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178 people have already reviewed Rocket Seeds. Read about their experiences and share your own! Rocket Seeds Rocket Seeds is a Canadian seed bank company that boasts of the biggest cannabis seeds collection online. It is the ultimate online seed bank as it has collected all the best

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Great products and quick shipping. Seeds germinated 100%. Customer service represenative Melissa assisted me choosing which strain to choose for my first time growing Auto flower seeds. Can’t wait to see my plants fully grown.

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Thank you so much to Vanessa!

Thank you so much to Vanessa!! She really helped me out and had GREAT customer service!! The nicest lady EVER!! What a great company!!

I was guaranteed 80% germination.

I was guaranteed 80% germination and got only 20%. I have 40 years of experience in growing cannabis, and now they won’t even answer their phone or respond by email. Sad to say, just another stoner seed company that can’t get it right. $100 for 5 CBD seeds with a “guarantee” provided one crummy seedling and frustration.

Customer service was very friendly and…

Customer service was very friendly and helpful. Gave lots of success with seeds also

A lot of The seeds they sell don’t…

A lot of The seeds they sell don’t germinate. I’ve had a bad experience with there seeds a few times. The last time I bought a five pack of Girl Scout Cookies, not even 1 of them germinated. That’s actually the 2nd time it happened. Very small seeds. I will take my business elsewhere

Sent dead seeds

Got my second order wich i had to pay for, first bactch of gorila glue, week white tinny chipped seed, none took. Second batch totaly healthy, taking your chanced with them. Doing thing for over 20 years, never had probs. geminating or propagating, Rockets seeds go fuckyourself, will be going to my regular trust worthy seed banks, you dont stand by your junk, fuckoff

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This is not the place

I have purchased a ton of female seeds and 1 auto flower. They all are budding at 2 ft tall. The clones I picked, are 6 in tall and budding. Some are still in the box, with buds starting. Getting an oz in one plant is not worth the risk. Considering the price of everything. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. I’m 42 now. I think I know what I’m doing. For those looking for seeds, this is NOT THE PLACE

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Great products and service

They have a wide selection available which means I get to try something new every time. Sometimes I’ve had issues with some of their seeds but they always offer replacements so I really can’t complain.

I have read all the negative reviews…

I have read all the negative reviews and although I had germination issues (1 year after order) they stand behind their warranty and products! They made my order rite and replaced the seeds that didn’t germinate and for that reason they have a customer for life. Thank you rocket seeds for doing what y’all said you would do if things are not rite!!

I bought 15 hashbud seeds and 10 purple…

I bought 15 hashbud seeds and 10 purple kush, first off the 5 pack of hashbud only had 4 seeds in it so somebody couldn’t count to 5. Secondly I used seed starter pellets which is much better than their recommendation of soaking seeds in paper towel as then they are very delicate to handle better to not handle such vulnerable seedlings but I only got 4 of the purple kush to germinate all 14 of the hashbud were a bust. When I complained they said they would give me a discount on my next order but were NOT responsible for germination since I did not follow their paper soaking instructions and they are dreaming if they think I will throw good money after bad and order more bad seeds!

Always awesome plants

Always awesome plants, super fast delivery and a number you can actually talk to someone. Can’t understand the negative reviews here this company was awesome to me and my growing buddies.

Very disappointed in the quality of…

Very disappointed in the quality of these seeds. I’ve ordered a total of ten seeds from them and only about 3 survived to maturity. If you notice their guarantee is only on the germination, not on the actual plant surviving. I’ve always received my orders timely but don’t care for their shipping charges (always $20/22) and their customer service is unprofessional.

Dont buy seeds from rocket

I bought bc god bud and bc hash seeds. 1 been growing for 45 yrs and germinated hundreds of seeds. rocket seed are crap bc god bud 3 out of 10 made it the hash none ad they even sent 10 more no good. I just lost $200 to rocket. avoid their seeds. im going to post this on my social media pages if they dont make it right.

