, keep an eye out for price drops during holiday sales. I would not hesitate to buy from Sannies. Good shop, good beans, good prices.

guest United States, December 2019

1st time ordering, played by bitcoin, seeds reliably showed up, vegged one to check if I got what I actually ordered (ducksfoot), and it was. Saving the stock for now. Sannies is cool in my book

guest Germany, October 2018

Immer wieder gerne bei Sannie! Hat des öfteren geniale Landrassen im Shop. Support einwandfrei, von daher ein TOP !!

guest No info, September 2018

Killing Fields seeds were white and immature, several crushed. Contacted Sannies Shop and was told it was my problem they wouldnt germinate. He then offered me half my money back in credit (!) and tried to sell me a germination chamber (LMAO). What I ended up with instead was good and germed fine but Ill never order from these guys again.

guest No info, August 2018

ordered a few strains. sannies seeds were bad quality. they were not fully ripe. every pack i ordered at least one seed was crushed.

guest United States, August 2018

Sannies strains are excellent. His Kolossus and Shackzilla are two good examples of strains that are very easy to grow, produce big harvests and pack a punch.

Ive made numerous purchases(money in the mail)with the shop and never had an issue until this last one. I ordered two packs of Madberry but only received one. Contacted the shop about the problem and they took care of it quickly. My only complaint is that their communication could be better.

guest United States, August 2018

Ive ordered numerous times (money in the mail) from Sannies and never had a problem until the last shipment. I paid for two packs of Madberry seeds but only received one. Contact the shop to let them know there was a problem, and they took care of it within a few days.

If youre looking for a great strain to grow try either Shackzilla or Kolossus. Both are easy to grow, respond to training well, and have outstanding yields/effect. Kolossus takes to mainlining like a champ!

Herijuana is the only strain from Sannies that I didnt care for. The yield was low and the high was bland. Wont be growing that one again.

guest United States, June 2018

Difficulty in delivering but great response. took more time, another prompting, positive response to retry & came through. he always has.

guest No info, March 2018

I ordered a few seeds and organic stuff by recommendation of trustworthy growers.
I sent cash and the delivery was very fast, from sending the cash till recieving my order only 8 days were needed (Germany – Netherlands).
I am a little sad about the fact, that they did not answer on any of my requests, though I used the contact sheet on their webside and regular e-mail.
There was not too important stuff to be cleared, but a short answer would have been nice.
The quality of the Bio-Sannie organics is outstanding, that is for sure and has been proven by a lot of people in a lot of different setups.

guest Germany, March 2018

Ich habe bei Sannies schon öfters bestellt. Die Preise sind gut und die Genetik auch. Bisher immer mindestens 9/10 Samen gekeimt.

guest Germany, January 2018

Nach meinem Geldeingang war das Packet innerhalb 2 Tage hier. Mittlerweile habe ich 4x bestellt und warte im Schnitt die 2 Tage nach Eingang des Geldes.

guest United States, June 2017

Well I gave 4 stars to quality because in the past I have gotten some decent genetics that had a lower germination rate than Im used to getting through other breeders and Seedbanks. Up until the last few orders Dannies had 50-60% germination rate on avg. and I have a good method that usually gets 100% and Ive been doing this a very long time. Have never been blown away by anything sold at Sannies but the last 2 orders they stopped taking credit cards so I sent cash. Both times my cash never made it so even though your paying a little less if u cant get anything for your cash then I suggest looking elsewhere. Was bad enough getting the tiny weak seeds and struggling to get a healthy pheno I liked now sannies just takes your cash and laughs I guess. If you look at the seed banks you will find the Underground Originals, Elemental seeds and dynasty and see the breeders at sannies using the big Seedbanks now so save your cash and get a better source. Well now all who try to order will donate funds directly no Sannies new fanny pack of your cash.

guest France, June 2017

Germination difficile avec chesseberry haze et mad scientiste. 80 pour 100 de graines mauvaises et gogoles !

Sannies Shop Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 70 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Sannies Shop is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we

Sannie’s Shop Seeds – A+ Highly recommend.

DJ GreenThumb
Active Member

I ordered 2 packs of seeds on OCT 29 from and I received them today un-molested by customs due to thier very simple yet brilliant stealth shipping, only $6.26 for shipping to the USA. 9 days from the Netherlands is perfectly acceptable in my book. Not only are Sannies genetics top notch but I would put their freebies up against many other seed banks top shelf stuff. The seeds are not huge but they are definitely not immature either, I cant wait to pop these suckers, I would like to find a couple nice males as well to do some pollen chuckin and add some extra “POW. ” to some other breeders strains I am growing (attitude freebies, lol).

I ordered:

Herijuana IBL Regular 10 pk – $41.77
(I’ve seen this strain as high as $300 and I highly doubt they are as stable as Sannie’s)

Sannie Says: “Herijuana is a fast, open and branchy grower. Actually she shows a Sativa style of development but she blooms like a real indica. This results in an open plant and rock-hard, golf ball shaped buds covered in trichomes. The vigorous branching of this indica dominant makes it extremely suitable for Screen of Green (scrog) styles of growing. She continues to grow the first two weeks of flowering so you can stop scrogging early into flowering. Highly recommended for medicinal users and those who enjoy a real strong indica. It doesn’t get a lot stronger than this!

Jackberry F3 regular 10 pk – $48.73
(Blueberry Indica F1/Sannie’s Jack)

Sannie Says:
The divine Blue Berry fragrance is represented by the mother we used for this cross. (Blueberry-Indica) A plant that grows beautiful blue/pink colored flowers. The yield wasn’t what we expected it to be and that is why we crossed this one with Sannie’s Jack male to increase yields.
This worked well and the f2 version was a real success, and after strong selection we found the real winner to make this excellent Jackberry F3 seeds. There are still green and blue pheno’s to find with the percentage of 50%. This f3 gives good stable Jackberry’s which are standing out in grow potential and amount of christal coverage on the buds and this is an a speedy flowering time.

El Monstra F2 Regular 5 pk Free as a muh fucka (Jackberry X Blue Kronic)(I have nothing against Attitude but you have to spend a grip to get 5 free seeds you get 5 from Sannies with every order)

I made the El Monstre a couple of years ago to see what this cross could bring me and i was glad I did and because of the great feed backs we have gotten we decided to do it one more time and supply the El Monstre as a freebee again. This plant grows like a sativa but more wide and dense, the buds are covered in crystals and thc. From all the freebees I gave away the last years the Elmonstre I have gotten the most positive feedback from. Beautiful colored nugs with a flowering time from around the 8-9 weeks makes her so popular.

I ordered 2 packs of seeds on OCT 29 from and I received them today un-molested by customs due to thier very simple yet brilliant…