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Paid to much for some seeds from these…

Paid to much for some seeds from these clowns guaranteed, satisfaction guaranteed.. the only thing you’re guaranteed from these guys is getting males in your autoflowers, that’s if they even grow and he sent me some blueberry that didn’t grow, sent me some OG Kush only grows males I will never ever ever waste my time with these guys ever again and if I have a chance to let anybody know the poor quality of your genetics that they are trying to push as satisfaction guaranteed products i will tell them not to wast their money and time.

Great yeild

Great yeild, excellent grow rate, high quality result are the only words to descrive the semens i got from these guys.

I use these guys all the time

I use these guys all the time. Always good seeds and good service

Good lads

Decent selection, good service, nice crop 👍. Will purchase again.

Good Guys

Purchased a few times now. 4 out of 5 germinated but 3 out of 3 on the freebies! Plants were decent size and yield but I am learning more every year from friends and websites and it is showing 👌



Been a customer of QCS for 3 years now

Been a customer of QCS for 3 years now, and I must say their customer service is A1 – quick, efficient, nice people to talk too. They give advices, and are behind their products. Dependable company (don’t trust the other reviewers, they always answer on chat / email and their seeds are of good quality.

Order over $200 worth of seeds

Order over $200 worth of seeds.
Started to germinate 5 Blue Dream Feminized and none of them germinated.
Total let down for being a Canadian business. Tried calling them but no answers.

Poor communication and take forever to…

Poor communication and take forever to reply . It’s a clear scam.It’s because of company like this that makes me want to stick to for life. has a friendly customer service who see you through and not once did they delay my delivery and the quality of the product has never made to regret. Try and see the difference

Where to begin. I get charged 10$ for…

Where to begin. I get charged 10$ for shipping to Montreal when the actual cost was 1.94$. Then i get a 4% charge for payment fee which was not mentioned at ordering lol. I order 10 feminized photoperiod seeds, what do i get for free? 3 weak auto-flowers lol. I dont grow auto’s at all. The seeds i did receive, only 2 out of the 10 look decent, the rest are whitish and immature looking! This site, along with montreal cannabis seeds (same company, different name), is a complete amateur company, for amateur growers! Never again. Europe all the way!

I contacted this company asking about a potential order and they didn’t bother to respond

I contacted this company asking about a potential order and they didn’t bother to respond. Horrible customer service. They require a minimum order of $70 so if you’re looking to spend less than that I highly recommend spending your money elsewhere.


I made 2 Orders early April for outdoor grow and had both of them shipped to different addresses, After 1 month I messaged them and said didn’t receive Either Order and was told it takes about 1 month 1 week. After 2 month Emailed them again a week later they message back and said they either reship order or Refund, I ask if they would do faster shipping if I paid for it and was told NO. So I ask for refund then about every week I got a question like how much $$$ I paid Dumb stuff that was in their records. Then final I got a email saying “OK, I will let you know. ” I ask know what they said when refund is sent. NEVER GOT A REFUND

Been waiting 4 weeks now for my order

Been waiting 4 weeks now for my order
That usually arrives in a week.
The status of my shipment said it was ship 3 weeks ago.
This is my 3rd order and had no issues till now, recieved a message to be patient yet ive been waiting for a parcel from a company that is about a 4 hour drive from me
Ill change my rating if i receive the update as they’ve offered
Quebec seed did come through with replacement seeds and covered tracking costs. Updated their rating

QCS is an excellent vendor

I continually try new seed vendors , so I ordered 4 different autoflower strains , my order arrived in about 9 working days in a really cool method of packaging. I also recieved 5 free seeds of a great autoflower strain that are probably worth about $50 ; I haven’t germinated anything yet ; I expect excellent results. QCS is an excellent vendor , I’m very happy with the tremendous variety of strains , pricing and prompt safe shipping. Highly recommended.

Took a chance

Took a chance, I had only read reviews but had never ordered. I have ordered from Netherlands and 4weeks later got them. At QSC they arrived in under the time promised well packed very discreet. To Texas. I’ll update after grow.

immature seed ripoff

ordered 5 bruce banner fem.seeds,arrived in good order but of the 5 only 2 are mature striped seeds.the other 3 are white and very small.I have been a grower for 40 years and know these will not germinate just by the look of short,a rip-off.will not be using Quebec seeds anymore.

