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Purple Urkle

Originally derived from a phenotype of the legendary Mendocino Purps, as the name suggests this is a beautiful example of deep purple marijuana at its finest. The buds and shade leaves all have an indigo hue that deepens as the plant matures into later stages of flowering.

As a near pure Indica, the effects are exactly what you would expect. It is a deeply relaxing and very calming body stone that does not come on all in one hit but builds (quite quickly so be warned) into an almost narcotic feeling. This makes it an outstanding pain medicine and particularly good for treatment of insomnia.

When it comes to the taste, this is a great strain to enjoy when both smoked or eaten, especially form bongs or pipes. The initial skunky aroma is quickly overtaken by a more fuity flavour of berries and grapes, although this is more of a fresh fruit flavour rather than an artificially grape soda.

Purple Urkle grows in a classic Indica shape with broad fan leaves shooting from thick short stems all around lower parts of the plant. Further up the buds start on the main stem, typically forming a large central cola that can be up to 40cm in length in larger specimens.

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Not purple Purple Urkle

Very easy to grow which doesn’t need much nutrients. I pushed her a little bit too hard during flower and suffered minor nutrient burn. Stretch on this one is about double so keep that in mind. At week 8 she’s already showing some amber all over. No purple here :worried:

I haven’t found a reason to replace this trio with something else. I am interested in trying something else but I am comfortable with Fox Farms trio and happy with the results :grinning:

Still haven’t performed a side by side comparison to prove it’s claim. I still purchased a 250ml bottle after receiving a sample bottle. Need to test before it runs out to justify purchasing another bottle.

Impressive results especially in veg. I will always use this in all my grows!:ok_hand:

Легко grow, хорошо обучил его с LST, и я мог сказать, что было бы здорово скрутить это тоже. Дважды в цветущей растяжке, так что имейте в виду. Что-то натолкнулось на то, что этот феномен не фиолетовый. Может быть, оставшиеся семена, которые у меня есть, будут выражать фиолетовую черту. Закончил раньше, чем ожидалось. неделя 8 показывала amber трихоумы по всему растению, так что рубили ее вниз.

Будет обновляться с окончательными номерами и правильной фотосессии почек. 0

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