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Hoodwinked and confused

Thought that since they were shipped from Canada they would be good. I googled directions to the letter, started out with 10 now I have sevenish. They appear stunted, they appear to be rudelis when the label said stavia. I would not purchase from them again. It’s a waste of time and money.

When rocket seeds was just crop king…

When rocket seeds was just crop king seeds is when I would get quality seeds. The reason I gave rocket seeds 2 stars out of 5 is because 2 of my 5 seeds from rocket seeds would germinate. And never did they offer to replace the seats and did not germinate.

I’ve been growing for 10+ years and the…

I’ve been growing for 10+ years and the last 3 orders from rocket seeds hermied this has been the worst seed bank I’ve dealt with. Did the same grow with clones and other seed banks and had know problems. Seeds didn’t pop like they said Did everything like they said and seedlings looked very weak

I am a professional grower with…

I am a professional grower with 25yrs.experiance.
Rockets seeds are the worst seeds I have ever worked with.
Seeds are immature,weak,and very small in size.
10%success rate with a terrible if not impossible guarantee that works for the company and not the customer.

Horrible seeds

I’ve been looking for a new seed company so I tried Rocket seeds. I ordered 5 gorilla glue auto and 5 granddaddy purple feminized. I received them in nice packaging and catalog from Beaver seeds. If only the seeds were as quality as the packaging. Only 1 gorilla glue and 2 granddaddy purple germinated and the plants were weak. I didn’t think the gorilla glue was going to make it and I’m still not sure. After a weak of growing it only has two tiny leaves. I do t think I’m going to waste my time growing it but h definitely have moved on to hopefully a more reputable company. It sucks because seeds are so expensive

Ordered 10 seeds

Ordered 10 seeds, followed the instructions to the letter, nothing germinated, so I planted them anyway, nothing. Emailed them and got nothing back, I’ve never written a bad review about anything, until now. Any kind of response would have made me not wite this. Would not recommend.

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2 different kinds?

Ive had no problems with germination at all. I’m 10 for 10. I am possibly seeing some problems with genetics.. though. 2 of the first five plants grew beautifully. The other 3 are about half the height but twice as bushy. The 3 have short wide leaves while the others are long and narrow. BTW I planted 5 Northern lights autos. I still think it could work out ok. We’ll see.

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds is a Canadian seed bank company that boasts of the biggest cannabis seeds collection online. It is the ultimate online seed bank as it has collected all the best cannabis seeds and strains from top seed banks online.

Rocket Seeds has partnered with top companies Beaver Seeds, Blimburn Seeds, Crop King Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden Seeds, and Sunwest Seeds to give you top quality marijuana seeds. Shop all kinds of seeds including autoflowering, feminized, fast version, high CBD, and regular seeds safely only at Rocket Seeds.

Rocket Seeds serves customers all over the world. It ships seeds inside their original packaging for Canadian customers and using stealth shipment for those located outside Canada. Seeds may be shipped inside objects unrelated to cannabis including flash drives, pens, birthday cards, flashlights, and more.

Ordering from Rocket Seeds is easy as it accepts major payment options including credit cards, money transfers, EMT Interac for Canadian customers, E-checks for US customers, PayPal and Bitcoin. This company also accepts cash in the mail which is not accepted by most seed banks.

Rocket Seeds has specific germination instructions to make the most out of its viable and fresh seeds. it recommends the paper towel technique which is one of the best techniques. If you have questions regarding Rocket Seeds, consult their customer service reps before you purchase your seeds at Rocket Seeds.

Rocket Seeds has some of the best quality seeds money can buy. You can buy cannabis seeds from popular strains including Blue Cookies and Sour Diesel. If you’re looking for recreational strains or medicinal strains, then look no further than Rocket Seeds.

Get free seeds for your purchases $420 and above. You can also enjoy free shipment for qualified orders no matter where you are in the world.