I’m still waiting for my order that was…

I’m still waiting for my order that was remailed because first one was sealed by customs. Package never came.
Bought it in april 2019, now its november 🙁
The supposed stealth package is the old CD trick.
Order #11063

Excellent shipping to USA

This company is great for ordering to the USA. Since they ship from Canada there isn’t an issue with losing packages to customs. Each of three orders all shipped and arrived with 7 days. They throw in free seeds with each order and in addition, the customer service is excellent and very responsive.

Reasonable flat rate for shipping rate and no add ons for stealth shipping or guaranteed delivery. (Not needed for USA because does not need to clear customs.) Aways arrives on time and with freebies in a timely manner. I can’t speak to the quality of the genetics yet, but I will update after grow.

I bought 5 NYC Diesel Auto in december…

I bought 5 NYC Diesel Auto in November 2018. All 5 germinated, i got better than 2 ounces off each. Highly recommended. Im now waiting on a second order of these while im prepping to harvest the last of the previous order.

I have been dealing with them for…

I have been dealing with them for almost a year. Things were always good. Deluvery time was good, prices fair and they used to stand behind their product. Till i recently got a batch of seeds that did not germinate at all. After several emails someone finally agreed the seeds are guaranteed and asked for my address to send replacememt seeds. I waited two weeks with no seeds showing up. I emailed 2 more times but only get ignored and got no replies. That was a waist of $200 worth of seeds with no refund or replacements of any kind. When i get nice big seeds that are dark and have tiger looking stripes. The results are always good. But the seeds i am complaining about were all tiny seeds still green and did not look like mature seeds at all. I would have been a continuous customer. Now i will not order from them again and that is unfortunate.

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review in 2020 – High-quality Seeds at Affordable Price

Read our Quebec Cannabis Seed Review to get high-quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices. This review guide includes almost everything you need to know before buying your weed seeds from QCS.

Seed Banks are mainly online companies that deal with the selling of marijuana seeds. Many times newcomers into the world of breeding marijuana have a difficult time when it comes to choosing which seed bank to go for.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) is one of the most famous names in the world of seed banks in Canada. QCS is one of the most familiar and trusted names in the Canadian as well as global seed bank industry as it has been around for quite some time now. That is why QCS is one of the top 10 seed banks on the internet these days.

We will make sure you have a broad understanding of Quebec cannabis seeds after reading this article.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Review

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a reliable solution to your seed needs. Since 2013, they have been breeding cannabis seeds and working hard to meet the expectations of their customers in the provision of quality marijuana seeds.

Be it for medical or recreational purposes, QCS is always prepared to serve you. So if you’re in search of high-quality cannabis seeds, you’ve come to the right place!

You can consider Quebec seed bank as the one-stop solution for all Cannabis needs like numerous strains, blended packs, germination guarantee, stealth packaging, freebies, regular deals, and easy to navigate website.

Let’s take a closer look at Quebec Cannabis Seeds!

Quebec Cannabis Seeds – History and Market Reputation

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is an online seed bank that has been in business for more than 15 years. Quality is what they stand for. QCS is from Montreal, Quebec. They carry 50 of the world’s best strains of marijuana seeds for sale.

Trust and credibility are the hardest part for an online business to establish, and especially for one which deals with marijuana products. Quebec Cannabis Seeds has, however, managed to do that pretty well.

The seed bank has been providing seeds to its consumers from all over Canada and even from around the world for more than 15 years. This has prompted a ton of trust among the users, and various new users come to them through word of mouth publicity, which is a huge deal!

Seed Selection

Other than the quality of their hybrid seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds even give some limited editions of their weed seeds. This is what they have been modifying for years and are resistant to most diseases.

What makes Quebec Cannabis Seeds so famous is that they create hybrids for particular pests and diseases. Some large scale breeders in the USA have diseases that are prevalent in the areas they cultivate.

This is why they need weed seeds on a big scale that are resistant to these diseases. That is when Quebec Cannabis Seeds come in. You can order five seeds as a newbie or bulk seeds if you are a professional grower.

The most exciting thing about Quebec Seed Bank is that they work with the trend!

It means they regularly update and revise their stock according to the newest seeds and their customer demand.

Apart from that, they have prepared their best sellers on their website so that you can choose your seeds for their best yields. It seems probably the best quality in them while picking the strains.

Let’s take a look at some of the best products that the company has to offer. These are some seeds that you can consider to order if you are planning to purchase seeds from QCS.

Quality Products

Quebec Cannabis Seeds first test every seed they post online themselves. Strains and breeds that are resistant against diseases and pests is something that this Canadian seed bank values most.

You can reach them for the best quality seeds that are resistant against specific diseases. Although Quebec Cannabis Seeds think that keeping the strains most local, the hybrids are better resistant against most pests.

We would also love to say that you would appreciate the Quebec Cannabis Seeds seed bank for its high-quality seeds at affordable prices. The price that the organization sells their seeds at is almost at standard with most other seed banks in the markets.

Still, there’s a difference when you look at some regular strains such as Northern Lights, and so on, as QCS tends to sell it at a somewhat cheaper rate.

The seed bank has strains of weed, which are great for recreational smokers and those who need them for medicinal purposes. There are weed seeds that grow indoors as well as outdoors – making QCS perhaps the best place to offer you a reasonable price and quality combination.

Germination Guarantee

One of the most attractive features that QCS has is its germination guarantee. QCS offers an 80% germination guarantee. Isn’t it amazing?

This germination guarantee percentage is equivalent to the industry standards. If more than half of your seeds fail to germinate, you may draw the attention to the customer section of the seed bank.

The customer staff will indeed consider your issue and do the needful.

Shipping and Discretion

The organization maintains global shipping and can ship your order to wherever in the world you desire it to be sent!

However, Quebec seeds do not have a free shipping choice. You need to pay $10 from your side.

They ship the package in discreet form. They do not refer to the identification of the company or what is in the package.

Moreover, QCS offers speedy same-day shipping stealth with tracking to all the nations of the world.

While delivering the seeds in Canada is not a difficult task; transferring them out of Canada where the regulations might be strict is somewhat tricky.

To defeat this challenge, the organization sends seeds covered up in various products like a pen, a shirt, etc.

However, you need to understand that stealth shipping options do not work all the time. There are occasions when customs might seize the order because of the illegal substances inside it, and it might remain undelivered. There is no return or discount policy by QCS.

Payment Methods

While most seed banks will, in general, offer countless payment options, the Quebec Cannabis Seeds sort of lacks out in this aspect. While the organization does support payments through Mastercard and Visa cards, they also support direct transfers.

They do make exceptions for trustworthy clients, and sometimes you can also pay with Bitcoin or different cryptocurrencies.

You also have an alternative to pay with money transfer to Quebec Cannabis Seeds. It works quite nicely, but sometimes your bank needs to transfer dollars to another cash, which can be costly.

Overall the payment modes are quite limited but reasonable enough for a seed bank from Canada.

Sales and Promotions

Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers specials every week; they normally give around 15-20% discount on their specials.

QCS is, however, not the cheapest seed bank in the world. They believe in giving quality products and do not sell their strains cheaply. They refresh special deals every week, and they provide the best hybrids on this page.

Customer Reviews

For any online seed bank, especially one dealing in marijuana related products, the customers should have the option to contact them because there are often so numerous problems and confusions and delays that might take place.

In this aspect, we discovered during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, the company does not impress a lot. There’s no 24×7 hotline, and there’s just one number for the Canadians and international callers, which remains closed on weekends and after work hours on weekdays. However, the users have an option to send a mail.

Why is Quebec Cannabis Seeds Your Best Option?

Let’s have a final look at some of the great things about Quebec Cannabis Seeds – i.e., the reasons as to why you should pick this seed bank over the others.

After reading our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review, a look at this is probably going to help you to make the right decision on whether you should order your cannabis seeds from their platform.

Regular Sales Promotions and Discounts

One excellent thing about ordering your marijuana seeds from Quebec Cannabis Seeds is that they offer countless promotions and discounts.

This is a good reason you should look at the platform as there are always some seeds available at a discounted price, and then there are coupon codes that can help reduce the cost even more!

It is an outstanding choice for buyers because they realize that they can get a better bang for their buck if they choose to purchase from Quebec Cannabis Seeds than some other seed bank in Canada.

Large Variety of Seeds

We observed during our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review that the company offers not just seeds which are a locally grown strain from Quebec, but they also give growers numerous international varieties of weed which they are presumably importing from breeders.

These are high-quality options for buyers who need good flavor as well as an unusual high. The organization has seeds that are good for recreational smokers and those who need to smoke weed because of their medicinal effects.

Germination Success

Another reason you should consider buying seeds from QCS after reading our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review is that the seeds at QCS are generally known to have a high germination possibility than numerous different seed banks.

Various users have reviewed in the past, informing about how the whole pack of seeds they bought managed to grow into plants!

Given that there’s always an excuse of around 10-20% of the seeds going faulty. Still, this is an attractive success rate.

    Weekly sales promotions and discounts A big collection of seeds Germination Guarantee Quick and discreet transportation

Are you in search of cannabis seeds that will survive the harsh climate of North America? Read our Quebec Cannabis Seeds review to know more!